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8 DIY School Supplies

With rising prices and mark-ups on school supplies, buying supplies for your kids can get uncomfortably pricey. However, DIY back to school supplies can give your kids supplies that fit their own unique style without the hassle of back-to-school sales or the huge dent in your wallet. We’ve put together a number of tutorials to give you some ideas for cool DIY school supplies that your kids will love.

1. DIY Pencil Pouch

This DIY school supplies tutorial for pencil pouches is simple, easy, and something your kids can do on their own. It’s a fun way to decorate a pencil pouch with style. It also requires very few supplies, possibly ones you already have in your own home:

diy school supplies

2. DIY Decorated Pencils

Instead of sticking with standard yellow pencils, with this DIY school supplies tutorial, you can customize them instead. This tutorial does require a more steady hand, as the work can be tedious. With just a touch of patience and these supplies however, you’ll be set in no time:

  • Washi Masking Tape – Using decorative tape laying around the house is fine, but here are some other designs to look at.
  • Pencils – Any brand will do, although most teachers prefer Ticonderoga.
  • Scissors – Breaking out that old pair of scissors you keep shoved in your office desk is fine, although buying yourself a newer pair is always a good thing!
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3. DIY School Supplies Labels

Most teachers nowadays require labels on all supplies. With this cute DIY school supplies tutorial, you can add some flair to your label-making schemes. This project, however, will require you to be a bit more tech savvy than usual. So arm yourself with your best downloading and Adobe Acrobat skills and these tools:

  • Quicksand Font Style – This cute font style will look good on any school supplies that teacher’s list will throw at you.
  • Pencil and Supply Labels – The blog supplies downloadable labels that have a space for your child’s name on them.
  • 8.5 x 11 Printer Paper – This will be used to print the actual labels out on.

4. DIY Backpack

Instead of buying a pricey new backpack, try making your own chic backpack instead with this galaxy backpack tutorial.

It will get a bit messy, but is otherwise quite easy to do. Simply gather some paper towels and these supplies for your project:

  • Plain Black Backpack – It’s cheap but well made, so not only will it be cute by the end of the project, but it will also hold up to those heavy textbooks for the school year.
  • Acrylic Paint Set – These will be used for decorating the backpack.
  • Glitter Acrylic Paint – This will be used to help add that starry night galaxy feel to the design.

5. DIY Book Covers

Sometimes, whether it be for an art class, teacher’s preference, or even student preference, classes require hardback or non-spiral notebooks. This DIY school supplies tutorial gives you a way to spruce hardcover books. It is a bit time consuming, so get ready to set some time aside for this project. The materials are:

  • Hardback or Softcover Journals – This works best with hardback covers, but the softcover journals are a good fit as well since they don’t have the spiral to mess up the design.
  • Fabric – Any design is good so long as it fits the style you want.
  • Hot Glue Gun – This is used to make sure the corners of the fabric stay down correctly.
  • Scissors – Used to cut the fabric to the right size.
  • Spray Adhesive – Used to stick the fabric to the notebook. Putting newspaper down under may help with this step.

6. DIY Eraser USB Flash Drive

As students get older, oftentimes they need a flash drive to help move their projects around from computer to computer. With this DIY school supplies tutorial, you can turn a bland flash drive into a cute novelty one that’s easy to lug around. It’s simple to make and only requires two materials:

  • Pink Erasers – These are used as the cover for the flash drive.
  • Flash Drive – The actual supply itself. Pick whatever gigs suits your student, just make sure the flash drive will fit inside an eraser.

7. DIY Water-Color Lunch Bag

Instead of buying a lunchbox with the newest Disney or Pixar characters, try this one of a kind DIY school supplies tutorial for lunch bags. This tutorial is easy to follow, but definitely time consuming. There’s a lot of waiting for stuff to dry in this one, so be prepared for wait times as long as being prepared with these materials:

  • Canvas Lunch Bag – It’s reusable and easy to paint on so the tutorial goes more smoothly.
  • Fabric Paint – This is used for the actual decorating, as it is the best paint for these types of projects.

8. DIY Locker Magnets

With this tutorial, you’ll find a cute way to decorate up your kid’s locker. It’s not only an easy to follow tutorial, it’s also very affordable and customize-able.

You might already have most of the supplies around the house in true DIY school supplies style, but just in case, here’s a list of all you’ll need:

  • Bottle Caps – These are used as the backing to the design and to give the magnet something to stick to.
  • Fine Point Black Sharpie – This is used to trace the design
  • Markers – Any brand is good, but these BIC ones last a long time for projects you want to try out later.
  • Packaging Tape – Used as a cover for the design.
  • Modge Podge – This is used to keep the design inside the bottle cap.
  • Magnet – Any type of small magnet will do to stick this cute design to a locker.


Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that make the best projects. If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of shopping sprees that cost too much for the little you can get, these DIY school supplies tutorials are a great budget-friendly alternative. With a little help and input from your kids, they’ll have a backpack of unique school supplies that are the envy of all.

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