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10 DIY Standing Desks

Standing up while you work can help you burn over 400 extra calories per day when compared to sitting down. Not only are these desks great for staying fit and active, but they prevent fatigue and brain fog during busy work days. Standing desks are extremely popular right now, which is why so many individuals are reaching out for plans for them. You can build a DIY standing desk simply by following any of these tutorials.

1. DIY Standing Desk with Plumbers Pipes

A tall standing desk is a great way to remain active while completing your work day. You can create a simple DIY standing desk by following this tutorial. The industrialized finish is a perfect addition to any modern space. Not only is this desk beautiful, but the structure is extremely durable. You will need 1-inch steel pipes and a wood table top surface to complete this DIY standing desk. Additionally, you will need the following tools:

2. $28 Standing Desk DIY

If you are working on a tight budget, this tutorial shows you how to modify a regular desk to create a standing desk option. This is a rather simple project that you can complete in under an hour with the following items:

3. DIY Adjustable Standing Desk

An adjustable standing/sitting desk allows you to adjust the height as you need. You can choose to work sitting or simply activate the lift system to go into standing position. This DIY standing desk requires a bit of electrical working, but it is not extremely difficult. Completing this project eliminates the need for multiple desks. Instead, you can have one desk that adjusts for you when you want to stand up or take a moment of rest.

Brush up on your minor electrical skills and complete this project by gathering the following materials:

4. DIY Stand Up Desk

This DIY project lets you build your own standing desk using other inexpensive furniture. This tutorial shows you what you need to get up on your feet to start your work day o the right foot. Gather the following items to get started on your project:

5. DIY Standing Desk

This DIY project is a more advanced project that requires some welding skills to complete. Once complete, you will have an extremely reliable standing desk that is strong enough to stand up to the toughest workday.

For this project you will need:

6. DIY Adjustable Standing Desk

Another adjustable option is available for a standing desk design. This tutorial shows how to use a kit to convert a desktop into an adjustable surface. This is a rather expensive option, but the service it provides are priceless. To complete this project, you will need a desktop surface and the following kit:

7. Wall Mounted Standing Desk DIY

Another great DIY standing desk option is the wall mounted desk. This desk is simple and inexpensive to create. You can create this project in less than an hour with the following items:

8. Flolding DIY Stand Up Desk

A folding desk is another fantastic option for a stand-up desk. This DIY project requires some measuring, cutting, and securing of wood sections to create a beautiful and reliable surface.

Gather the following items to get this project started:

9. Industrial DIY Standing Desk

Another DIY standing desk tutorial shows you how to make the perfect standing desk. This is a simple industrial design that is both masculine and beautiful in nature.

  • Drill: to secure all the pieces of the desk together
  • Palm sander: to prepare the surface for stain and finish

10. DIY Adjustable Corner Standing Desk

A corner wall mounted desk provides adequate storage at a standing height. This desk design ensures all your necessities are within reach so you can avoid stopping and searching for items during your workday. This DIY project requires a steady hand and accurate measurements to complete.

This is a weekend project that can be completed alone by using some of the following tools:

  • Drill: to secure all the sections together
  • Table saw: to cut the wood sections to zie
  • Hand sander: to smooth all the wood surfaces

The health benefits alone should motivate you to get up during your busy work day. Standing desks that help you burn calories and concentrate better on work are no longer too good to be true. Each of these tutorials provide step-by-step directions on how you can complete your next DIY standing desk. Get up on your feet and get started building your stand up desk today!

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