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8 DIY Nightstands

The bedroom is often one of the most overlooked spaces for style updates, but you can make your space more relaxing and functional without spending too much. Modern or country, building from scratch or just updating an existing piece, a simple shelf or a tiny cupboard, these tutorials have a DIY nightstand for every taste and budget.

1. DIY Mirror Nightstand

Are you looking for a glam nightstand that will make a small space feel bigger? This DIY mirrored nightstand tutorial can help you update an outdated, small dresser into a luxe piece in an afternoon. The steps are simple, but plan to work with a glass shop to get your materials perfect. Here’s what you need:

  • Small dresser or nightstand with drawers. Look for sturdy, cheap options at thrift stores or garage sales. This project looks best when the piece has lots of flat areas to become mirror surfaces.
  • Chrome spray paint. Use this to give a metallic sheen to the parts of the nightstand that won’t get mirror overlays.
  • Mirror adhesive and painters tape. This works with a regular caulking gun and will permanently stick the mirror to the drawers and sides. Use the tape to keep everything in place while the glue sets.
  • Updated hardware. Glass or ornate silver drawer pulls look great with a diy mirrored nightstand. Just be gentle when you install to avoid cracking the mirrors.
  • Custom mirrors. This sounds fancy, but a local glass shop can cut pieces to your measurements and drill the right holes for your hardware. This is the most expensive part of the project, but it’s still far cheaper than buying new!
mirrored diy nightstand

Source: Pinterest

2. Simple DIY Pallet Nightstand

If you like the pallet look but aren’t ready for a full carpentry project, check out this tutorial for a simple pallet DIY nightstand. This project can make two matching nightstands for less than $20 with just a few materials:

  • Small tables. Check out the thrift store or garage sales for cheap finds.
  • Pallet. You’ll only need one full sized pallet to make a pair of nightstands.
  • Screws and a drill. Any regular home sized drill will work to attach the pallet top to the main tables.
  • Hand saw. You can cut the pallet wood yourself with this tool.

3. DIY Rustic Nightstand

If you’re looking for something sturdy that evokes a quiet cabin, consider this DIY rustic nightstand. This project involves woodworking from scratch, so decide if you have the skills and are willing to invest in the tools before you begin. The actual carpentry is not complicated, so it may be a good project for beginners. The supply list is long, so try to borrow or rent at least a few of the tools.

  • Wood and plywood. Look for straight boards when you buy and see if the store will do your major cuts for you.
  • Strap hinges and a knob or handle. Oil rubbed bronze or tin style hardware will give a truly rustic look.
  • Nails, screws, wood glue. You can complete the project using only screws, but adding glue and finishing nails will make the finished product stronger. Wipe up any extra glue on the wood or it will prevent the stain from setting evenly.
  • Wood Stain or paint. A dark wood stain will give this nightstand a more old fashioned, cabin type feel, while a coat of white or green paint lightly distress would create more of a farmhouse vibe.
  • Tape measure, speed square, carpentry pencil. Measure twice, cut once… Consider these tools essential to a professional looking final product.
  • Drill, circular saw, brad nailer, sander. These carpentry tools might seem overwhelming, but the tutorial walks you through using each in detail. Rent them for the weekend or invest in a starter tool set as you improve your building skills.
  • Safety glasses and ear protection. They don’t look sexy, but these safety devices are non-negotiable when working with saws. Even the most talented carpenter can have an accident and no DIY nightstand is worth an injury.
rustic diy nightstand

Source: Pinterest

4. DIY Pallet Nightstand

Reclaimed pallet wood furniture is a hot trend these days, and if you have a source for finding them, using found wood to make this DIY pallet nightstand can save you a bundle over pricey hipster shops. The main carpentry tool needed is a little expensive, but you’ll be able to use it for lots of projects and your total cost of this DIY nightstand is still very reasonable. You may even have the supplies you need already on hand:

  • Wood pallet. Don’t accidentally steal a pallet, make sure and ask a business if it’s okay to take a pallet you spot behind a dumpster.
  • Kreg jig. This tool is so easy to use and turns your regular drill into a fancy furniture making machine.
  • Screws and nails. No need to get fancy, you’ll just be using them to hold everything together.
  • Drill and hammer. The beauty of this project is the carpentry skills only need simple household tools and no prior experience to handle. Anyone can use a hammer, right?
  • Drawer hardware and cabinet knobs. Pick whatever style you like, but a dark metal finish or whimsical ceramic will look best with the pallet wood style.

