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10 DIY Jewelry Holders

Most of us lose track of how many nice pieces of jewelry we actually own. Creating a DIY jewelry holder will put your jewelry at the center of attention every single time you get dressed in the morning. There are several plates, stands, and wall display options for jewelry that remind us just how many nice pieces of jewelry we have. A lot of DIY jewelry holder projects can be made by following simple tutorials online. Here are ten of the most exquisite jewelry holders available in DIY projects.

1. Easy DIY Jewelry Holder

Bracelet and necklace holders are often overlooked. This jewelry holder brings all your favorite pieces to life by putting them out on display. This tutorial is quick and easy to follow in order to create the most adorable and luxurious looking jewelry display stand. You will need:

Just follow the instructions in this video:

2. Easy DIY Jewelry Holder Tree

You can create a nice DIY jewelry holder with tree branches by following this easy tutorial from Nessa Uribe. This is a simple project that can be made in under ten minutes and it requires no drilling, gluing, or screwing. To complete this jewelry holder DIY, you will need the following items:

  • Vase: to hold the branches
  • Sand: to hold the twigs in place securely

3. DIY Stenciled Jewelry Holder Plates

Jewelry plates are extremely popular for holding small jewelry items, such as pins or rings. A textured plate is a fun and reliable way to store jewelry. A creative tutorial shows you how to make your own beautiful jewelry plate.

To complete this jewelry holder, you will need:

  • Clay: to create the plate
  • Stencils: to add designs to your dish
  • Rolling pin: to flatten the clay and print the stencils onto the clay

4. DIY Jewelry Holder Plates

This creative jewelry holder plate requires a touch of creativity. Although you will not need any hand tools to create this jewelry holder, you will need patience and a gentle hand. You will also need:

5. Frame Jewelry Holder DIY

This DIY jewelry holder is a brilliant way to display earrings. Not only is this design extremely creative, but it allows you to view all of your earrings at once instead of having to pick through a pile for matches. To complete this simple and effective jewelry holder, you will need the following:

6. DIY Wooden Jewelry Holder

A simple DIY jewelry holder can be made with a few strips of wood and a handful of hooks. This creative design gets your jewelry up out of the box and on display. To complete this project, you will need:

7. DIY Frame Jewelry Holder

Picture frames are often used to display artwork in our home. For this reason, it only makes sense to use a picture frame to display your favorite pieces of jewelry. This crafty project is extremely simple to complete in under 10-minutes with no tools. For this framed jewelry holder, you will need the following items:

8. DIY Wall Jewelry Holder

A nice wall-mounted jewelry holder can be a lifesaver, especially if you are short on surface space. A simple wall jewelry holder can be completed by following this step-by-step video tutorial. You will need the following items to complete this creative display:

9. Tree Branch Jewelry Holder DIY

This tutorial shows you how to use a branch to create a miniature tree model to creatively display jewelry. This fun project creates a realistic tree that you can drape necklaces, bracelets, and rings off from. For this project, you will need screws, a spray paint, and the following items:

  • Wood plaque: to act as a base for the tree
  • Drill: to secure the tree to the base
  • Glue gun: for added security when attaching the pieces together

10. DIY Branch Jewelry Holder

A lot of individuals choose tree branches for jewelry displays. Not only are these extremely inexpensive to make, but this type of DIY jewelry holder brings a touch of nature to your jewelry display. A tutorial for completing this jewelry holder is quick and easy to follow. You will need to gather a branch, twigs, and the following items to complete this DIY jewelry holder:

  • Cup hooks: to hold the jewelry
  • Sharpie: to write on twigs and twine
  • Twine: to hold the branches and twigs together

A DIY jewelry holder is a perfect addition to your jewelry collection. If you have a couple hours and a load of dedication, you can complete any of these fun and attractive DIY jewelry holder projects. The wall displays work great when you are limited on surfaces and the stands and dishes bring a whole new life to your jewelry sanctuary. All of these DIY jewelry holder plans prove to be beautiful and creative ways to display your finest pieces. And since you’re here, you might also be interested in our fun tutorials for DIY jewelry.

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