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6 DIY Ombre Hair Tutorials

Ombre hair has been a recent trend popular among all ages. While some trends come and go, ombre hair is timeless. Well, what exactly is ombre hair? Ombre involves color combinations arranged to appear as if they are effortlessly mixing to a spectrum, going from dark to light or from one color to another. This gradient effect could cost hundreds to get done at the salon. However, don’t fear because you can easily get DIY ombre hair at home. There are countless of options when it comes to ombre, from a a warm burgundy ombre that’s perfect for winter to ‘wild’ colors that pop in the sun during summer months.

1. DIY Ombre Hair from Pastel Blue to Purple

This DIY ombre hairstyle isn’t time-consuming whatsoever. The colors aren’t very vibrant which makes it perfect for the winter season. The blue accents the purple beautifully and gives off a very mysterious, intriguing aura. The color scheme of the pastel blue and purple will provoke the curiosity of onlookers. This project takes about 90 minutes and is easy to complete.

  • White Conditioner: Use white conditioner as a base. It doesn’t offset the colors that will be used to add color to the hair.
  • Blue Semi Permanent Hair Color: The semi permanent blue dye will be utilized as the base color and will be combined with 90% white conditioner.
  • Lavender Semi Permanent Hair Color: The semi permanent lavender dye will be used after the blue dye and will also be mixed with 90% white conditioner.

2. DIY Fire Ombre Hair

The red and orange fire ombre hairstyle is ideal for those hot summer and spring days. The rays of the sun will enhance the colors of this ombre hair. The color scheme is very vibrant and makes a gradient transition from dark red, light red, orange, to yellow. This also takes about 90 minutes to complete.

  • Vermillion Red Dye: This is the base color that will be used mostly throughout the hair.
  • Bright Yellow Dye: The bright yellow color is for the ends of the hair to provide some dimension.
  • Arctic Fox Transylvania: The color Transylvania is black and is combined with the vermillion red dye to create a darker red base and a smoother transition.

3. DIY Ombre Hair (Mermaid)

The mermaid ombre hair contains several beautiful variations of blue that cascade down to create a greenish teal. Although it isn’t any Ariel, it sure does offer a magical appearance. This is one of the easiest and shortest tutorials on this list: it only takes about 30 minutes to complete.

4. DIY Ombre Turquoise Hair (Waterfall)

The waterfall ombre hair is similar to the mermaid ombre. However, the waterfall ombre hair is a tad bit more intense. The ombre transition is bolder compared to the subtle fading of colors you see in the mermaid ombre hair. Nevertheless, the waterfall ombre look makes you look like the ocean itself. The dark and vibrant, light blues work ever so beautifully together. This project will take between 15 and 30 minutes from start to finish and is easy to complete.

5. Discreet DIY Ombre Hair (Bayalage)

Bayalage is one of the hottest new ombre hair trends. The look consists of well-placed highlights along with a classic ombre to create a natural-looking effect. The bold highlights in the bayalage add more dimension to ombre hair. This project takes a little longer to complete – about 90 minutes; however, it’s just as easy as the other ones and the results will be worth it.

  • Wella Powder Lightener: This powder will be mixed with the Salon Care 20 Volume Creme Developer to lighten the hair.
  • Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Hair Toner (T14 Pale Ash Blonde): The Wella liquid toner gets rid of the brassy, orange tint after bleaching the hair.
  • Salon Care 20 Volume Creme Developer: This developer will be mixed with the Wella Powder Lightener to lighten the hair.

Note: If you like this natural ombre look, we also recommend our article on step by step DIY balayage or start off with a simpler version of these tutorials: DIY hair dye!

6. DIY Ombre Hair (Classic Balayage)

Lastly, we have to talk about the classic ombre hair. While all the other colorful ombre looks could be fun and exciting, the calm, elegant, classic ombre might be more of your style. This look is perfect for those who want to add some personality to their hair. Also, it is important to note that some jobs don’t allow their workers to have ‘crazy’ hair colors. However, don’t let that discourage you from adding a little flavor to your appearance. The classic look is effortless to maintain seeing as you won’t have to remind yourself to retouch your hair with any dyes. It takes about 40 minutes to achieve this look.

DIY Ombre Hair Conclusion

Although ombre hair has been a trend for years, it isn’t going away anytime soon. There are many different varieties of colors and styles for ombre hair that will definitely be in style for years to come, be them bold highlights or bright colors. Scheduling an appointment at the salon can be tedious and expensive. You will achieve quality results by following the tutorials recommended above for DIY ombre hair. And don’t forget to let us know about how it went in the comments section!

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