5. DIY Minimalist Nightstand

Clean lines and the bare essentials are the style of this floating nightstand DIY project, but as a bonus, it’s also extremely easy to build! The key is choosing attractive wood and cutting and hanging with precision. The tools aren’t complicated to use, so you can easily make several matching shelves using these materials:

  • Pine boards. Each shelf only need two short boards. If you plan ahead, the lumber store should be able to make your main cuts for you.
  • Table saw with dado blade. This sound fancy, but it’s really just a special attachment that will make the clever notch for propping up your phone as it charges overnight. If you don’t have a table saw, you can skip this step.
  • Wood glue, nails, drywall screws.
  • Level. Don’t eyeball any of the steps! Use the level to make sure your glasses don’t slide off.
floating diy nightstand

Source: Flickr

Note: You can see more ideas for floating nightstands or shelves in our collection of DIY floating shelves plans.

6. Modern DIY Nightstand

Fans of IKEA or mid-century modern pieces will connect with this wall mounted nightstand. It’s functional with a big drawer, but won’t take up floor space in a small room. If you get the lumber store to make your main cuts, you can complete this project in an afternoon with hardly any materials:

  • Lumber. If you plan to just sand and stain the nightstand, pick a pretty oak or pine wood. If you want to paint it a solid color you can go with a cheaper, less attractive grain.
  • Side mount drawer slides. These screw in easily and make it smooth and quiet to pull out the drawer without putting stress on the wall mount hardware.
  • Wood glue, nails and screws. You’ll need two sizes of screws for this one, small screws to build the DIY nightstand, and larger screws to mount it to the wall.
  • Kreg jig and drill. The Kreg jig lets you attach corner pieces with hidden screws. It’s not any more difficult to use than a regular drill, but it aligns the screws at an angle and gives a really polished final look.
  • Wood Stain or paint. Paint or stain the wood before you start to build to get a nice smooth finish.

7. DIY Ikea Update

Ikea products are affordable and can be a blank pallet for you to customize for your style. This tutorial shows different ways to style a simple kallax bookcase using different legs. The best part is, by just swapping out new legs, you can have totally new looking nightstands in minutes! You need:

  • Small bookcase. The tutorial shows a simple four cubby style, but you could pick any style that fits your height needs.
  • Furniture legs. Whether you like mid-century style or a french country look, pick the legs that match the rest of your bedroom.
white ikea shelf

Source: Ikea

8. DIY Floating Nightstand

A simple nightstand can take on a whole new look with a little bit of paint. This floating nightstand starts with a simple box, a crate or single shelf. Before you mount it, use a few bright colors to paint some whimsical overlapping triangles to create a modern art piece. This project can be completed in an hour or two with these supplies:

  • Small box. You could build your own simple box with scrap lumber, or start with a pre-made box to speed the project along.
  • Painters tape. Use this to tape off your shapes and get professional, smooth lines.
  • Acrylic Paint. The tutorial uses shades of teal and black, but any three bright colors you like will work.
  • Mounting brackets. Once the shelf is painted, mount it near your bed with sturdy hardware.

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Nightstands are both pretty and practical, and can add a lot of polish to your bedroom without a lot of effort. These DIY nightstand plans cover some of the basic building and refinishing techniques available for crafting an affordable and trendy look in your own home. With a little inspiration and a few basic tools, you can have your own brag-worth DIY nightstands that you refurbish or build from scratch.

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