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8 DIY Hot Glue Gun Crafts

When you use it carefully, a hot glue gun makes a wonderful repair and craft project tool. In this article, we have compiled a list of hot glue gun crafts. Many of these DIY hot glue gun crafts allow you to create wonderful decor to personalize your home, track life’s many events, and celebrate particular seasons of the year. With each of these crafts to make with a hot glue gun, we’ve offered you a link to the full step-by-step tutorial and some places for the supplies.

1. Minibook USB Flash Drive

Not all computer files belonging in the “cloud.” This is especially true when talking about your financial and other personal information, such as bills, bank statements and documents with your Social Security Number. With this DIY hot glue gun crafts idea of using a USB flash drive and a tiny book, you have a secure place to store that sensitive information and a stylish and readily noticeable drive, should it get lost.

diy hot glue gun book flash drive

Image source: Instructables.com

  • Medium-Sized USB Flash Drive. Don’t forget that this example of creative hot glue gun crafts also serves the purpose of storing computer data. Choose one that has the memory to store lots of photos and documents.
  • Tiny Book. Hot glue the USB into the hole you create in the miniature book’s spine. Look for the kind of books that are often sold for miniature dollhouses.
  • Craft Knife. Make precision cuts to get through the spine of the book with a craft knife.

2. Decorative Vase or Bottle

As demonstrated by this idea for hot glue gun crafts, the hot glue is not just an adhesive. It can serve as the writing utensil for designs for vases, bottles and other glass surfaces. Here, we present a vase as one of these crafts to make with a hot glue gun.

diy hot glue gun vase decoration

Image source: HomeHeartCraft.com

  • Glass Vase. Glass vases come in many shapes and sizes. For your first attempt at this DIY hot glue gun crafts idea, consider a vase that is generally slender and has the same radius throughout.
  • Spray paint. Gold metallic paint can provide the background and the accent for your designs.

Note: This craft idea can also be used on mason jars – see our full list of DIY mason jar craft ideas here!

3. Refrigerator Magnets

Thanks to magnets, your refrigerator is a canvas for photographs, schedules, reminders and phone numbers for takeout food restaurants, first responders and those with whom you may otherwise need to contact. This contribution to our hot glue gun crafts ideas provides a stylish way for doing so.

diy hot glue gun magnets

Image source: AKailoChicLife.com

  • Magnets. Use the ceramic magnets to strongly hold things in place.
  • Gem Molds. Make sure that the molds are wide enough so that the magnets generally cannot be seen. You can have different shapes of the gems.
  • Deco Paint. Gold deco paint like this makes a very shiny gem magnet. Deco paint other than the gold variety can display creativity as well, as gems come in many colors.
  • Paint Brush. A small paint brush like this allows for easy application of paint on your gems.

4. Map-Covered Pail Holders

With GPS devices and map apps on smartphones, the paper map may be a thing of the past. If you have any maps lying around, this hot glue gun crafts ideas example can create out of pails map-themed decorative holders for pens, pencils, or kitchen utensils, to name a few.

diy hot glue gun bucket

Image source: BHG.com

  • Small Pail. These mini metal pails provide the canvas for the maps. These have a height of four inches. Taller or larger pails will work also in this type of hot glue gun crafts, provided you have enough maps.

5. Rope Coasters

Ropes make for creating great hot glue gun crafts. With the ability to circle rope, the hot glue can form these coasters. For cups with normal diameters, not much rope is needed. While few tools are involved, you will need concentration and time to ensure that the ropes are circled in a tight, neat fashion to leave no gaps.

diy hot glue gun rope coaster

Image source: ItHappensInABlink.com

  • Craft rope. This rope comes ½ inch thick to absorb any sweat from drinks with melting ice or hot coffee. Different colors allow this DIY hot glue gun projects example to match different rooms.
  • Four-inch cork rounds. Even in the absence of rope, the cork rounds themselves could serve as coasters. Placing the rope on them adds an extra buffer between the beverage and the table and provides personality to the rounds.

6. Wood Orbital Using Beach Ball

Orbitals make good centerpieces for tables, dressers or other displace surfaces. This hot gun glue crafts ideas suggestion may take some time because of the number of pieces involved, but with a beach ball, is not as intricate or requiring of expert design skills as it may appear.

diy hot glue gun driftwood orb

Image source: CreativeInChicago.com

  • Driftwood. These driftwood pieces supply the accents for the coastal decor afforded by this orbital hot glue gun crafts offering. You can purchase them even if you don’t find some lying around at the beach or otherwise naturally.
  • Beach ball. Transparent beach balls can give the appearance that the Driftwood, at least from afar, it’s suspended in air. If you want some color, other inflatable beach balls will work as well to hold the driftwood.

7. Snow Flake Glitter

Christmas affords inspiration for crafts to make with a hot glue gun. One of those is a snowflake. You’ll need a few items that will guide you in creating the snowflake if you don’t feel comfortable “freehanding” it with just a glue gun.

diy hot glue gun snowflake

Image source: FrugalFarmWife.com

  • Paper. The paper is the canvas for you to draw the basic design. This Will guide how you apply the glue to the glass.
  • Markers. Use a dark colored mirror with a medium to thick size tip so that you can see the lines over which you should apply or trace the glue.
  • Glass. You will peel the completed snowflake from the glass once it in the glitter dries. You can use circles or rectangles.
  • Glitter. Apply this glitter immediately before the glue dries.You can go with white, the regular color for snow, or give it gold, red or green as other Christmas colors. The more colors of glitter, the more creative gift out can be with this DIY hot glue gun craft.
  • Thread. White thread from a distance can make the snow flakes appear to be falling from your tree or other places you can hang them.

Interested in more projects like this? Check out our DIY snow globe tutorials and our collection of DIY Christmas decorations and pick your favorite!

8. Hot Glue Gun Stand

Any list of crafts to make with a hot glue gun should include something upon which to rest the hot glue gun. In this light, we present this hot glue gun stand. Gluing and molding rubber are the essential skills for this offering to our hot glue gun crafts ideas. Some of the components, such as the self-setting moldable rubber and paint, will need to dry, perhaps overnight, before you can enjoy the finished product.

diy hot glue gun stand

Image source: Club.ChicaCircle.com

  • Ceramic floor or wall tile. The rubber that forms the holders will go on the ceramic tile. You can find a piece that matches the room in which you will ultimately keep your glue gun.
  • Self-setting rubber. This brand of self-setting rubber becomes the blue gun holders when you mold them into a “C” shape. Place one near the top and another roughly 1/3 of the way down. You may also want to measure between the two handles.
  • Wood base. The ceramic tile, along with the glue gun in the holder, will rest upon a wood base such as this. Make sure that the wood base is at least as large, if not larger, than the ceramic tile. If you paint the base, let it dry before you glue the ceramic portion to it.


If you have a searing desire to exercise your creativity, you can take advantage of things around your home or even in the outdoors, along with some of the items featured here. Get started bringing these hot glue gun crafts to reality to decorate and increase the organization in your home were other space. If you have other ideas on crafts to make with a hot glue gun, please do not hesitate to share them in the comment section!

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