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4 DIY Kitchen Cabinets Makeover Tutorials

There are plenty of ways to bring DIY kitchen cabinets to life. From complete makeovers to adding a few decorative details, these DIY kitchen cabinet ideas offer a new lease of life to your kitchen.

Building new cabinets and kitchen furniture may be time-intensive and pricey, but these kitchen cabinets makeovers are cheap, cute, and bring out your own style and taste. Refacing, painting, and molding are just a few budget-friendly ideas. We’ve compiled a number of tutorials to help you through the struggle and offer you great and varied ideas for your kitchen cabinets.

1. DIY Antique Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re a fan of the shabby chic antiquated style, then this project is for you. Carmel from Our Fifth House has an inspiring idea on how to reface kitchen cabinets. While the tutorial is really easy to follow and it doesn’t require expert-level skills to apply, please note that it can be quite time-consuming. As such, we advise you to arm yourself with patience in addition to these necessary items:

  • Sanding block. It’s a must-have staple for removing the shine of previously applied paint. If you want the antique glazing to stick, this item is absolutely necessary.
  • Antique glazing. After the distressing process is completed, the antique glazing adds a super chic note to the DIY kitchen cabinets.
  • Top Coat. The top coat should be applied after the glazing is fully dried. It adds a smooth finish and sleek note to the otherwise cute distressed look of your kitchen cabinets.
  • Sponge Brush. Get two or more. Both the antique glazing and the top coat are ideally applied with this easy-to-handle tool.
  • Decorative Molding. There are plenty of molding patterns and shapes out there. They’re incredibly easy to apply to DIY kitchen cabinet ideas, most often using nothing but heavy-duty glue.
  • Glue. If you’re planning to include decorative molding into your DIY kitchen cabinet makeover, you need a heavy-duty glue to effortlessly keep everything in place.

Check out the photos and cool instructions offered by Carmel to learn how to bring this DIY kitchen cabinets project to life. If you love the distressed look but the base doesn’t really allow for sanding, we also recommend going through our guide to DIY chalk paint that will allow you to create antique-looking furniture for almost nothing!

2. Wallpaper-lined Kitchen Cabinets

A quick makeover of the kitchen cabinets can be achieved using wallpaper. Whether you decide to give this approach a try without repainting the staples or are taking on a full-scale project, wallpaper adds a nice touch.

It’s easy to fix and brings a colorful, personalized note to the DIY kitchen cabinets, and it’s particularly easy if the kitchen cabinets come with glass doors. Here’s what you will need before heading to the step-by-step guide we found on A Lo and Behold Life.

  • WallpaperYou will notice that the tutorial uses a nice pattern fabric instead of wallpaper. Both staples work well for a quick and easy DIY kitchen cabinets makeover.
  • ScissorsYou need to cut the wallpaper scraps to the exact measurements of the cabinet.
  • Measuring tape. Make sure that the measurements are exact to the inch before proceeding with the cutting for this kitchen cabinet idea. This way, you prevent messy and unsightly edges, as well as material waste and thus further investments.
  • Wallpaper glue. Stick the wallpaper to the backside of each cabinet with easy-to-apply wallpaper glue. No drill holes, no mess.

3. Custom-made Kitchen Cabinets Using Molding

Instead or repainting or refinishing your kitchen furniture, try this cool tip for DIY kitchen cabinets – adding molding. You can install any number of molding designs to get the exact look you’re after. Whether it’s simple white paint that you want as a finish or a splash of color, don’t hesitate to apply it thoroughly. This way, you can have brand new kitchen cabinets without investing too much money in your project.

We found a pretty neat tutorial on installing molding for a complete makeover of your kitchen cabinets at Décor and the Dog . The struggle and hassle are included. Here’s a list of the items used to create the new kitchen cabinets.

  • MoldingYou can find simple molding lines or more intricate designs, depending on the design plans you have for your kitchen cabinets’ makeover.
  • ChalkKeep some trusty chalk at hand to mark the spots where the molding will be applied.
  • Measuring tape. You don’t want asymmetrical designs when proceeding with your cabinet refacing. Measure the distances from the outer edges to the instance and use the chalk to mark the spots.
  • Glue. The first step to ensuring that the molding is secure is to fix it with glue.
  • Brads and brad nail gun. After the molding is glued, use the brad nail gun to make sure it really stays in place. Choose brads which are long enough to reach the molding, but not as long as to pierce through the doors of the cabinets.
  • Once the molding is in place, you’ll need to repaint the cabinets to get a uniform look.

4. Spray Paint DIY Kitchen Cabinets

A few extra details and spray paint can make all the difference in the world when it comes to DIY kitchen cabinets. This brightly colored and repurposed kitchen cabinet looks stunning. Learn how to make it yourself with the DIY Network tutorial. You will need:

  • SanderAn electric sander will slash hours from the time invested in achieving this DIY project.
  • Paint sprayer. Apply a uniform coat of paint in any color you want by using the easy-to-handle paint sprayer.
  • Measuring tape. Make sure you have all the measurements right as the kitchen cabinets will be disassembled.
  • Dust mask. A necessary item in your kit, when sanding the kitchen cabinet parts, as well as when applying the spray paint.
  • Tinted primer.
  • Latex paint.

It’s the small details that make the difference. When you’re searching for a look overhaul for your kitchen, DIY kitchen cabinets are a sure way to go. With budget-friendly ideas like these and relatively little time invested, you can enjoy a brand new kitchen in no time.

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