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8 DIY Terrariums to Freshen Up Your Day

Terrariums are a beautiful and unique way to enjoy nature without a lot of work or expense. These closed container gardens add decorative appeal to any space in your home or office and also let you witness the natural water cycle in action. Making your own DIY terrarium can be a fun and interesting project if you have the right supplies on hand. You can use your own imagination to make a unique terrarium or try your hand at one of these top do-it-yourself terrarium ideas.

1. DIY Terrarium Necklace

Take your style up a notch and show your affinity for Mother Nature with this one-of-a-kind DIY terrrium necklace. You can make a necklace terrarium quite easily and for the smallest amount of money. For this project, you need the base supplies along with:

You also will need a small pair of tweezers, ideally those used used for cosmetic purposes rather than a larger pair. Use the tweezers to carefully place the soil, moss, and a small piece of succulent inside the pendant.
terrarium with succulents

2. DIY Light Bulb Terrarium

Recycle old light bulbs by making a decorative and whimsical light bulb terrarium. This unique project as well as any kind of DIY terrarium calls for a round and clear light bulb as well as supplies like:

  • moss for decoration and water absorption
  • activated charcoal, which keeps the water in the terrarium fresh and also prevents bacteria and mold growth
  • gravel, also used for water runoff and decoration
  • soil
  • succulents

When you make this easy and fun DIY terrrium, remember to work carefully to avoid breaking the bulb. Also use dry moss and soil so that your terrarium does not grow mold or bacteria.

diy terrarium in a bulb

3. DIY Teacup Terrarium

You can keep your garden in a teacup when you create this unique and beautiful teacup terrarium. It does require a bit more maintenance because it is not enclosed but rather left open to the air and light in your home.

You may need to water and tend to it more than an enclosed DIY terrrium. It also is more beautiful and intriguing if you place the terrarium in a clear teacup rather than a solid color porcelain or glass teacup.

4. DIY Christmas Ornament Terrarium

Why deck the halls with boughs of holly when you can create a festive Christmas ornament terrarium instead? This yuletide project actually can last well beyond the holidays with the proper preparation and care. Along with the base supplies of moss, activated charcoal, gravel, soil, and succulents, you also need:

Place your base supplies inside the ornament carefully with the tweezers and then embellish with the ribbon and figurines. Use the chain or string to hang it from your Christmas tree.

christmas ornament diy terrarium

5. Ocean-Themed DIY Terrarium

Bring the beauty and mystery of the ocean to your home with an ocean-themed terrarium. To make this exotic terrarium, you need supplies like:

After placing your charcoal, soil, moss, and other base supplies in your container, add the other items to create the perfect ocean scene.

6. DIY Mason Jar Terrariummason jar DIY terrarium

Recycle old mason jars by turning them into rustic and beautiful mason jar terrariums. Before you make this fun project, make sure the jar is cleaned out and perfectly dry. You don’t want leftover jam or drops of water to cause bacteria and mold growth.

Depending on your preference, you can place your moss, soil, gravel, and other supplies on the bottom of the jar.

If you want to be a bit quirky, you could also turn the jar on its side and place all of the supplies inside the jar horizontally.

You need to make sure the jar won’t roll or the terrarium contents will become mixed up and shaken.

7. DIY Picture Frame Terrarium

Create the perfect coffee table terrarium with picture frames you can buy at the dollar store.

First, secure the glass in the frames with the hot glue gun. Then, hot glue the frames together to make a box that you can place on your coffee table. Use one of the frames as the bottom of the box. Inside the box, place gravel and pebbles as well as moss and potted succulents. Do not place the soil directly on the picture frame bottom because water could cause the bottom to warp or rot.

8. DIY Lamp Terrarium

Create the ideal talking piece in your living room with this DIY lamp terrarium. To make this project, you need a lamp with a clear glass base. The base can be any shape. However, it needs to be clear enough so that you can see the enclosed terrarium.

In addition to your basic supplies, you need other items like:

This lamp terrariums can last for months and survive well even if you use the lamp everyday. It will add the perfect touch of rustic beauty and intrigue to any room of your home.

When you lack a big yard or the time and patience to tend a garden, you can enjoy the experience of watching plants like cacti, moss, and other succulents grow with a DIY terrarium. These enclosed gardens bear witness to the mysteries of nature and natural processes like the water cycle.

They are also fun and easy to make and add the perfect touch of beauty, intrigue, and fun to your home. With proper care, they can last for months. They also can be contained in an assortment of everyday items that also can serve a practical use in your household.

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