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10 DIY Lampshades

Whether you found a great lamp that needs a modern shade or you’re simply looking to redecorate, making your own lampshade can be a great way to spruce up a light fixture. A DIY lampshade lets you completely customize the look of your décor, and you can use household objects to create something unique. Check out these DIY lampshade ideas for inspiration.

1. DIY Floral Lampshade

For a fun floral look, attach faux flowers to your DIY lampshade. This tutorial used roses for a romantic look, but you could attach daisies, sunflowers, or any other type of flower to spruce up your décor. For this project, you’ll need:

Faux flowers: Be sure to cut the stems off the flowers before you glue them on.
Hot glue gun and glue: Hot glue dries quickly, making it better for this project than craft glue.

2. DIY Cityscape Lampshade

The following tutorial shows you how to create a cool DIY lampshade that uses the light it produces to highlight its design. Using a pin, simply poke holes in your lampshade to create a cityscape design that gets illuminated at night. You’ll need:

Black acrylic paint: Coat your lampshade inside and out if it’s a color other than black.
Plastic head pins: Use a pin with a ball on top to make it easier to hold as you poke holes.
Masking tape: This lets you tape on a cityscape design to trace, and it won’t cause damage to the surface of the lampshade.

3. DIY Stamped Lampshade

If you like the color and shape of your existing lampshade but it’s a bit plain, simply stamp a pattern on to change up the look. This tutorial used a fork to create a fun geometric pattern in two colors, but you could also use premade stamps to create your DIY lampshade. For this project, you’ll need:

Acrylic paint: Use as many colors as you’d like to create a completely unique DIY lampshade.
Acrylic sealer spray: A matte or glossy sealant will protect the paint from dust and wear.

4. DIY Decoupage Lampshade

This blogger posted a unique DIY lampshade that was covered in the giant leaves of a houseplant. You can make something similar using this tutorial for decoupage. Whether you use leaves, pages from your favorite book, or another thin item to decoupage, you’ll also require:

Newspaper: Cover your workspace with newspaper to avoid getting messy glue everywhere.
Decoupage glue: Using more glue will help your items adhere better and resist dirt. You can choose a glossy or matte finish depending on your desired look.
• Paintbrush: Either a brush with bristles or a foam brush would work for this project.

5. DIY Washi Tape Lampshade

If you like the look of the ribbon lampshade above but you want an easier technique, simply use washi tape to create a geometric pattern on your lampshade, as seen in this tutorial. DIY lampshades made with washi tape have the bonus of being reversible, so if you want to change up the design, you can do so any time simply by pulling off the old tape. For this project, you’ll need:

Washi tape: This type of craft tape comes in so many different patterns and colors that you’re sure to find some to match your decorating preferences.
• Glue: Some glue may be needed to secure the ends of the tape. You can use craft glue or hot glue.

6. DIY Map Lampshade

Adhering vintage maps to your DIY lampshades lets you add the excitement of travel to your interior décor. This tutorial shows how to create a map lampshade using a technique similar to the decoupage method above, and it also outlines how to make modern maps look vintage. You’ll need:

Atlas: You can buy a new atlas or pick up one from a thrift store.
Xacto knife: Use the knife to cleanly cut maps out of the atlas.
Acrylic paint: Gold paint can help give modern maps a vintage look.
Ribbon: Finish the edge of the lampshade with your choice of ribbon color.

7. DIY Yarn-Wrapped Lampshade

Colored yarn is a simple way to spruce up your existing lampshade. This tutorial shows an easy technique for wrapping different colors of yarn around your lamp to create a gradient effect. For this project, you’ll need:

Colored yarn: The type of yarn doesn’t matter for this project, so just choose colors that complement your décor.
Craft glue: Craft glue is better than hot glue for this project because there’s no risk of burning your fingers as you wrap the yarn.

8. DIY Doily Lampshade

If your décor is shabby chic, a homemade doily lampshade will cost much less than a store-bought version. This tutorial requires basic sewing skills because you’ll be hand-sewing the doilies together. You’ll need:

Doilies: Be sure to get fabric doilies; paper doilies won’t hold up to this project.
Embroidery floss: If using a color of doily other than white, be sure to match the color of thread to your doilies.

9. DIY Ribbon-Wrapped Lampshade

This tutorial gives instructions for creating a criss-cross ribbon pattern on a lampshade, and the technique is a lot simpler than it looks. As a result, you’ll have a unique DIY lampshade in a geometric design. You’ll need:

Ribbon: For a 13-inch lampshade, you’ll use about 20 yards of ribbon. You can choose any color or thickness of ribbon you like.
Hot glue and glue gun: A little glue goes a long way in this project; you’ll only need to place glue dots on the top and bottom of the lampshade.
Measuring tape: This will help you make an evenly spaced criss-cross pattern.

10. DIY Balsa Wood Lampshade

This project takes a little more money and skill, but the results will make your lampshade look trendy and professional. This tutorial explains how to cover your existing lampshade with balsa wood, which is easily shaped and brings a natural look to your décor. You’ll need:

Hot glue gun and glue: Be sure to wait for the glue to set before wrapping the wood around the lampshade.
Balsa wood: Choose very thin wood so that you don’t have to steam and bend it before applying to your DIY lampshade.


Transforming an old lampshade you don’t like into a decorative statement is easy with a few simple supplies. These DIY lampshade ideas work equally well if you’re looking to update an existing lamp or if you bought a cheap shade to go with an amazing base you just found. Feel free to share any of your own ideas for updating an old lampshade!

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