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8 DIY Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Mason jars are no longer used just for canning, storing, and preserving vegetables and fruits. They also constitute inspirations for do-it-yourself mason jar craft ideas for those seeking organization or decoration. Within the following list of mason jar crafts, we included projects that generally require little time and at most a few small tools. We provide a link to the tutorial for each project and resources on where to get the necessary tools and items.

1. DIY Mason Jar Lamp

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Image source: www.flickr.com

Converting a mason jar into a lamp is not terribly difficult and it does not take advanced electrical knowledge. As mason jar craft ideas go, this one does involve a few more steps and parts. You’ll also need some coordination using a screwdriver and make sure you have the right parts before you start.

  • Mason Jar with Wire Bail: Having a wire bail lid for the Mason jar keeps the lamp secure and in place.
  • Lamp Shade Holder (3 ¼ inch): The shade holder attaches to the top of the lid so that the candelabra socket and bulb stays in place.
  • Candelabra Socket: This represents the bulb’s resting place. Keep the cardboard cylinder when you remove the Candelabra socket.
  • Cord with plug and clicker switch: Threat it through the socket and the lamp shade holder to connect to the outlet.
  • Bushing: Without a bushing to provide string relief, the lamp would otherwise put its full weight on the wire.

2. DIY Mason Jar Bird Feeders

Some mason jar craft ideas can turn these canning and preservation containers into bird feeders. As the food attracts the birds, you get opportunities to enjoy the colors and flight of these animals. In this relatively short and simple mason jar craft, you won’t need tools. However, make sure you the sizes of the jar mouth and bird feeder match.

  • Regular mouth mason jar: Pour the bird feed into the mason jar which stands upside down into the bird feeder. The regular mouth size affords the necessary fit to connect with the base.
  • Small round chicken feeder: Fit the base on to the jar.
  • Twine: Hang your mason jar bird feeder from a tree limb using twine. The twine and the tree branch or limb should have enough strength to support the weight of the jar, feeder and food.

3. DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp

DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp

Image source: apieceofrainbow.com

Oil lamps come in handy as decorations, ways to create a particular scent or to afford light during power outages. This contribution to the list of mason jar craft ideas requires primarily drilling a small hole through the lid, carefully pouring oils and placing herbs and spices. This transformation should consume no more than two to five minutes once you have all the components.

  • Floating Wicks: the floating wicks are compatible with the vegetable oil that keeps the flame going on the lamp.
  • Vegetable Oil: Vegetable oil possesses a higher viscosity than using lamp oil. The latter doesn’t last as long.
  • Herbs and Spices: Use for scents and color to top off this project.

4. DIY Mason Jar Salt & Pepper Shakers

DIY Mason Jar Salt Pepper Shakers

Image source: pxhere.com

Turning jars into salt and pepper shakers are among the set of mason jar craft ideas designed to organize your kitchen. In this project, which has an estimated duration of about an hour, your steps will mainly involve sanding and applying paint and letters. Due to the painting involved, part of your time will involve preparation to avoid stray paint or chips and drying of surfaces and adhesives.

5. DIY Mason Jar Citronella Candles

Some mason jar craft ideas especially come in handy during the warm-weather months, when you need to rid yourself of annoying insects. Turning your mason jar into a citronella candle can do the trick. The steps involved minimal time, minimal tools, but concentration in avoiding spills of the oil.

  • Torch fuel: Filling the mason jar with torch fuel keeps the flame going.
  • Citronella essential oil: This addition to the torch fuel provides the repellent against bugs and therapeudic aromas for the users.
  • Fiberglass wicks: With the fiberglass wicks, your light will stay lit in the bugs will stay away.
  • Drill: One of our drills will create a hole in the lid. Your wick threads through it into the oil and citronella

6. DIY Mason Jar Baking Supply Canisters With Printed Labels

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Image source: thepaintedhive.net

Much of the work for this entrant into this list of mason jar crafts comes from using magic and decal paper to label mason jar containers with sugar, cream, artificial sweeteners, or spices. The process involves printing, dampening, laminating and drying and involves devices found in your home office, kitchen or even bathroom.

  • Printer: Either a laser jet or inkjet printer will produced the finished product, but ink jets normally run less in price.
  • Decal paper with blue water mark on back: Make sure that you select the right variety for your printer based on whether you use an inkjet or laser jet. Use clear paper for a transparent label.
  • Magic paper with attached translucent protective paper: Magic transfer paper has uses beyond t-shirt designs. In the world of mason jar crafts, the paper combines with the protective translucent paper in the lamination process.
  • Laminator: Lamination fuses together the decal and magic papers. Use the protective translucent paper to avoid overheating.
  • Hair dryer, oven or microwave: Many mason jar crafts involve food, but this one involves what you use to cook or even dry your hair. The application of heat comes in to set your decal for the mason jar containers.

7. DIY Mason Jar Piggy Bank

Mason jar crafts save money. In addition to making multiple uses of something you already have, mason jars make good piggy banks to keep loose change. This project should take no more than an hour, mostly spent watching the paint dry.

  • Vinyl letters: the letters can create on the jar any message or identity you wish. Apply paint and remove the vinyl just before it dries.
  • Slotted coin lid: A piggyback lid fitted for a mason jar easily changes the function of a mason jar to a piggy bank.

8. DIY Hanging Mason Jar Lights

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Image source: myarchipress.com

This offering to the list of mason jar crafts can create a festive atmosphere during all seasons, including Christmas. Scissors come into play in cutting the transparent or semi-opaque covering of the jars and enough ribbon for accents. Otherwise, your time is devoted to arranging the parts and making sure none of the jars with lights break as you hang them.

  • Mason jar with handle: Getting jars with handles has the obvious goal of allowing you to string together several jars of lights.
  • Battery operated string of fairy lights: Their battery-powered nature makes placement of these string lights into mason jars relatively simple. Place the battery pack as close to the top of the jar as possible. These lights come in clear, white and multicolored to fit your taste or the occasion.
  • Tulle: Cut a piece of tulle and place it over the Mason jar opening. With the lid, you secure the tulle and allow a compliment to the battery operated lights. Ribbons tied to the handle also add some style to this project.

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These mason jar crafts are but a few of the possibilities you can conjure with the staples of food preservation. Please let us know if you can think of other mason jar craft ideas or if you have suggestions as to any of these mason jar crafts profiled here.

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