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Top Ten Dremel Router Reviews: The Best In Town

Are you a die-hard do-it-yourselfer with dreams of perfectly executed carpentry dancing through your head? You want to make gorgeously finished cabinets. Intricately inlaid jewelry boxes. You want to wow the world with your handiwork, and there’s only one problem — you don’t have a router.

Well, don’t let that stand in your way. Especially if you already have a dremel tool.

You don’t actually have to buy a cumbersome and expensive router to get the benefits of one. In fact, a huge router is bad news for delicate projects. All you need to buy is a router attachment for your Dremel or other rotary tool.

With the proper router attachment, the wonderful world of woodworking opens right up to you. But which router attachment is right for you?

You want something sturdy, dependable, and right for the job at hand. But there are so many options on the market right now, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Never fear. We’ve compiled this list of the top ten dremel router attachments you can buy. Read on to discover our top picks and why we chose them.

Insider Tip: Keep in mind that the word “dremel” in this capacity does not refer to the specific brand Dremel, but rather to any hand-held rotary tool.

How We Choose Our Ratings For the best dremel router attachments

We know you take your design seriously. That’s why we examine every part of a dremel router attachment before recommending it. Here’s what we look at:


  • Functionality: Will the router work with your dremel tool? Is it a plunge router or a shaping router? We explore all the options for the tool, and if it’s worth your time and effort.
  • Durability: Tools get used. You want one that will hold up over time. We’ll examine the durability of the tool, and if the product deserves your investment.
  • Customer Reviews: You can tell a lot about a product by what others have said. We’ll analyze individual reviews from previous buyers and tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each dremel router.

Ready to get started? Let’s go.

top ten best dremel router attachments in the business

Here are our top picks for the best dremel routers you can buy in 2018.

Dremel 335-01 Plunge Router Attachment

Dremel 335-01 Plunge Router AttachmentCheck Price

TheDremel 335-01 Plunge router attachment converts your spinning rotary dremel into a plunge router. The machine is made of hard plastic and metal, making it a durable and sturdy option for your workshop.

This router is meant to be used with bits of 1/8 of an inch, making it perfect for delicate inlays and detail work. Use it for detailing on smaller items like DIY picture frames.

Customers reported being able to use this router with different brands of rotary tools, including the popular brand Black and Decker.

With this Dremel brand router attachment, you’ll get two easily adjustable plunge depths. It also comes with an adjustable edge guide, and the mounting nut and wrench you’ll need to do the actual attachment. Buyers raved about this lightweight, easily maneuverable router.

Beware, full-sized routers. At just under $$, this baby wins the price game.

Star Rating: We give this product 5 stars for ease of use and customer satisfaction.

Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table

Dremel 231 Shaper/Router TableCheck Price

This shaper router allows you to convert your Dremel into a table-mounted wood shaper. It’s the perfect complement to the Dremel 335-01. Sand, shape, and transform your wood into a perfectly executed piece of art. The Dremel 231 comes with an adjustable fence and sturdy 8” x 6” worktable. It may be used for slot edges, trimming, and sanding smaller-scale projects.

Overall, customers reported a durable product made of good-quality materials. You’ll pay $$ for this shaper router, putting it well below the price of a full-sized one.

Star Rating: We give this product 5 stars for usability with a great price.

Black & Decker BDCMTR Matrix Router Attachment

BLACK+DECKER BDCMTR Matrix Router AttachmentCheck Price

The Black and Decker Matrix router attachment is designed to help you along with edge trimming, hinge routing, and many forms of decorative woodworking.

This router packs a bit of a punch, a powerful alternative to the Dremel line of products. Keep in mind that this router attachment can be used with any tool in the Black and Decker Matrix line of products.

The spindle-lock system allows for quick and easy bit changes, and the tool has an easily adjustable speed which is perfect for precision projects. Customers reported that the tool is easy to put together and use, and much more powerful than they had originally thought. The price isn’t bad either at just $$.

Star rating: We give this product 5 stars for packing a powerful punch inside a small machine.

Stew Mac Precision Router Base

StewMac Precision Router Base, The Original, Designed by StewMacCheck Price

The Stew Mac precision router base is made for freehand routing and precision inlays. This router is great for work on delicate objects, and in fact is made specifically for musical instruments.

The plunge depth is easily adjusted, and the two adjustment handles give you a very precise depth when doing freehand work. This router is not messing around when it comes to durability. Made of brass, steel, and aluminum, this baby will last you years.

Use this router base with the Black & Decker Wizard and Pro series of dremels, along with most Dremel brand rotary tools. The sturdy build, easy installation, and precision adjustments all make for a dremel router attachment well worth the $$ you’ll spend.

Star Rating: We give this product 5 stars for consistent quality and durability.

5. Veritas Plunge Base For Rotary Tools

The Veritas plunge base router attachment is a relatively universal piece which you can use with nearly any rotary tool. Made of aluminum and stainless steel, this router won’t let you down. It’s easy to use close to edges and on narrow surfaces. The Veritas has high visibility and is perfect for finer, detailed work as well as freehand routing work.

Precise depth control and an easy-grip system make this router attachment one of the best. The Veritas also has options to purchase additional kit parts like a traveler, precision adjuster, and fence and center kit which can all make your life easier.

