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7 DIY Ice Makers

If you are fascinated by the science, skill, and techniques involved in building a DIY ice maker, the following tutorials are just the thing for you; these cover where to obtain the materials and how to build and use these homemade ice makers. If you are the creative type and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, this article will give you the opportunity to do so!

1. DIY Peltier Ice Maker

This DIY ice maker is done for the pure fun of constructing stuff! There isn’t any practical reason to do it other than to say, “I did it!” When the glory is over from waiting fifteen minutes for the water to freeze, all you have to show for it is one ice nugget. However, if you wish to extend this experiment to make a larger ice maker, then check out the tutorial below.

2. DIY Ice Ball Maker

Here is another DIY ice maker that is strictly for entertainment! A beginner in metal work may find this project challenging. Those enthusiasts who enjoy building objects for the pure joy of creating will finished quickly. In this venture, take a clear ice cube and make a spherical work of ice; this tutorial will show you how. You can also use our our next tutorial for making clear ice cubes! Here’s what you need for this project, though:

3. DIY Clear Ice Cubes

Ordinary ice cubes have a cloudy core and bubbles throughout. That usually happens because the center of an ice cube is the last to freeze. Although regular cubes are fine for some, when you are entertaining guests, a cube that is of a translucent nature in their beverages will impress them. This project takes about a day to prepare, but it’s well worth the effort.

4. DIY Block Ice Maker

There are super talented artists who sculpt masterpieces from huge blocks of ice. They dedicate their lives to perfecting their craft. Do you know that some artists make their own ice? It takes many days to make it. If you wish to experience producing your own ice for sculpting, start off with a small block and this tutorial from IceDesigns.

5. DIY Dry Ice Maker

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to make homemade dry ice? Well wonder no more. You can form it at home. It is a very simple procedure with minimal cost. The most expensive item would be the carbon dioxide (CO2). You can either purchase a fire extinguisher or its cheaper version, a paint ball tank. This activity is for the curious at heart.

6. DIY Ice House

Ice Houses have been around for centuries. They are constructs that are built either above the ground or below it. People built them so families, the neighborhood, town or village would have ice in the warmer months.

This project is for the history buffs. Homesteaders enjoying that off-the-grid life construct them too. It is for more advanced hobbyists and may take a month or more to make.

  • A shed, 7’x8′ – either a stand alone object on the property or one made from a kit.
  • Styrofoam panels to cover the inside of the shed.
  • Thermal tech foil to cover the inside of the shed.
  • Sawdust – enough to cover ice blocks and floor.
  • 8 to 10 tons of ice to fill the shed.
  • Ice saw to saw through the icy pond or lake for ice blocks.
  • Buckets to fill with water to freeze into ice in the ice house.

7. DIY Solar Ice Maker

A DIY ice maker using solar power to make ice? How cool is that?! Unlike the do-it-yourself ice house, this project is pretty easy to set up and do. Campers can use this form of ice creation to spare the battery of their vehicle. If you have a couple of hours to spare, then this nugget is for you!


Ice comes in many delightful forms, shapes and translucence. It can range from natural winter ice, to spherical shaped or crystal clear blocks for carving. Some ice isn’t even “wet”! Amuse yourself with these DIY ice makers or create your own. Please share your adventures in ice making with us.

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