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8 DIY Protein Treatments for Natural Hair

Your natural hair contains an abundance of protein, constituting nearly 90% of your hair’s structure. Drying hair, coloring it or other styling and cleaning activities can strip your hair of it. As a result, you will want to regularly treat your hair with protein products to maintain its structure. How much will depend upon the porosity of your hair, which refers to its ability to either absorb or repel moisture. Below, we profile just a sample of recipes for DIY protein treatment for natural hair. You will see many products that also serve your diet and can provide health benefits to other parts of your body.

1. DIY Kale Protein Treatment for Natural Hair

You don’t traditionally associate vegetables as protein sources. However, that is precisely what is included, along with vitamins and other minerals, in kale. This DIY protein hair mask recipe uses kale to promote healthy and strong kale.

closeup of natural red hair

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  • Kale: Although this recipe calls for kale leaves, you can skip to this powder made of protein and kale. If you were to use leaves instead, you can simply grind them as part of the paste you make.
  • Lemon juice: A tablespoon of lemon juice adds a little moisture and a tinge of scent for this DIY protein hair mask.
  • Olive oil: The olive oil moistens the leaves or powder to give this treatment the pasty consistency. Also, olive oil can counteract the dryness of the hair.

2. DIY Protein Treatment for Natural Hair with Curd

In this DIY protein hair treatment, the curd is the featured ingredient, which is often used in yogurt. Both curd and yogurt are rich in protein. This concoction takes little time to create, as you simply need a bowl and beaters or whisks for whipping. To cut down on dripping, use a shower cap when you use this mix.

  • Curd: Curd comes in flavors, such as lemon. This provides the foundation for this DIY protein hair mask. In its own right, curd provides moisture for Dry hair.
  • Coconut oil: For treatment of damaged hair, coconut oil offers a reliable ingredient. It also has the ability to improve hair texture, prevent moisture in the hair strands from escaping due to evaporation, keeps protein in your hair and gives vitamins.
  • Honey: Honey heals, wards off bacteria and its infections, and naturally softens and conditions hair. Your scalp is less likely to itch with honey. Combine this and the coconut oil to the curd and mix.
  • Mixer: A simple handheld electric mixer Wednesday’s ingredients into an effective DIY protein treatment for natural hair.

3. DIY Mayonaise and Avocado Protein hair Treatment

In about 25 minutes, you get a DIY protein treatment for natural hair consisting of two ingredients bountiful in protein. Mayonnaise includes as one of its ingredients eggs. The avocado that finds its way into guacamole also contains protein. And applying the treatment, make sure you focus only on the dry places of your hair and the ends of the hair.

  • Mayonnaise: Since this goes on your hair, you don’t need to be conscientious about the fat content of the mayonnaise.
  • Avocado: Get a ripe avocado or retrieve one and give it time to ripen if necessary. You will want to scoop it out into a bowl, preferably a medium size.
  • Potato masher: A potato masher flattens the avocado so you can combine the mayonnaise and create your treatment. A fork can also mash the avocado.

4. DIY Avocado & Banana Hair Treatment

This avocado/banana DIY protein hair treatment gives you proteins, potassium, thanks to the banana, and the power of eggs to nourish and afford a moist and sufficiently oiled but not to boiled hair. The key is to create a puree free of clumps.

closeup of naturally brown hair

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  • Avocado: We’ve already explained the contribution of avocado to effectively treating dry hair. As with our above DIY protein hair mask ideas, you want a ripened avocado when you put the recipe together.
  • Banana: As with the avocado, make sure you use a ripened banana.
  • Olive oil: Add your olive oil along with a beaten egg into the pureed and mashed avocado and banana.
  • Eggbeater: You can beat the egg in a separate bowl and then put the beaten egg into the mixture of avocado and banana.

