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7 DIY Snow Globes

Few things capture the mystery and magic of winter and the holiday season like a festive snow globe. Rather than spending top dollar for mass-produced snow globes that are sometimes poorly made, you can make your own customized and personalized DIY snow globe that you can proudly display in your home or gift to your loved ones.  Learning how to make a snow globe is quite easy can be a fun way to spend a few hours at home. You can make your own snow globe today by first taking a look at these fun and creative homemade snow globe ideas.

1. DIY Baby Food Jar Snow Globe

When you want to make your own snow globe without spending a lot of money on supplies, you can give this simple and fun DIY snow globe project a try. This DIY snow globe idea only takes a few hours at most to complete. The plans for how to make snow globes that are simple and beautiful call for supplies like:

Simple homemade snow globes like those made from baby food jars are small enough to display on your desk, table, bookshelf, or other places in your home. They also add a touch of color and festivity to your home during the wintertime. You can use corn syrup a DIY snow globe glycerin substitute when you can’t or don’t want to use glycerin in your DIY home projects.

2. DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

What better way to celebrate the wintertime holidays than by learning how to make a snow globe that reflects the festivity and spirit of the season? Get started on this DIY snow globe project by gathering materials like:

This DIY snow globe project lets you use your own creativity as you make your own snow globe to display along with your Christmas tree, lights, and other decorations. The plans for how to make a snow globe to use at Christmas time prove to be easy and fun.

3. DIY Miniature Eos Lip Balm Snow Globe

When you have a drawer full of empty Eos lip balm containers, do not throw them out into the garbage. Recycle them instead by turning them into miniature homemade snow globes. To make your own snow globe out of an Eos container, you need an empty Eos lip balm container first. You also need supplies like:

  • Water resistant glue
  • Glitter
  • Glycerine
  • Christmas miniatures
  • Xacto knife

Make sure that your Eos container is entirely free of lip balm before you make your own snow globe. You also should follow the tutorial precisely when you want to learn how to make a snow globe that you can display proudly for years to come.

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4. DIY LED Light Snow Globe

LED light homemade snow globes are beautiful and interesting in the way that they look and function. They are perfect for when you want a magical wintertime decoration that you can display in your home throughout the dark winter months. They also are fun decorations to put inside your children’s bedrooms during the darkest times of the year. To make a DIY LED light snow globe, first gather materials like:

When you follow the plans for this fun and unique DIY snow globe project, you end up with an ornament or snow globe that you can add to your Christmas or wintertime decoration collection. The lights add a unique beauty to your home during the festive wintertime holiday season.

5. DIY Troll Movie Snow Globe

The Troll movie was a mega hit this past summer, and it continues to capture the imagination of children and adults alike. You can add some magic to your winter this year by making your own Troll movie snow globe. To make a snow globe that commemorates your favorite Troll movie characters, you need supplies like:

This snow globe can be displayed even after the winter and holiday season ends. You can add it to your children’s bedroom or display it in your living room, family room, or your dining room.

6. DIY Christmas Snow Globe (No Water)

When you want a snow globe with all of the magic but none of the water, try this no water snow globe idea. This project calls for materials like:

This snow globe idea is perfect if you have small children whom you believe would break a glass, water-filled snow globe. It also is perfect if you want to avoid the hassle of building a snow globe that might leak during its creation.

7. DIY Wine Glass Snow Globe

You can transform a simple wine glass into an elegant and upscale wine glass snow globe. To make this unique snow globe, you need to gather materials like:

This wine glass snow globe is perfect for displaying throughout the year, not only in the wintertime or during the holidays. It puts a mature spin on an otherwise whimsical and playful craft idea.


Brighten the long wintertime months with colorful and fun snow globes. These project ideas let you create snow gloves that are perfect for the holidays or even displaying during other times of the year. The tutorials are easy to follow along with and give you the chance to express your creativity and personal sense of style.

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