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8 DIY Pallet Projects for a Fun Family Weekend

If you’re into do it yourself projects and love woodworking projects, you will love this article. We gathered 8 fun projects that are easy and fun to complete and will pay off in the long run. All of our projects use wooden pallets as the base. Here are our DIY pallet projects for a fun family weekend or summer!

1. DIY Pallet Climbing Wall

If your kids have ever wanted to go rock climbing, but are too young to go, then they will enjoy climbing all over this simple version of DIY wood pallet projects. This tutorial is easy to follow, takes less than an hour and doesn’t require re-purposing the pallets:

You simply need:

• 2 matching wooden pallets. Longer lengths will give you a taller climbing wall. The slats can be close together or far apart.
• 6 or 8 two-by-fours of varying lengths. You can place 1-2 at the top if you want. Use 6 pieces (3 on each side) to secure the two pallets together.
• Scrap pieces of wood. These can be of vary shapes and sizes to make the climb easier or harder. Just place along the pallets in places your child can reach.

You can also use:

Sanding block. This is needed in case the pallets are rough in texture.
• Paint in clear or fun colors.

2. DIY Pallet Tent

This version of these DIY pallet projects is for a family that loves camping and tents and would love to make a permanent tent in their back yard in under an hour. To get started you need:

• 1-8 wooden pallets. Lay these down in the size and shape you want the tent to be.
• 4 Balsa wood strips. Nail one to both corners on the width and then bring two together at the top to create a tent-looking edge.
Wooden dowel. Nail a dowel in between the two balsa wood x’s for the tarp to drape over.
Tarp. These come in different colors and patterns so have fun choosing the right one. Drape it over the center dowel then wrap around the bottom edge of the pallets. You can staple or glue the tarp down.

3. DIY Pallet Swing

Not into tents but still want a fun place for your kids to relax? How about a swinging bed? This tutorial for a simple swinging bed is one example of these fun DIY pallet projects.

You just need between a few minutes and an hour and the following supplies:

• 1 or 2 wooden pallets. You can combine the two pallets to make a full-sized bed.
• 3 two-by-fours cut a little longer than the length of the pallets (if using 2). These are used to give extra support to the two pallets.
Rope. Make sure it is long enough to secure to a tree branch. The tutorial drills holes through the wood, but it is possible to secure the rope in other ways.
Outdoor patio cushions. This isn’t strictly necessary since kids can enjoy a single pallet bed more like a swing.

4. DIY Pallet Pool

There is nothing better than spending a day at the pool or knowing that at the end of an afternoon you’ll have a fantastic way to relax. This tutorial for DIY pallet projects teaches you how to make a personal pool with a few items:

• 9 wooden pallets. You can use more or less to create the shape and size of the pool you want.
• A two-by-four. These can be used to create a smoother, flatter top to the pallets.
Waterproof lining. You’ll need enough to cover the entire inside of the pool and up the sides.
Water pump. This is optional, but helps keep the water clean so it doesn’t need to be emptied or hand-cleaned as often.

This is by far one of the most creative and rewarding DY pallet projects on our list.

5. DIY Rolling Table

Here’s a DIY wooden pallet project that makes a pallet rolling game table. It’s simple to make, takes under an hour, and can lead to a lot of family fun. You need:

• 2 wooden pallets. Place one on top of the other and secure.
4 rolling wheels. Attach to the bottom corners of the bottom pallet.
• Paint. You can paint a chess board on the top of the table or any number of games. A bull’s eye can be fun for all sorts of tossing games. A couple of lines can make a tic-tac-toe board. Circles can be used for mancala. You can even draw tracks for playing with toy cars. The options are endless. And can be painted on over and over.

You can even put multiple boards on top of each other, each with a different game painted on and then just switch which one is on top.

6. Backyard DIY Bowling Alley

With quite a few pallets and half a day, you can make a backyard bowling alley that is fun for everyone. This DIY wooden pallet project can be as simple or as professional as you’d like. For this DIY pallet project you need:

• 12 wooden pallets. Take 6 of them apart and use the boards to fill in the gaps of the other 6 pallets. Place 2 wide, 3 long. Make sure they are even.
Wooden dowel. Use this to mark the foul line for the bowlers.
Bowling balls and pins. These can range from ones made for kids to professional, your choice.

7. DIY Standing Garden

Gardens can bean hours of family fun during the summer months. But space can be an issue if you’re living in a flat, a studio, or just have a smaller backyard. Fortunately, we can create a space-efficient garden using wooden pallets in less than an hour. This is one of the easiest and cheapest DIY pallet projects in this tutorial.

DIY vertical pallet garden

Here’s what you’ll need:

• A pallet to hung on a wall and then pots attached to it to hold plants, herbs, etc.
• Line the back, side and bottom with weed cloth and fill with dirt. Plant in between the slats and then stand upright for a standing garden. They can also be left laying down and planted between the slats for a larger garden area.

8. DIY Sandbox

With just 2 items and about an hour, a wooden pallet becomes a DIY sandbox. You need:

• 1-2 wooden pallets. Dismantle them to obtain the boards and build a square with removable top.
Sand. Fill the pallet as much as you want.


With tutorials ranging from simple and fast to a weekend project, there is always a way to get a fun family project done on a small budget. Let us know how you personalized these do it yourself pallet projects for your family fun weekend, and be free to share your other DIY pallet projects with us in the comment section!

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