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7 DIY Locker Decor Staples You Must Have

Here’s the survival guide to the top notch DIY locker decorations this year. If you haven’t spiced up your organizing space by now, it’s time to get started. These chic and cool hacks for DIY locker decor aren’t just inexpensive and easy. They are also great for organizing your space. With the start of the new semester, it’s time to up the interior design of your locker. Enjoy these quick DIY locker ideas, as well as the tutorials.

Step-by-Step Guide to DIY Locker Decorations

If you feel like your locker needs a makeover, this survival guide is for you. You’ll find quick fixes to up the decor. Moreover, quirky, cool, chic and ingenious DIY staples will help you keep a tidy and organized space. You may have tried some of these ideas before. Nevertheless, one can never have too many great DIY locker organizing ideas lined up. As such, without further ado, here they are.

1. Locker Wallpaper

You probably get to see the inside of your locker as often as that of your bedroom. Thus, it’s only fair that your locker gets the same treatment as your bedroom walls. The great thing about lining its interior with wallpaper is that you’ll only need a couple of budget-friendly items. Here they are:

How to apply wallpaper to the locker’s interior:

  • Measure the width and height on the interior of the locker door. In addition, you should repeat the process for each individual wall.
  • Cut out the wallpaper according to the previously noted measurements.
  • Apply glue to the back of the wallpaper if it’s not self-adhesive.
  • Line the wallpaper on the interior of the locker.

The first step to a DIY locker is completed. Such a personal touch creates a more welcoming space, even if it’s school we’re talking about here.

2. DIY Locker Rug

If you feel like adding a glam note to the DIY locker design, think of a rug. You’ll find a wide assortment of locker shelves rugs or mats online. Moreover, these staples don’t just look great, they prevent books, notebooks, and other locker accessories from slipping. All you need to do is to buy these two things:


  • Apply the adhesive liner on the bottom of the shelves.
  • Apply the rug/mat on top of the adhesive liner.
  • Press to make sure that the locker rug is safely in place.

3. DIY Locker Magnets

These cute locker accessories also have a practical side. While there are plenty of magnets in all shapes and colors which you can buy in bulk, making your own is cheaper. Magnetic clothespins can easily act as notes or photo holders. In order to make these, you will need:

This is how to make your personalized magnetic clothespins:

  • Use a thin brush to cover the clothespins in glue, one by one.
  • Spread the glitter over each clothespin.
  • Let the glue and glitter dry.
  • Add a drop of glue to the back of each clothespin.
  • Add the magnet.

This DIY locker organization hack will help you keep your notes and paper sheets organized.

4. DIY Magnetic Trash Bin

The easiest way to save up precious space in your locker shelf or shelves is to keep a magnetic trash bin on the locker door. Moreover, you can stick it to one of the shelves’ sides if you don’t wish for it to be too visible. Some cute ideas include a DIY locker organizer made of canvas, also acting as a trash bin. Nonetheless, another easy DIY locker trash bin uses an empty cereal box as the starting point. Gather these supplies:

Follow these instructions on how to get this locker decor DIY idea done in no time:

  • Cut out the wrapping paper to match the sizes of the cereal box.
  • Use the glue stick to cover each side of the cereal box. Do this one side at a time.
  • Apply each piece of wrapping paper carefully, as to not get any wrinkles.
  • Let the glue dry.
  • Apply glue to the four corners of the cereal box, on the back side.
  • Apply the magnets.

5. Locker Organizer for Books

Amidst the stuff found in your locker, books, notebooks and notes can easily get lost. So here is another great DIY locker shelf organizer idea aimed at keeping these staples organized. It also uses upcycled cereal boxes. As such, make sure you don’t throw them away in the morning. The must have supply list:

  • Cereal boxes – 3 used boxes.
  • Washi tape as many designs as you wish.
  • Magnets. 

Here is what you can do with just three items on your supply list:

  • Cut out the upper part of the cereal boxes in a symmetrical pattern.
  • Glue the cereal boxes together.
  • Get crafty with washi tape. Cover the cereal boxes in carefully applies washy tape. Make sure to apply some at the point of meeting between the boxes.

Your new DIY locker bookshelf is ready to be taken to school. Arrange it on the rug previously stuck to the locker shelf bottom.

6. Magnetic Pen and Pencil Holder

Such DIY locker accessories are among the easiest to make. These projects take a little time to make. Moreover, they use common household staples. As such, you don’t have to fork out a fortune for the supply list or spend precious time on making them. In order to bring this idea to life, you will need:

  • A plastic glass.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Magnets.

All you need to do with these three items to get your DIY locker magnetic pencil holder ready is to:

  • Apply glue to the glass. Pay attention to not melt the glass by holding the hot glue gun in one spot for too long.
  • Apply the magnets.
  • Let them stick and dry.

7. DIY Locker Mirror

Surely, you have already taken care of your DIY locker decor beauty kit. Nevertheless, you may also need a mirror that’s quickly at hand. Here is what you’ll need to create a DIY locker mirror that’s cool and can certainly draw attention:

  • Mirror
  • Washi tape.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Magnets

Step-by-step guide on how to make this DIY locker accessory:

  • Cover the margins of the mirror in washi tape.
  • Use the hot glue gun on the back of the mirror. Apply four drops of glue.
  • Apply the magnets.
  • Let the glue dry.

DIY Locker Decor Final Thoughts

These are the 7 DIY locker decorations ideas you’ll enjoy making in no time. For more similar ideas, head out to Pinterest. You will find entire boards of DIY locker accessories, organizers and more.

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