The price of the Veritas is $$, making it a bit more expensive than other dremel router attachments. However, the sturdy build and versatility of this product make it all worth it.

Star Rating: We give this product 5 stars for durability and versatility.

Stew Mac Tilted Router Base

StewMac Precision Router Base, The Original, Designed by StewMacCheck Price

Stew Mac’s tilt router base attachment is a sleek, streamlined machine. This router is perfect to use with your Dremel brand rotary tool as well as other brands, allowing you maximum flexibility for all your projects.

It’s a router base which pivots to provide access from all angles and is easily adjustable with pivot screws. You can buy an angle gauge in addition to the router to ensure accuracy when adjusting the base. The Stew Mac tilted router base is designed for work on delicate stringed instruments, though since it’s compatible with the Dremel brand, you’ll be able to use it for various projects you may have going on.

Like all Stew Mac products, it’s built to last with brass, aluminum, and steel. You won’t have to replace this baby — and that’s a good thing, since the $80 price tag might scare some away. However, this is a stellar product, and you get what you pay for with Stew Mac.

Star Rating: We give this product 5 stars for being a universal and flexible router.

Micro Fence Micro Plunge Base Router Attachment

Kreg KMS7215 Micro-Adjuster for Band Saw and Router Table FencesCheck Price

The Micro Fence plunge router base is just 4 inches in diameter. This makes it one of the smallest dremel router tools on the market. You can use it with smaller, high-speed rotary tools, and it will be compatible with many of those from Dremel and Proxxon. Is it a high-quality tool? Absolutely.

You won’t need anything like this for larger-scale work. Intricacy is what this tool is built for. Use it for model-building, precision routing, and hinge mortising. The whole setup weighs just 3 pounds. You can adjust the base to provide for depth changed within 1/1,000 of an inch—that’s pretty stellar for such a little tool.

So how much will it run you? At $$$, it’s pretty steep. However, you won’t find a better dremel router attachment for delicate work on the market.

Star Rating: We give this product 4.5 stars for great usability and strength, but the price may scare off consumers.

Proxxon Router Base OFV

Proxxon Router Base OFVCheck Price

The Proxxon is a great router base. This sturdy aluminum base can be used for a multitude of different purposes, including routing, chamfering, and milling grooves.

Overall, customers loved the little tool, but some complained that it could only be used with Proxxon brand dremel tools. It isn’t universal, but don’t let that stop you if you own a Proxxon rotary tool. The $$ price tag is enough to entice anybody.

Star Rating: We give this product 4 stars for durability.

Dremel 565 Multi-Purpose Cutting Kit

Dremel 565 Multi-Purpose Cutting KitCheck Price

The Dremel 565 is the attachment you’re looking for during general projects. It performs many of the same functions as a router attachment, but it’s nearly half the price at $17. Since this is a multi-purpose tool, it’s better for people that need help on a variety of projects. It’s got parts for drywall cutting, ceiling tiles, fiberglass, laminate, and vinyl.

It’s incredibly versatile and customers reported that it’s easy to control and a breeze to use. However, it loses a point for being made of plastic, which some reported as being less sturdy than a metal piece.

Star Rating: We give this product 4 stars for a good price and ease of use.

Dremel 565 Multi-Purpose Cutting Kit

Dremel Rotary Multi Tool Cutting Guide HSS Router Drill Bits Set...Check Price

This multitool set for your dremel is pretty basic, but perfect if you’re crafting something less-than-delicate. You may not need the precision of the Micro Fence. If this is the case, you certainly don’t need the $300 price tag for a dremel router attachment.

This plastic base will serve you well as a cutting guide, and it includes router bit attachments for your dremel. The $10 price tag is perfect for hobbyists and those who just need to get a quick job done.

Star Rating: We give this product 4 stars for a good price, but it’s not as precise as other tools.

the buyer’s guide to dremel router attachments

Buying a dremel router isn’t difficult, but there are certain things you should consider before making your purchase.

Projects For The Router

What you’re hoping to accomplish with your dremel router will determine what you purchase. Obviously, you can’t do everything with a rotary router what you can do with a full-size router — and that’s okay. However, if your current project is smaller-scale, it’s entirely possible that any of the routers on this list may be for you.

If you want to do extra-precision work like detailed inlaying, consider something more delicate like the Stew Mac or Micro Fence. If you’re looking for cruder functionality, the Rotary Multitool should help you out.

Your Current Dremel Tool

dremel router

You need to ensure that whichever attachment you buy is compatible with your dremel tool. If possible, buy the same brand as your rotary tool. Of course, this isn’t always possible. But you’ll have better results when you follow the guidebook, so to speak.

If you have a Dremel brand dremel tool, then buying one of their router attachments is a good idea. The same goes for Proxxon. That way, you can be sure that your attachments fit safely and securely.

be a master of your craft with the perfect dremel router attachment

The perfect dremel router attachment can mean the difference between a job well done and a piece of craft you wouldn’t claim in a million years. Remember, there’s practically no limit to the things you can do with the proper base attachment and bits. So, get out there, and get to routing.

What are you waiting for?

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