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7 DIY Scarecrow Costumes

When the air starts to turn crisp, people’s thoughts turn to Halloween costumes. Compared to store-bought costumes, DIY Halloween costumes save a lot of money while allowing your creative spirit to shine through.

A scarecrow costume is festive and fun without being too scary. It’s the perfect choice for parents and children alike. We’ve found 7 easy DIY scarecrow costumes that you can make without breaking the bank. Many of these costumes look great with face paint or makeup to draw the “sewn” lines on the wearer’s faces. Pick up some face paint when you put these costumes together, or use ordinary makeup like lipstick and eyeliner.

1. Easy Women’s DIY Scarecrow Costume

Easy womens diy scarecrow costume

Image source: duckbrand.com

This project is a breeze to put together when you have the right materials. All of the items needed can be found around the house if you are a crafter. You will probably have to buy a pair of overalls since you won’t be able to remove the patches to reuse them later. This costume can be adapted for any age, though the directions for a women’s costume are given here.

  • Overalls. These are inexpensive and come in a wide variety of women’s sizes from extra small all the way up through plus sizes. For this costume, it’s recommended that you order two sizes up.
  • Plaid shirt. You may already have one in your closet, but if you don’t, this one is durable and inexpensive.
  • Hot glue gun or fabric glue. Using glue makes this project a snap to put together.
  • Fabric scraps. If you’re a crafter, it’s likely that you already have these, but if you don’t, you can order fabric squares made for quilting.

2. Toddler Scarecrow Costume

Toddler diy scarecrow costume
This adorable DIY scarecrow costume is a little more difficult to put together than the previous entry, but the extra details make for a precious overall effect. Advanced level crafters will have no difficulty with this project. Those who are less experienced may want to leave the hat alone and stick to the overalls only.

  • Toddler size overalls.
  • Felt for the hat. The hat directions are a little challenging, but should be simple for experienced fabric crafters.
  • Burlap for the details. Cutting squares of ribbon for the decorations is easy.
  • Silk sunflowers for accents.
  • Raffia to tie it all together. Glue the raffia pieces inside the overalls’ pockets for a cute effect.

3. Last Minute Scarecrow Costume

Last minute diy scarecrow costume
This DIY scarecrow costume is great for people who would like to reuse the clothes afterward. It requires only a few store-bought items including raffia. You will need a floppy hat, a plaid flannel shirt, a pair of jeans, and some raffia for a farm-fresh look.

  • Floppy hat. You could also use a straw hat for an even more rustic effect.
  • Plaid shirt. If you already have one, use it.
  • Raffia to decorate the hat, shirt, and jeans.

4. Toddler Scarecrow Princess Costume

Toddler diy scarecrow princess costume
This precious DIY scarecrow costume will delight your little girl. Featuring yards of lovely yellow and orange tulle, it will satisfy her need for ruffles and skirts while keeping the cute scarecrow effect for Halloween. This costume is for the experienced fabric crafter. It takes time and patience to cut all of the strips of tulle, as well as attaching them to the elastic band.

You will probably also want to get a little cardigan for your child to wear over the costume, or a light-colored turtleneck to wear underneath if the weather is chilly on Halloween.

5. Fun and Cute Kids’ DIY Scarecrow Costume

Fun and cute kids diy scarecrow costume

Image source: ehow.com

This is an easy costume with no sewing involved. It’s similar to previous costumes in our round-up, with various embellishments added to ordinary clothes. The thing that sets this costume apart is the yarn “wig” made from a straw hat. These clothes won’t be able to be used again except as a costume, so choose clothes from the thrift store or slightly outgrown clothes.

6. Men’s DIY Scarecrow Costume Inspired by the Wizard of Oz

Mens diy scarecrow costume
This costume is inspired by the famous 1939 movie. It takes a little more work than some of the other costumes, but the authenticity will make it stand out from the crowd. Use secondhand or old clothes for this costume for the best effect.

  • Sewing kit. This costume is best for people who have a little bit of sewing experience.
  • Raffia for accents.
  • Large buttons. These are to hold the costume shirt closed.
  • Black felt, at least 4-5 yards. This is for the hat.
  • Sewing scissors. A good pair of sewing scissors will help you in this and any other project.

7. Simple DIY Scarecrow Costume for Anyone

Simple diy scarecrow costume for anyone
This cute costume is a snap to put together and can be worn by anyone. Use an old straw hat, overalls, and plaid shirt for this project.

  • Felt in fall colors. Choose orange, green, brown, and yellow.
  • Hot glue gun. This is a must for almost every crafting project. Use the glue gun to attach the felt patches to the overalls and hat.
  • Pinking shears. These cut through tough felt and give a cute crinkled edge.
  • Sharpie marker. With the Sharpie, you can draw “stitch” lines around your patches to give the appearance of sewing with no work.

Changed your mind about the costume? There are plenty of other DIY Halloween costumes you can make!


These fun and exciting DIY costume ideas will turn heads at Halloween or at any time of year. With examples for men, women, and kids, your entire family can be dressed as scarecrows together. These DIY costumes are perfect for any crafter from the inexperienced to the expert. A variety of techniques are used, including gluing, sewing, and taping. Whichever costume you choose, you’ll be able to make an impression on your friends and family and make costume time fun for everyone.

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