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7 DIY Patio Furniture Plans

Summer is officially here, and that means family gatherings, hosting parties, and outdoor activities. A patio or any sitting space is crucial for bonding and enhancing your experience. However, if you are on a budget or want a fun, affordable, and rewarding activity, you can make DIY patio furniture. This article will go over seven DIY patio furniture plans, along with the duration and the skill level required to pull them off flawlessly, plus all the tools & materials you will need.

1. DIY Garden Storage Bench

If you’re a fan of both functional and pieces that can serve a dual purpose, this project is for you. There is a lot of careful measuring and cutting involved, so bring your patience and don’t be afraid to double measure. These completed DIY patio furniture will be used primarily for seating, but they can double as storage underneath. You will need to follow this tutorial from Instructables and have these tools on hand:

  • Measuring Tape. You will use this to help mark your boards for exact cuts.
  • Circular Saw. These will be used to cut the boards to your specifications.
  • Phillips Screwdriver. You will use this screwdriver to put the screws in and hold your whole project together.
  • Hinges. This will go on the seat part and make it open to reveal your storage area.
  • Deck Screws. This is what will hold your bench together.
  • Wood. You will cut this to fit your benches and can find it at your local hardware stores.

2. DIY Rope Ottomans

This DIY patio furniture is an easy, fun, and fast project. It is suitable for any skill level, from intermediate to advanced and these ottomans can act as seating or a low table. This StyleMePretty tutorial will show you how to take a few hours, a little patience, and creativity to make this nautical or rustic looking project.

  • Old tires. You can call your local auto shops, salvage yards, or junkyards to see if they have old tires they’ll give you, or you can buy.
  • Sisal Rope. This rope will cover your tires, and give them their rustic look.
  • Nylon Rope. You will wrap your tires with this rope before you wrap it with your sisal rope.
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks. You will use this to glue your rope to your tires.
  • Scissors. You will cut your rope when you reach the end of your product.

3. DIY Outdoor Bucket Coffee Table

This cute, easy table will be the perfect addition to any outdoor space. You will need a few hours, and it’s a good beginner project because it requires very little technical skills. Just follow the tutorial from Remodelaholic and gather the following items:

  • Round Steel Tub. This will be the base of your table.
  • Stain. This will give your tabletop an elegant touch.
  • Caulk. You will use this to glue your table pieces together.
  • Poly. You will seal your table with this.
  • Wood. Call your local lumber yards, scrap yards, or hardware stores to get your tabletop.

4. DIY Cinder Block Seating

This seating is an easy DIY project that any skill level can pull off. It will add a touch of whimsy to your gathering, and it will provide a nice conversation piece.

  • Cinder Blocks. You can get these from a junkyard, your local home improvement store, or scrapyards.
  • Concrete Adhesive. You will use this to glue your cinder blocks together.
  • Lumber. You can pick this up at your local home improvement store.
  • Cushions. You will use these to soften the seating area.

5. DIY Pallet Chair

This DIY pallet patio furniture is both chic and comfortable. This step by step tutorial makes it easy for anyone at any skill level to have success with this pallet chair.

  • Wood Pallets. You can pick these up at many craft stores, lumber yards, and storage places
  • Cushions. These outdoor cushions will add comfort to your chair.
  • Deck Screws.. You will use these to put your chair together.
  • Sand Paper. Sand your chair smooth to avoid slivers.
  • Stain. Seal your chairs to prevent warping from any water.
  • Cordless Drill. Save your arm from aching and use this to drill your screws into your chair.

Note: Our article on the most satisfying DIY pallet projects has a pallet table idea that would work great with this chair – check it out!

6. DIY Wood Deck Cooler

This cute, functional cooler is perfect for beginner builders. The tutorial is simple and easy to follow, and this project will make a great addition to any patio.

  • Cooler. This will be the base your build your frame around.
  • Stain. Seal your cooler to prevent warping from any liquid or food items.
  • Paint Brushes. The stain will all but wreck your brushes, so it’s a good idea to buy new.
  • Lid Hinge Arm. This will hold your cooler open.
  • Cordless Drill. This will help you put your cooler together.
  • Sand Paper. Sand your cooler for a smooth, silver free finish.

7. DIY Storage Table

This small storage table is idea for an outdoor patio. It is very easy to do and will add a nice end table area with built in storage to any gathering spot. This tutorial shows you how to make this DIY patio furniture piece step by step.

  • A crate. You can call your local stores or any place that sells fruit and ask if they have any. Farmer’s markets are an excellent choice!
  • Four Caster Wheels. This will enable your table to move easily.
  • Two Hinges. These will make your lid open smoother.
  • Handle. You can be decorative or simple, depending on your tastes.
  • Sandpaper. Smooth everything down to prevent slivers.
  • Poly. Seal your storage table against the elements.


These seven DIY patio furniture ideas are perfect for any backyard or gathering area. They are approachable if you follow the tutorials closely and are perfect to work on with family members and friends. Do you have experience with DIY patio furniture? If so, post your work in the comment section for the world to see!

Featured image source: Pixabay.

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