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9 DIY Headboard Ideas for Your Cozy Bedroom

A DIY headboard can spice up your bedroom’s design. After all, the bedroom is that one room in your home where you finally get to unwind after the day’s bustle. Having even more visually appealing designs can help you relax even further. Moreover, homemade headboards are often cheaper than store bought or designer alternatives.

Add a personal touch to your cozy room and learn how to make a headboard with our 9 tutorials. Some take under 20 minutes to complete, while others can save you quite some dollars. Are you ready to get started?

1. DIY Pallet Headboard

Turning pallets into inexpensive furniture isn’t something new and almost always leads to beautiful rustic headboards. This pallet headboard DIY idea uses salvaged wood pallets for a unique piece of decorative design.

According to Katy from RiceDesignBlog, the project took approximately two hours to complete. The supply list for this DIY pallet headboard looks like this:

2. Classy DIY Headboard

This DIY upholstered headboard idea is great if you’re looking for an elegant, classy addition to your bedroom. Even if it looks like a difficult project. Nonetheless, if you follow the tutorial uploaded by Janell Beals from HGTV, you’ll have it pinned down in a jiffy. Get a head start with this supply list: 

3. DIY Wood Headboard

DIY wood headboard


This chic repurposed headboard was designed with a queen-size bed in mind. While such headboards cost a fortune in design stores, homemade headboards don’t require forking out big bucks. If you happen to have an old door with some decorative elements such as paneling laying around in storage, the costs of this project can drop under $50.

As such, use your crafting skills and follow the DIY headboard tutorial from CountryLiving for a truly creative and unique piece of furniture. Repurpose the old door into a personalized headboard with this supply list: 

4. DIY Faux Tiles Headboard

Found on SweetCSDesigns, this DIY project parts with the wood in favor of an unusual material: faux tiles. Made of foam, the decorative tiles you see in the photo have cost precisely $12. Depending on your preferred design as well as the size of your bed, the price may vary.

Nevertheless, this is a quick and easy idea for a DIY headboard that’s easily customizable. Here is the quick supply list:

5. DIY Wood Headboard with Native Design

Mandi from Vintage Revivals has an amazing tutorial on how to make this into an amazing yet simple DIY upholstered  headboard.

Armed with a load of patience, an old Sierra mantle and a healthy dose of enthusiasm she manages to give a new lease of life to an old piece. At the same time, this headboard loans a cool yet chic note to the bedroom thanks to the plywood piece incorporated in the design plan. A quick supply list:

  • Antique mantle – find one for sale if you don’t own one. Scour the local flea markets or used furniture shops.
  • Polycrylic sealer – to seal the led-based paint used for old pieces.
  • Plywood – 1 sheet of 1/8’’.
  • Plywood finish paint – it’s optional but useful if you want a more vivid color and a long-lasting protective layer.
  • Finishing nails/ Upholstery nails – to attach the plywood sheet to the mantelpiece.
  • Sharpie Paint Pens.

6. DIY Fabric Headboard / Canopy

As refreshing design elements, bed canopies are both clever headboards and cozy, sophisticated bedroom furniture. Moreover, even in small-size bedrooms, a tulle bed canopy can open up space. As such, feel free to check out the blueprint tutorial for this DIY fabric headboard idea signed by Megan at DesignSponge. Also, here is the easy supply list to go to:

7. Framed Wallpaper DIY Headboard

One of the simplest headboards ideas to try at home is framing a sheet of wallpaper. As such, all you have to do is to choose your favorite pattern and a color to match that of your bedroom walls. You will need:

  • frames
  • saw
  • wallpaper
  • glue

Check out the whole tutorial at Domino.

8. DIY Tufted Headboard

This lovely idea is a re-invented classic of homemade headboards. Tufted headboards have been around for quite a while. And like most classic furniture pieces, they typically cost a fortune. Take a look at the detailed tutorial available at LittleGreenNotebook. And the supply list is here:

9. DIY Light Headboard

Drawing inspiration from marquee signs, this DIY light headboard is a great idea for kids’ bedrooms. Before learning how to make a headboard that’s inviting and cool, you will need to gather the following tools and materials:

Needless to say that there is no rule arguing against a lights wooden headboard in your bedroom. If you’re interested, and we know you are, the full instructions on how to make this headboard can be found on ABeautifulMess.

Hopefully, you have found an extra ounce of inspiration with these 9 DIY headboard ideas. Similar ideas, including leather DIY headboards or DIY canvas headboards, padded or other homemade headboards can be found on Pinterest.

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