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10 DIY Wall Art Projects

Whether you’ve just moved into a new apartment, or you’re redecorating your house, those big empty walls can be an intimidating design challenge. Home goods stores sell plenty of wall art, but often with a hefty price tag attached. Instead, why not consider some DIY wall art? Not only will it save you money, you’ll have a chance to get creative and end up with a completely unique piece to show off to your friends and family. Not so crafty? No worries. Check out these ten wall art ideas that anyone can make!

DIY Pop Art Botanical Prints

This is a super simple and versatile project that can be tailored to any color scheme or design sensibility. You can use silk flowers and greenery if you prefer, but a handful of backyard leaves and branches will make just as big an impact. Most of the materials for this project, like frames and spray paint, are readily available at your local home goods or hardware store. You’ll also need:

  • Liquid Frisket: This is a masking material, a little like rubber cement, which you’ll apply to your board to create an irregular white border. It gives a more organic look than using painter’s tape.
  • Cold Press Board: An artist’s staple, this firm paperboard is designed to provide a flat, lightly textured surface for artwork of various types.

DIY Herringbone Canvas

This is a project the whole family can get in on. The background of this DIY wall art project uses abstract swirls of color, so if you’ve got kids who love to paint, put them to work! Keep in mind that this project does use acrylic paints, so little finger-painters will need to wait until they can handle a brush. Mix many vibrant hues or stick to a couple pastels. Try metallic paints, or use stencils instead of an abstract background. You’re limited only by the size of your canvas (or your wall!) and your imagination. You will need:

  • Canvas: Pre-stretched, ready-to-hang canvases are readily available in many sizes.
  • Painter’s Tape: Let your first coat of paint dry before applying tape to avoid damage.
  • Acrylic Paints: Any colors that suit your design scheme will work great! Avoid over-blending to prevent muddy colors.

DIY Stenciled Faux Wallpaper

This one may not be great for dorm rooms or rented apartments, but if you’re allowed to paint, this is an easy way to take it to the next level. Cardboard stencils, a pencil, and some paint are almost all you’ll need to get a high-end look without the price. It is time consuming, however, so plan to work on it slowly over a couple of days. Though the list of necessary materials is short, it may come in handy to have:

  • Miniature level: Taped to your cardboard template, this will help you make sure you’re placing it straight on the wall every time.

DIY Sunburst Mirror

Practical and pretty, this mirror lightens up a room by reflecting extra light. Its “rays” are just paint stirring sticks, which you can get for free at the local hardware store. Add a round or oval mirror and some paint, and voila! A simple DIY wall art project you can make in evening. This DIY wall art project requires:

  • Acrylic Paint: You won’t need much. Choose 2-3 contrasting colors, or more if they’re closely related shades.
  • Mirror: These are available in many sizes, but remember that your paint sticks aren’t. Choose a mirror no bigger in diameter than your paint sticks are long.
  • Hanging Hardware: To keep your sunburst mirror securely on the wall.
  • Adhesive: Hot glue generally works fine for this project, but if you’re concerned about stability (got kids or cats, anyone?), Gorilla Glue or E-6000 is a good alternative. Use them in a well-ventilated space.

DIY wall art sunburst mirror

DIY Faux Hunting Trophies

No animals were harmed in the making of this taxidermy! And if you’re just moving into your new place, what other great way to break down all those moving boxes than a faux hunting trophy DIY wall art project? Keep the cardboard a natural brown, or give it a bright coat of paint for added pizzazz. You will need:

Templates: There are many available online, including this moose head and stag head. The finished size will depend on the scale at which you print your templates.
Box Cutter: This is the easiest tool to use for rough-cutting your shapes. Scissors will take care of details.
Cutting Mat: Spare your tabletop from the box cutter with a self-healing cutting mat.

DIY Removable Fabric “Wallpaper”

Have you ever wandered through a fabric store and thought how amazing some of those prints would look in your house? Well if you’re not ready to crank out a slipcover or some throw pillows, there’s another way to bring those gorgeous designs into play. With liquid starch, you can easily hang fabric as wallpaper. Even better, it’s non-damaging and easy to remove, so renters can get in on this one too! You will need:

DIY Bubble Print Wall Art

Channel your inner child (or enlist your kids’ help) with this fun and simple project. Almost everything you’ll need is probably on hand in your house already, so this one makes a great weekend project. The maximum size of these prints is somewhat limited, however. If you want a bigger version, a local office supply store that offers color printing can create scaled-up copies for maximum impact. You will need:

  • Tempera Paint: Mixed with water and filled with bubbles from a drinking straw (yep, just like you used to blow in a glass of chocolate milk), tempera paint makes these prints a breeze.

DIY Living Wall Art

If you’ve got a green thumb, this option could be perfect for you. Plants add a relaxing element of nature to any space, and they even help improve air quality. You will need to invest in a wall-hanging planter; these are specifically designed to keep plants watered and healthy without leaking or damaging your walls and floors. Once you’ve got your planter, however, the rest is up to you. Grow herbs for a handy kitchen garden that’s actually in your kitchen, or opt for succulents for low-maintenance décor. You will need:

  • Wall Planter: There are many options available depending on your budget and design aesthetic. Check out this four-pocket design or, for an artsier look, try framed planters from Bright Green USA.
  • Potting Soil: A basic soil will work for most plants; if you choose delicate plants like orchids or some cacti, opt for a soil formulated specifically for them.

DIY wall art living wall

DIY Potato Print Canvas

Yup, you read that right. All this project really requires are canvases, paint, and… a humble potato. This is another project that you can make to match any color scheme, but make sure that there’s enough of a contrast between your chosen background and your potato-stamp color to really showcase the geometric nature of the print. For this DIY wall art project you will need:

  • Canvases: You can make just one, or use multiple panels. Remember that groupings of odd numbers (3, 5) tend to look better than even numbers (2, 4).
  • Acrylic or Latex Paint: Stark contrasts like black and white look great, or you can try using one metallic color, or a high gloss/matte contrast with similar colors.
  • Acrylic Binder: This product helps acrylic paint adhere to your canvas and prevents your next layer from picking up the undercoat. You’ll use it to create your background layer.

DIY Fiber Art Wall Hanging

If you also like to knit or crochet (or know someone who does), you might be able to make this project for free! If you like the natural look, use a branch as the support for your hanging. A dowel or decorative curtain rod will also work if you like something a little more formal. Choose colors to complement your design scheme, and in no time you’ll have a unique statement piece. You will need:

  • Yarn: To showcase color, choose thin, smooth-textured yarns. If you’re all about the funky, chunky yarn look, stick with a single color to keep your design from becoming overwhelming.

You don’t have to be artistic or crafty to create beautiful wall art; all you need is a little bit of creativity and some great inspiration. No matter what your style or your budget, there are DIY wall art ideas that will add that something extra you’ve been looking for to make your house feel like home.

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