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7 DIY Pirate Costumes for Boys & Girls

Pirate costumes are a popular choice for Halloween, cosplay, parties, and playing dress-up. Pirates are usually dressed in colonial style or in rough and torn clothes. Elaborate pirate costumes could cost over $200, but simple homemade pirate costumes are just a few bucks. In addition, many DIY pirate costumes can be made in less than an hour. Here’s a list of quick and easy DIY pirate costume plans that cost less than $15 and are fun to make:

1. DIY Pirate Accessories

From the archives of the DIY craft queen, Martha Stewart walks you through how to make a pirate hat, hook, buckles, sword and pouch. This simple costume is easy to make and can be done by a parent and child working together. For this DIY pirate costume you will need:

  • Pleather. It’s the leather-like fabric used to make the pirate pouch.
  • Craft Paper. The tri-corner hat is made of cut and shaped craft paper. You will need a large sheet.
  • Cardboard. The shapes for the buckles, hook and swords are made from cardboard.
  • Craft Knife. You need a sharp blade for cutting shapes out of the cardboard.
  • Waxed String. A slightly tougher string used to hold the hat and pouch together.
  • Fabric Hole Punch. You will need a punch that can go through tough fabric if you don’t want a difficult sewing job.

2. Last Minute DIY Pirate Costume for Kids

This is a simple sewing and gluing project. It makes a pirate hat, vest and eye patch for a toddler. The most important materials are:

  • Black Cotton Fabric. This is the material for the hat.
  • Black Felt. The vest is made from felt.
  • Black Thread. You need black thread to sew together the hat and the vest.
  • White Craft Foam. You need craft foam to make the skull and crossbones for the hat and vest.
  • Craft Knife. You may need a blade to cut out the skull and crossbones if scissors prove too difficult.

3. $9 DIY Pirate Costume

The YouTube tutorial shows how to make a DIY pirate costume out of three T-shirts. This costume is geared for girls, though it could be used to make a boy’s costume too. No sewing is required, only cutting. You need a pair of black pants and boots to complete the costume. This quick and cheap costume requires:

  • A White T-shirt. Buy the T-shirt two sizes bigger than what you usually wear.
  • A Black T-shirt. This is for the vest, so it should be a little smaller than your normal size.
  • A Red T-shirt. All the accessories are made out of the red shirt, so buy the biggest one you can find.

4. Complete DIY T-Shirt Pirate Costume

The video tutorial below shows how to make a children’s pirate costume in around thirty minutes. Sewing isn’t necessary. In addition to some store-bought pirate accessories, a white shirt and khaki pants, you will need:

  • Black and Yellow Felt. You use this to make the eyepatch, buckles and pirate boots.
  • Rain Boots. Felt is cut and glued onto the rain boots to make pirate boots.
  • An Old Velvet or Velour T-shirt: You cut this down the front to make the vest.
  • Elastic to glue it to the eye patch; black works best.
  • Red and gray T-shirts: These make the belt and sash.
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue. You need this to glue all the pieces together.

5. DIY Pirate Costume for Boys

This costume is designed for boys and requires little or no sewing. For this reasonably inexpensive DIY pirate costume, you will need:

  • A White Long-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt. The shirt should be a few sizes too big.
  • Eyelet Setter. This costume uses eyelets to make a more elaborate pirate shirt.
  • Hammer. You need a hammer to secure the eyelets.
  • Leather Cording. The leather cording goes through the eyelets.
  • Black Sweat Pants. You want to cut them short to make the pirate pants.
  • Dimensional Glow-in-the-Dark Paint. This is to paint stripes on the pants.
  • Store-Bought Vest. A vest for the costume.
  • 2 Scarves. One scarf goes around the head, and one scarf is a sash around the waist.

6. DIY Jack Sparrow Costume

Men and older boys can dress as Jack Sparrow. This costume requires no sewing, but you will need to spend a bit at the thrift store. You will need:

  • A Bandana and Scarf. Jack Sparrow wears a head scarf and a sash around his waist.
  • An Old Cloth Cowboy Hat. You pin up three sides to make a quick tri-corner hat.
  • Plastic Pronged Bristle Brush. Use brush make your fake dreads then set with hair spray or gel.
  • Beads, Feathers and/or Costume Jewelry. There are all sorts of little treasures hidden in Jack Sparrow’s dreads.
  • A White Long-Sleeved Shirt. A flowing shirt of natural fiber will look the best.
  • Dark Loose Black Pants. Pajama pants or sweat pants will work fine.
  • Boots. Buy a pair of old boots at the thrift store or costume boots.
  • Mascara and Black Eyeliner. You need to add dark make-up around the eyes.

7. DIY No-Sew Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cubby Costume

One Mom made her family homemade pirate costumes based on Jake and the Never Land Pirates. The Cubby costume for the little boy is simple and requires little sewing. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1/4 Yard Light Blue Fabric. This is for Cubby’s head scarf.
  • A White T-shirt and a Royal Blue T-shirt. You make Cubby’s white shirt and blue vest from these T-shirts.
  • Yellow Buttons. These are for the blue vest. Larger buttons work better.
  • Red Shorts. Cubby wears red shorts.
  • Orange Felt and Black Yarn or Ribbon. This is to make a patch for Cubby’s shorts.
  • Brown and Gold Felt and Elastic. You use the felt to make shoe covers, and the elastic holds the covers on.

DIY Pirate Costume Conclusion

Kids can help make their DIY pirate costume. It’s more fun and greater bragging rights to wear a costume that you made yourself. A simple pirate costume can be made in an afternoon, and the price is well below the one of a store-bought costume. Even if you can’t sew, you can make a pirate costume. If you have already made a costume, please share.