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7 DIY Projectors for Cinephiliacs

When you consider yourself a genuine cinephiliac, you want to surround yourself with all of the sights and sounds of your favorite movies. However, you may lack both the funds and space to invest in a high-quality projection system that you could set up in your home. Rather than relegate your favorite movies to the small screen of your computer or phone, you can watch them in their full glory by creating a simple and inexpensive DIY projector.

Find out how quickly and easily you can create your own by trying out these step-by-step do it yourself projector plans!

1. DIY Shoebox Phone Projector

Many people watch their favorite movies using their smartphones. However, when you want to project the movie from the tiny phone screen to a larger viewing space, you need a projector that can accommodate your phone’s size and brilliance. You can make a fast, simple, and affordable projector using materials like:

This phone projector involves cutting out a round space at the end of the box and then attaching the magnifying glass so that it projects the images from your screen. This projector provides you with a simple and inexpensive way to watch your favorite movies without having to turn on the TV or computer.


2. DIY Hologram Projector

Another futuristic DIY projector idea involves using a plain, clear CD case to create a hologram projector. This project calls for you to use supplies like:

Using the measurements outlined in this tutorial, cut the case into segments that you can then tape or glue together to create a triangular prism. Place the projector onto your phone’s screen and watch as it brings the images from your phone to life. This hologram projector allows you to project a movie without having to have a clear wall or screen available on which to show it.


3. DIY Light Bulb Projector

This DIY projector idea requires that you use caution while building it. In fact, it requires that you carefully cut the end off a light bulb to remove the filaments and then fill it back up with water. Aside from the light bulb and a few pieces of cardboard, this project needs you to stock up on supplies like:

The water-filled light bulb acts as a magnifier to project the movie from your phone’s screen to a wall or projection screen. As noted, this projector takes a bit of electrical know-how to build. However, if you assemble it correctly, it can last you for weeks or months, allowing you to revel in your cinephiliac hobby.

4. DIY Android Projector

This DIY projector idea is very similar to the light bulb projector in that it utilizes a box in which to set your phone and emit the screen’s images. However, instead of using cardboard, this project calls for actual wood as well as metal rods and framing that help hold the projector’s shape.

Likewise, this projector uses a magnifying glass rather than a water-filled bulb. Like the light bulb projection idea, this project requires that you have a certain level of skill attaching the wood with

If you want your Android projector to have more visual appeal, you can paint and decorate the wood.

5. DIY Black Cloth Projector

Cinephiliacs value the quality and generous dimensions of a screen on which to watch their favorite movies. When you want to build your own projector in your home, you can make a screen to your satisfaction by following along with this DIY black cloth projector idea.

To make your own black cloth projector, you need supplies that include:

It is important that you follow along with this video to ensure your projector offers you the quality and size that you need to watch your favorite movies at home. You can use the black cloth projector in conjunction with other DIY projection ideas if you want to project movies from your smartphone, computer, or mobile device.

6. DIY Laptop Projector

Laptops are great for watching movies and movie apps like Netflix and Hulu. However, when you want to share the experience with friends and family or you simply want to watch movies on a larger screen, you can make your own DIY laptop projector quickly, easily, and with the smallest amount of cash.

This unique projector idea calls for you to use everyday household items like:

  • a cardboard box
  • a box knife
  • duct tape
  • a magnifying glass

This projector idea is very similar to the projectors that you can make using shoe boxes. However, this project accommodates the size and volume of your laptop computer. Because you will be using this projector to show movies from your laptop, it is also important that you place it on a sturdy surface so that your computer will not break from the projector itself getting stepped on or falling onto the floor.

7. DIY Foam Projector

Another great way to make a durable yet practical DIY projector involves creating one from foam. This DIY foam projector idea only takes a few simple and inexpensive supplies. You will need materials like:

This projector is great for your smartphone or mobile tablet. It keeps your device safe while projecting the image onto a screen or wall in your home and you can always personalize it by adding a LEGO case to it. It is important, however, that you follow the precise steps so that you craft a foam box that is just the right size for this portable and cheap project.


Enjoy every moment of your cinephilia by making your own movie projector using basic and affordable materials. Share with us how you have made your own do-it-yourself movie projectors for you and your family.

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