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7 DIY Photo Booths for an Unforgettable Party

A DIY photo booth is a great way to liven up any event, from a birthday party to an anniversary gathering because it will create memorable photos for your guestbook. Using a few budget-friendly supplies, it’s easy to set up a backdrop and let your guests go wild with some imaginative props. You don’t even need a professional camera; a mobile device, simple digital camera or instant film camera will create a casual vibe and create super-shareable photos.

If you’re looking for some ideas to create a do it yourself photo booth for your next party, check out this list of themes to give your guests a memorable activity.

1. DIY Classy Hollywood Wedding Photo Booth

Your wedding guests are already dressed to the nines, so why not roll out the red carpet to take some memorable pictures? To set up your photo booth, check out this tutorial from HGTV. It covers how to set up your backdrop as well as additional lighting to make your party guests look fabulous for the occasion. For example, the  ideal width of your backdrop should be 5 feet across and 3 to 4 feet wide. For the backdrop, you can use a plain sheet to make your guests really stand out. You’ll also need:

  • Large clamps. Use these to suspend the backdrop to PVC pipe or other fixtures in your space.
  • Tripod. Make sure your camera is at the right height and is stable.
  • You can pick up feather boas, oversize sunglasses, fedora hats, and other glamorous accessories for your wedding guests to use as props.
  • You can keep these props on a table draped with a red tablecloth to fit the Hollywood theme or choose one of your wedding colors.

colorful feather boa

This photo booth shouldn’t take too long to set up in addition to your other wedding decorations, but if you’re attaching the clamps high up, make sure to have a tall friend help or use a sturdy ladder. You’ll also want to dedicate a person to operate the camera throughout your wedding. If you use an instant camera, have your guests sign their Hollywood-worthy autograph on each photo to add to your wedding guestbook.

2. Floral DIY Photo Booth

A floral photo booth would be perfect for a girl’s birthday party, a bridal shower, or a spring brunch where you want to create a feminine and sophisticated photo booth. The most work involved in this photo booth is assembling your own backdrop. You can use faux flowers, make flower patterns out of paper, or even create a backdrop with fresh flowers from your yard. The tutorial uses:

  • Tissue paper. Create giant flowers of complementary colors.
  • Floral wire. Secure the paper flowers onto a simple lattice background.

colorful paper flowers

If you have a friend and a free hour or two, you can easily create this elegant backdrop for your photo booth. For props, you might include additional flowers, flower crowns and paper pinwheels that you can buy or make yourself. If you’re having a casual gathering with friends, you can take turns taking each other’s picture from a digital camera or your own phones. After the event, be sure to upload all the photos to social media so that everyone will have a sweet reminder of your get-together.

3. Pirate-themed DIY Photo Booth

If you’re throwing a boy’s birthday party, a backyard barbecue or a Halloween party, take your guests on a high seas adventure with this imaginative photo booth. Buy a set of pirate-themed props, or collect them individually:

  • Eye patches. Elastic bands make sure that the eye patches can fit a wide range of guests.
  • Toy cutlasses. Your party guests can enact a fearsome battle in front of the camera.
  • Pirate hats. Let your guests decide who the captain is, or make them fight for it!

chalices and fake gold

In this tutorial, you don’t even need to set up a background; any blank wall will do as long as you have plenty of props, a camera and mateys who are willing to play with all your fun props. Drawing inspiration from this tutorial, you can even make your own false mustaches by gluing paper to popsicle sticks. Save some empty bottles of root beer so that your party guests can play pretend with pirate rum.

4. Easy DIY Photo Booth for Smartphones

You don’t need a fancy camera or tripod setup to have a fun photo booth at your party. This tutorial explains how to easily set up a photo booth where guests can use their own phones to take photos. Be sure to gather these materials:

  • Smartphone-compatible instant printer. This lets guests wirelessly print their own photos. Be sure to have plenty of extra film near your photo booth with instructions for how to change the film cartridge.
  • Backdrop stand. This stand makes it easy to attach your backdrop and is easy to set up and take down after the event is over.

smartphone compatible printer

The tutorial stresses the importance of good lighting, but beyond that, you can use your own imagination for the backdrop and props. If you’re creating a DIY wedding photo booth, you might want to assemble a backdrop of flowers in your wedding colors. Simple props such as cute lips and mustaches on sticks let your guests add some personality to their photos.

The best part is that they can use their own smartphone to take as many photos as they want and then print them instantly. You can send your party guests home with the photos as keepsakes or create a scrapbook full of memorable pictures of your friends and family.

5. Winter Wonderland DIY Photo Booth

This photo booth would be perfect for a holiday gathering. As seen in this tutorial, all you need to do is hang a plain background and add winter decorations such as snowflakes and fake snow. You may also want to set up:

decorated mini christmas trees

For some extra fun, have your guests stage a fake snowball fight as their picture is being taken. You can also have them hold props like candy canes and sleigh bells.

6. DIY New Year’s Photo Booth

What better way to count down to the new year than by snapping photos with all your best friends? Set up a glitzy background and give each guest a glass of champagne to toast during their photo op. This tutorial lists all the fun backgrounds you could make yourself, and there’s no shortage of glitter. For props, you may want to supply:

  • Giant numbers. Let guests ring in the new year with giant numbers. When looking back on your photos, you’ll always remember the year that you created this fun photo booth.
  • Party hats and streamers. Make sure everyone in your pictures is celebrating.

confetti and party accessories

7. Marshmallow DIY Photo Booth

You’ve probably never thought of using food to supply the background of your photo booth! Try stringing up marshmallows for your backdrop, as seen in this tutorial, for an unforgettable party activity. In addition to plenty of marshmallows, you’ll need:

  • String or twine. Thread marshmallows onto the string. It’s best to have a friend help with this part!
  • Quilting needles. This will make it easier to thread the marshmallows.

colorful marshmallows

This creative background would be the perfect addition to a holiday party or wedding where you have a hot chocolate bar!


Whether you create a simple, classy booth or you go wild with props, a do it yourself photo booth is a great way to give your party guests something fun to do during the event. In addition, everyone will have a fun keepsake photo afterward to remember your party. What fun materials have you used to create a DIY photo booth in the past? We encourage you to share your ideas with us!

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