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10 Wonderful DIY Wedding Invitations Kits

Do it yourself wedding invitations are extra handy when you’re looking for budget-friendly stationery suites for your big day. With such a great selection of ideas and templates, it’s difficult to resist the temptation. Nevertheless, we dug through a wide collection to bring you 10 DIY wedding invitations ideas that are easy to make and don’t require an extensive kit. Browse through these ideas which include rustic DIY wedding invitations, elegant formats, and ideas inspired by award-winning wedding invitation designs.

A Short Guide to DIY Wedding Invitations Kits

Before we get started, we’d like to point out a few helpful tips that we picked up. Some DIY wedding invitations projects can get almost as expensive as ordering them through a professional service. Nonetheless, following these tips should save you both money and time spent on deciding layouts, colors, and fonts, as well as cut waiting time. As such, here is what you should keep in mind before taking on the challenge to use DIY wedding invitation kits.

  1. Decide the format and theme of your wedding. Before proceeding with DIY wedding invites, make sure you have the theme and format planned out. You want your invitations and stationery to send the right idea to your guests.
  2. Choose the right paper and envelopes. Half of the job is done as soon as you decide on the paper and envelopes you need. There are so many great options out there fit for each idea and theme that it will just take a few days to find the one.
  3. Choose between letterpress, online, home, and local printing. We found a great resource explaining the ups and downs of each option. While some wedding invitations may require extensive DIY wedding invitation kits, others offer quite cheap and exciting alternatives.
  4. Decide the design elements which will be incorporated on the DIY wedding invitation. Defining the style of the invitations, envelopes, and other stationery implies deciding on whether you want artwork or design elements in addition to fonts, font sizes and more. Play with these design elements until you’re happy with the results and start printing. The great thing about DIY wedding invitations is that you can tweak the design until you’re fully satisfied with the final invites results. Read more about choosing fonts and designs on this useful resource.

Creative Ideas for DIY Wedding Invitations

Without further ado, here are the 10 wonderful ideas we’ve picked for you.

1. Rustic Doily Enclosed Wedding Invitations

This unique wedding invite idea uses free fonts and templates in addition to budget-friendly paper doilies. You will find the full tutorial in the video below, as well as a list of necessary supplies. While it may be more time-consuming to bring this idea to life, inviting your bridesmaids over to help out will significantly cut the time spent on folding and enclosing the DIY wedding invitations. Moreover, the fun in guaranteed.

Source: Miixa Secundo

2. Rustic Recycled Lace Wedding Invitations

Building on the previous idea for DIY rustic wedding invitations, this one uses free printable fonts and recycled lace as a personal touch. A heavy-weight paper cutout heart embellishes the lace enclosure, while the white thread infuses a subtle, classy note to the whole package.

3. Burlap-covered Thick Board Wedding Invitations

homemade burlap wedding invitations


Another idea building on the rustic theme, these simple yet elegant burlap DIY wedding invitations have us fascinated. Each one includes a pocket for the RSVP note, save-the-date notes, a useful map and other wedding stationery. The cute cameos bring an extraordinary design element and visually pleasing addition to tie the story together. Check out the story of the burlap DIY wedding invitations presented by Love and Lavender.

4. Embossed Paper Elegant Invitations for Your Wedding

Perhaps one of the most budget-friendly ideas, these DIY wedding invitations are simple, yet classy and elegant. You can choose paper colors that speak to you and fit your wedding theme most. Nevertheless, simple white embossed paper with a letterpress font and a thin satin bow looks stunning.

5. Modern Brushstroke Wedding Invitations

We found this design on Elli.com. Nonetheless, using watercolor-inspired brushstrokes and stunning calligraphy fonts in matching colors requires an ounce of artistic knack. If you feel like you have what it takes to create this design by yourself, perhaps adding some embossing details as well, then go for it. The clean format and overall design fall nothing short of inspiring.

6. Themed Wedding Invitations

Here is a collection of wedding invitations templates that could inspire your choice. Each of them plays out a different theme. The simple yet effective wheat motives present on the first choice can well fit a summer garden wedding party. Chic handmade DIY wedding invitations start with simple ideas such as these.

7. Wax-sealed Wedding Invitations

DIY wedding invitations with wax seal


Another elegant design statement is sealing your wedding invitations with wax. All you need is a stamp with a decorative element or monograms. If you can’t find the right choice for you, you can also order a custom-made stamp to imprint the desired symbols on the wax seal.

8. Winter Wedding Invitations Ideas

Picked up from Tidewater and Tulle, this charming wedding invitations idea is infused with a subtle bohemian chic note. In dusty minty colors, the invites and wedding stationery tells a unique story. The wax seal is present once more, adding to the bohemian note. This is a great inspiration for DIY wedding invitations. Tulle ribbons tie the stationery together, while the font on the envelope addressing-reserved area makes a distinctive impression.

9. Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations

A formal DIY wedding invitations idea, this format can be highly customizable. Navy blue works well as a classic wedding invitation color. Nevertheless, you should feel free to play with colors, fonts and simple element designs such as the corner embellishments. However, the pocket fold inserts are a clean resolve for keeping all the necessary stationery in place.

10. Starry Night Photo Wedding Invitations

A new trend in town, DIY wedding invitations using pictures of the bride and groom to be with an overlapped starry night are nothing short of stunning. You can achieve both shabby chic or modern elegance notes depending on your design choice. Let yourself be inspired by these uniquely creative templates.

DIY wedding invitations are the perfect way to let your guests know this is no ordinary wedding, but the event of a lifetime.

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