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10 DIY TV Stands

Finding the right stand for displaying a television set can be expensive, which is often out of many of our budgets. Making a DIY TV stand, on the other hand, is an affordable alternative anyone with minimal building skills can partake. Whether you desire a rustic TV stand, a corner stand, or a floating stand, there are a few tutorials available to help you turn your fantasy TV stand ideas into reality. Before you begin, browse through these DIY TV stand plans to see what type of project would fit best in your space.

1. Basic DIY TV Stand

If your DIY TV stand ideas include a basic stand to blend with any room decor, you are in luck. A basic DIY wood tv stand is a project you can incorporate into any space. This project tutorial shows you how to build an entire DIY tv stand with operational doors to store your electronics and television. This is an intermediate level project that you can complete in 2-to-3 days without any help. This project is ideal for the living or family room, bedroom, or a game room.

To complete this project, you will need:

2. Basic DIY media Center / TV Stand

Another basic stand you can create easily is found here. This is a simple project that you can complete on your own in one to two days. This blocked wood structure is set up to enable storage bins or basket placement to store your electronics, remotes, and other small items out of sight. To complete this project, gather the following tools:

  • Miter saw: used to cut all wood for the project to the correct size and shape.
  • Palm sander: which comes in handy for smoothing the surface to apply paint or stain.
  • Twin pack of saw horses: which are a great help for holding your wood in place during the preparation process.

3. DIY Sliding Door Rustic TV Stand

Another rustic TV stand can be created with sliding barn style doors. This attractive piece is sure to stand out in any room in your home. The wooden doors glide effortlessly over a metal bar, hiding your electronics away from view.
To complete this project you will need:

  • Table saw: which is used to cut the wood sections to size.
  • Wood glue: to secure all the wood sections permanently in place.
  • Clamps: to hold the wood in place while the glue dries.

4. DIY Floating TV Stand

Floating TV stands are mounted on the wall and although these stands do not actually support the TV, which is often supported by a wall mount bracket, they provide a sleek appearance and ample storage for all your electronic needs. This DIY TV stand is ideal for any room in your home, particularly where you are short on space by still need a reliable storage option. A floating TV stand is a great option for a modern themed space.

This is a rather simple DIY weekend project that you can complete if you have access to:

  • Table saw: which provides a solid and sturdy surface for you to lay wood out as you cut.
  • Palm sander: which smoothes all the surfaces for a finished appearance
  • Drill: works to secure all the sections together.

5. DIY Rustic TV Stand

Rustic design is emphasized by heavy grained woods, dark stains, and stylishly angled wood. Thankfully, DIY TV stands can be created to serve individuals who desire this type of decor. This DIY rustic TV stand can be incorporated into any farm-themed space.

Ideally, this item will fit perfectly in a living room, a family room, or a man cave. The bulky and stern appearance make it the perfect accent piece for any room, doubling as a functional piece of furniture that will support your television while providing storage. This is a rather simple weekend project; however, it may take a few extra days if you desire a darker stain on your stand.

You will need a:

  • Miter saw: to complete this project in order to achieve the cuts and angles you need.
  • drill, Nail gun: to secure the wood quickly.
  • Tape measure: to make sure all the wood is measured to size correctly before cutting.

6. Floating Corner TV Stand

Make this floating corner TV stand for the best of both worlds. Not only does this unit fit snuggly into a corner, but it is off the ground so you do not have to worry about taking up floor space unnecessarily.

To complete this project, you will need:

  • Wood Glue: to secure all sections in place.
  • Drill: will also come in handy for assembling your new TV stand.
  • Tape measure: to make sure all the wood is measured to size correctly before cutting.

7. DIY Corner TV Stand

Another great DIY TV stand is the corner stand design. Creating this attractive, space-saving television stand is an exceptional project that requires some knowledge of angles and a tough grinder or sander to smooth the angled edges to ensure they fit in the space snugly. This is a fantastic DIY TV stand for a basement, a corner in the living or family room, or a bedroom. This is also a great TV stand to incorporate into rooms that are short on floor space.

For this project, you will need a hand full of 2x4s cut to various lengths. This project is best completed with:

  • Tape measure: which ensures all wood sections are cut to the correct sizes.
  • Miter saw: which is recommended particularly because of the angle cuts this project contains.
  • Drill: which is a reliable tool that will help you assemble this project securely.

8. DIY Pallet TV Stand

Pallets are often used by companies as a base for large shipment loads. After the load is unpacked, companies often stack the pallets to get rid of them. A lot of companies and stores will give these away for free, making them an excellent building material for individuals who are working on a budget. A pallet TV stand is a fantastic way to reuse otherwise worthless materials. DIY TV stand ideas that recycle materials are often highly desirable, especially for folks who are environmentally conscious.

Making a pallet stand requires lots of patience as you will need to sand the imperfections out of the wood. This is a very inexpensive DIY tv stand project that you can complete as a weekend project with minimal help. This project will require:

  • Table saw to cut the wood to size.
  • Hammer: to remove all the old nails from the wood.
  • Sander: to make the wood smooth and even.
  • Drill: will also come in handy for assembling your new TV stand.

9. Recycled Pallet TV Stand

Another option for a pallet TV stand is one that includes a secret storage compartment. This is a less-formal TV stand that provides a reliable surface for your television. This unit can be created with:

  • Hand saw: which provides precision cuts necessary to cut out hidden compartments.
  • Tape measure: to make sure all the wood is measured to size correctly before cutting.
  • Drill: will also come in handy for assembling your new TV stand.

10. Floating / Wall Mounted TV Stand

Here’s another excellent option for a floating TV stand. This floating storage unit is created entirely out of particle board and looks just like a store purchased unit at half the cost. This project involves a lot of cutting and measuring but can be completed in as little as two days.

This project uses some basic tools like:

  • Table saw: which cuts all the wood to size.
  • Wood Clamps: to ensure everything stays together during the drying process.
  • Wood glue: to secure all the wood sections permanently in place.

DIY TV Stand Conclusion

There are several options available for DIY TV stand that you can complete in under a week with a little hard work and determination. Before you begin, look around your space in order to determine which DIY TV stands would fit your space best. Are you lacking space to support a large stand? Would you like a more modern appearance or a more rustic touch?

No matter which option you choose, you have the ability to further customize the DIY TV stand to fit your space by applying an attractive paint color or staining the wood to match your existing furniture. Gather some wood and your tools and get busy creating the next TV stand for your home.

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