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10 DIY Nail Art Ideas

If you don’t want to head to the salon to get some beautiful nail art done, there are certainly ways you can do it yourself at home. DIY nail art has advantages over going to a salon. It’s less expensive, and you can try a new design every few days if you like. With the following nail art ideas, you could keep yourself looking stylish and unique for a very long time. You’ll get compliments and people questioning how and where you got your nails done. You can proudly say you did it yourself.

DIY Zig Zag Line Art

You don’t need a steady hand to create a pattern on your fingernails. Instead, all you need is a pair of scissors, tape and your favorite polish colors. You can contrast colors by choosing blue and red or pink and yellow, or you can blend the shades by choosing colors that are close to the same shade like pink and purple. With a set of colors, you can create a pattern you love. Use one of the colors as a base. Leave it to dry for an hour or two before placing tape on it. Cut the tape into thin strips and lay it in the pattern you like across the base coat. Apply the next color around the tape. It’ll give you crisp lines that you might not be able to do by hand.

  • Nail Polish Colors A variety of colors for you to choose for your nail art ideas.
  • Scissors: Pair of scissors for cutting the tape.
  • Clear Tape: You’ll use tape to make the shapes.

making hearts out of nail polish

DIY Glitter French Manicure

Whether you choose black or white tips for your French manicure, it can be tough to separate the colors in a crisp line. If you’ve ever been frustrated by having to start over again, you’ll know it’s easy to give up on the beauty of a French tip. You can use one of these beautiful pink pastels for your nails. When it comes to the strip of glitter between the colors, you can use a glitter pen, which makes it simple to cover mistakes and separate the colors.

DIY Beautiful Lace

Instead of trying to recreate the look of lace on your fingernails by hand, you can take an old piece of lace and a makeup sponge to create a stunning lace design on your nails. This DIY nail art is simpler than it appears. Apply the base coat of gold, black, white, silver or any color you desire. The top lace coat should be either darker or lighter than the base, so it’s noticeable. You can choose glitter, metallic or matte polishes for this design. After waiting an hour or two for the base coat to dry, dip a makeup sponge into a bit of the polish. Place the lace over your fingernail. Make sure the polish isn’t too wet and dab it onto the lace.

  • Cut-up Lace: An old piece of fabric can work for the lace detail.
  • Metallic Polish: Metallics make the lace detail really stand out on the nail.
  • Makeup Sponge: Used to dab the polish through the lace.

DIY Matte Polish

If you’re looking to create your own matte color, you can easily turn any nail polish you already have into a matte polish with a bit of eyeshadow. Break a tiny piece of eyeshadow out of its container and crush it up into a bit of the top coat. It doesn’t have to be a complete match in color. Pink with purple or blue with green can make an interesting color. If you don’t want to add a color to your polish, grab some cornstarch from your kitchen. Once the polish is dried, it’ll give you that matte look you’ve been craving.

  • Nail Polish: Colors to mix with the starch or eyeshadow.
  • Eyeshadow or Cornstarch: Mix this with the polish

DIY Marbled Stone for Your Nails

DIY marbled nails artOne of the easiest ways to make your nails look unique is to create a marbled effect on your nails. Apply the base coat and find a complementary top coat that will look great as a marble on the top of your nails. Wait a few hours before applying the top coat. On a plastic plate, pour out a small amount of top coat color and use a crumpled plastic bag to apply it to your nails.

  • Base Coat: Any color you’d like to use.
  • Top Coat: Complementary top coat color.
  • Crumpled Bag: Dab it into the top color.

DIY Street Graffiti

If you have the soul of an artist, you will love the street graffiti look of these nails. First, apply the base coat and allow it to dry. The base coat can be any color you like. If you’re looking for the feel of real graffiti, you can choose a black base with a red or white top coat. After allowing the base coat to dry for a few hours, it’s time to apply the top coat. Make sure the brush is almost completely dry. This should look like a dry brush effect on your nails. You want to see the brush strokes. Angle the brush in a variety of directions, so it looks like a painting.

  • Nail Polish Set: Pick a variety of colors for your nails.
  • Base Coat: Black or white for the base.
  • Top Coat: The top should be white, red or black contrasting colors.

Beautiful DIY Hearts

Making a heart on your nails is simple if you know the trick. You can make one heart on an accent finger or place hearts all over your nails. First, you’ll need a toothpick and your favorite top coat. Dip the end of the toothpick into the polish. Place two dots next to each other for the top of the heart. Drag each dot down to a point between them so they meet at the bottom. It’s that easy to make a simple heart with nail polish.

  • Toothpick: To create the dots and drag them into hearts.
  • Nail Polish: Two colors for contrasting.

DIY Nail Splatter

For this nail polish design, you’ll need a few supplies. You’ll need more than one color of polish, a nail polish thinner and a splatter brush. Apply the base coat. White or black is a good base color to really let those splatters pop. On a plastic plate, pour out a touch of each color and add a dollop of the nail polish thinner. Mix it up, so it’s thin enough to splatter on your nails. Using one color at a time, splash thin lines and dots onto your nails until you’re satisfied with the effect. Apply a clear top coat to finish.

DIY Sharpie Design

You can easily create beautiful designs on your nails with a simple thin sharpie. They come in a variety of colors like black, red or blue, so you can use a base color of your choosing that will complement the marker color. Simply apply a clear top coat to set in the marker. You could go full-on artist on your nails with glitter, color and sharp lines. Let your imagination run wild on your nails.

DIY Fun with Polka Dots

It can be tough to to steady your hands enough for polka dots. Instead of trying to drip a perfect circle of polish onto your nails, you can use a bobby pin. Dip the end of the pin into the polish and dab it onto your nail. You can dot your entire nail or use it as an accent. Place three dots down your nail from the cuticle. Make tiny dots along the edge of your nail for a cute pattern too.

  • Bobby Pins: For creating simple dots on the nail.
  • Nail Polish: For creating your fun designs.

black and white DIY nail art

Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to traditional nail polish when doing your own art. Play around with styles and designs to see what speaks to you. Nail art is about expressing yourself and finding a style that brings you joy.

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