5. DIY Eggs & Olive Oil Protein Hair Treatment

A DIY protein treatment for natural hair, such as this one, relies solely upon the eggs and your choice of essential oils. This recipe recommends olive oil as the best choice, but others will suffice. You may like coconut oil or a conditioner. Refer to some of the offerings on our list of DIY protein treatment for natural hair for the youths and benefits of coconut oil or olive oil.

As a word of caution for eggs, don’t get your hair dryer or use hot water for this or other DIY protein hair treatment that uses eggs. You might find yourself unwittingly cooking the eggs on your hair and having a difficult time removing them.

  • Egg: Rather than fumbling with pieces of egg shells or dropping eggs, you can get powdered eggs for the mix.
  • Grape Seed Oil: If you want to deviate from olive oil, this grapeseed oil can furnish some fragrance.
  • Conditioner: If you’re looking to add a conditioner for a DIY protein treatment for low porosity hair, consider a conditioner that is protein free. Hair with low porosity tends to promote product build-up because it repels moisture and the oils from conditioners. As a result, hair that is sensitive to protein can become dry and brittle. Know that you’re already including protein in the treatment by using eggs and coconut oil.

Looking for more DIY ways to care for your natural hair? Check out our recipes for DIY shampoo, DIY leave-in conditioner, our DIY hair growth serums, and DIY hair masks!

6. DIY Gelatin Hair Treatment

Gelatin is the main protein source for this DIY protein hair treatment. The author of this recipe touts the hydrolyzed protein for its ability to coat the shaft of the hair and repair damage to the outer layers.

  • Water: Spring water comes without the contaminants perhaps found occasionally in tap or drinking water. A hot cup of it dissolves the gelatin.
  • Unflavored gelatin: Find a packet of unflavored gelatin powder that you can dissolve in hot water.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Mix this with the gelatin to give your DIY protein hair treatment some scent.
  • Raw shea butter deep treatment masque: You apply this conditioner after your treatment has worked with your hair for ten minutes. You can also stop the treatment and then go to the conditioner if your mixture has become dry and hardened.

7. DIY Eggs, Honey, & Coconut Oil Protein Hair Treatment

As an example of a DIY protein treatment for low porosity hair, we offer the ingredients of raw honey, coconut oil and egg yolk, rather than necessarily the entire egg. You might spend approximately one to two minutes whisking the ingredients, so you might consider an electric egg beater or hand mixer.

  • Coconut oil: Ideal due to the high content of natural fats and amino acids.
  • Raw honey: Whisk the raw honey with the coconut oil.
  • Egg yolk: You can separate the egg yolk from the egg white then whisk it. You might also consider egg yolk powder, which you can simply mix with the rest of the ingredients.
  • Egg white separator: If you’re using your own eggs, get an egg white separator to get the milk for this treatment.

8. DIY Protein Hair Treatment with Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt provides another important source of protein from which you can create a DIY protein treatment for natural hair. You will notice familiar ingredients such as coconut oil, honey, and eggs. We also have a few that have not previously been profiled on this list of DIY protein hair treatment recipes.

closeup of natural blond hair

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  • Greek yogurt: Consider plain Greek yogurt because you’re interested primarily in the protein rather than the taste. Apply this near the end of your creation process.
  • Raw shea butter: You will want to apply heat to the shea butter and mix it with the coconut oil that you have already heated. Within the shea butter lies the moisturizing qualities of this treatment.
  • Organic Coconut Oil: You may need to melt the shredded coconut oil before adding to the concoction.
  • Castor oil: The castor oil provides another source of protein. You place it along with your other ingredients in the mixture. If you want to speed the mixing, use an electric mixer.
  • Raw Honey: This honey helps your hair draw in moisture to combat dryness.
  • Egg: This egg power supplies protein for this DIY protein treatment for natural hair.


These DIY protein hair treatment recipes involve a variety are products that you might not immediately think contain protein because they are not meats. However, they provide a lot of benefits in restoring structure, strength, and moisture to your hair. Share your impressions of these suggestions and any other ideas for treatments you may use.

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