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40 DIY Halloween Costumes for Everyone

Check out these 40 inexpensive and easy DIY Halloween costumes. They’re brilliant for the savvy Halloween enthusiast who wishes to flaunt a budget-friendly and original Halloween costume. While there is still some time left until the marked date, it’s never too early to start thinking about your costume.

Instead of opting for store-bought Halloween costumes which will get tossed away as soon as the party’s over, channel your creativity and crafty self. Follow these easy DIY Halloween costumes ideas for a bucketful of inspiration. You’ll find DIY Halloween costumes for kids, teens, women, men and couples. Enjoy!

DIY Halloween Costumes to Make Heads Turn

The go-to look for this night’s parties and trick-or-treating doesn’t have to touch upon the classic mummies, zombies, demons and the like. Instead, draw inspiration from day-to-day life, your favorite movies and TV series. Keeping this in mind, these are our favorite DIY Halloween costumes ideas for kids, women, and men.

1. Men in Black

The iconic Men in Black blockbuster is a great source of inspiration for DIY Halloween costumes for men. What’s great about emulating the main characters for Halloween 2016? The fact that all you need to do is wear that sleek black suit, white shirt and black tie. The only costs associated with this DIY Halloween costume may refer to purchasing a toy gun.

2. Van Gogh Self Portrait

If you’re an art lover, the Van Gogh DIY Halloween costumes may be your cup of tea. Here is a cheap and easy-to-make idea. Buy the face paints, chalk to color your clothing and hair chalk if you are willing to go that far. Recreate this look in a jiffy. Last minute DIY Halloween costumes turn out to be the most stunning ideas in the end.

3. Iconic Joker Look

joker face painting


This is the look donned by Heath Ledger in the acclaimed role as the Joker. It remains a classic among DIY Halloween costumes ideas. The hallmark element of the Joker Halloween look is the face painting. Try it on for size.

4. Skull Face Painting

Let’s face it. When it comes to successful easy DIY Halloween costumes, half of the job is done by the makeup. Wear this skull face painting to the Halloween party you’re attending this year, revealing half of your face.

5. Charming Gomez Adams Costume

A reference to the Adams family during Halloween can’t hurt. As far as DIY Halloween costumes for adults go, Gomez and Morticia, as well as Uncle Fester and Lurch are classics. They’re also cheap and charming. Guys, if you have what it takes to walk in Gomez Adams’ shoes, go for it.

6. Harry Potter Makes a Comeback

There is no denying that Harry Potter continues to fascinate the crowds. As such, what could be keeping you from wearing your suit pants and a white shirt underneath a Harry Potter cape at the Halloween party?

7. Alex from Clockwork Orange

Clockwork Orange Alex


Another DIY Halloween costume idea that plays out your wardrobe staples. Complete the look with a minimalist face painting and a hat.

8. Glamorous Flapper

DIY Halloween costumes for women drawing inspiration from the ‘20s and ‘30s never grow old. Moreover, with the comeback of jewelry and hair accessories reminiscent of this glamorous decades, whipping up this costume should be a breeze.

9. The Silent Mime

Both men and women can don this Halloween costume. The face painting is worth spending time on, as it perfectly completes the look.

10. The Cookie Monster

Can you think of anything as cute as this DIY Halloween costume? A tutu, a blue blouse and carefully applied felt cookies can really make a difference. If your little one want to match your Halloween outfits, it will be a breeze to stitch another Cookie Monster costume for kids.

11. Frida Kahlo

You can’t go unnoticed while emulating the Mexican painter. Uni-brows may not be considered too sexy, yet everything about this iconic character is enticing. An oversized flower crown, brightly colored clothing and a statement necklace should do the trick. Check out Pinterest or Instagram for more Frida Kahlo inspired DIY Halloween costumes.

12. The Jellyfish Halloween Costume

Another cheap and easy-to-make idea for funny DIY Halloween costumes is to become a jellyfish. Depending on your resources, you can attach white and pastel ribbon to a transparent or white umbrella. Alternatively, you can even attach battery-powered light garlands. Wear a simple white outfit and a stunning makeup and your costume is ready.

13. Petrifying Medusa

There are several ways to approach dressing up as the terrifying mythical character. Yet, with toy snakes entwined in your carefully braided tresses, you can have one of the best DIY adult Halloween costumes.

14. Marry Poppins

Dressing up as Marry Poppins with your chic wardrobe staples is one of the most budget-friendly options when it comes to Halloween DIY costumes. Fit for teen girls as well, this cute Halloween outfit is definitely a winner.

15. Black Swan for Halloween

When Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis put on the Black Swan costumes for the hit movie, they really shone. Shine on Halloween evening with a fashionable DIY sexy Halloween costume emulating the Black Swan ballerina attire. Put on your favorite little black dress, try the makeup on and complete with a statement tiara.

16. Dia de Los Muertos Makeup

This flowery yet grim makeup is derived from the traditional Mexican Calaveras designs donned during the Dia de Muertos celebrations. With a bit of patience and the right tools, you can achieve this Halloween face paint. Complete the look with a flower crown.

 17. Gumball Machine

It’s fun to wear and easy to make. Although it may be one of the most complicated DIY Halloween costumes on our list, it’s certainly worth a chance. All you have to do is to stitch some colorful felt balls on a red blouse. Pretty cool, right?

18. Oh, Deer

Here is a DIY Halloween costume for teens and women that’s bound to turn some heads. In addition to the subtle Halloween makeup, the antlers and the oversized natural flowers crown complete this fairytale look.

19. Harley Quinn

If the Joker made it on our list of DIY Halloween costumes, so did his sweetheart, Harley Quinn. There are many great interpretations of this elusive character, so take your pick.

20. Inside Out Characters

You will find great inspiration for cheap DIY Halloween costumes with the lovable Inside Out Characters. Take your cue from this image and pair wardrobe staples with face painting for an eye-catching Halloween outfit.

21. Finding Waldo

Sometimes, the best DIY Halloween costumes are also the classic ones. Finding Waldo outfits never grow old. Moreover, they’re great low-cost options for quick and easy DIY Halloween costumes for men, women, kids or teens, families, and friends.

22. Legendary David Bowie Makeup

A boundary-breaking outfit and this iconic David Bowie-inspired makeup can win you a best DIY Halloween costumes award. Ladies and gents are welcome to try it one before heading to the Halloween party.

23. Effie Butterfly Dress

Effie Trinket and all her eccentric beauty should be your source of inspiration for DIY Halloween costumes for women. The butterfly dress and makeup is just one among many inexpensive and easy Halloween looks to try on.

24. The Dark Clown

A mix of elements that are cheap to purchase if you don’t already own them, this DIY Halloween costume is borderline grisly. Nevertheless, the feminine hair accessory and the ruffled shirt soften the look.

25. Mr. and Mrs. Fox

Here we are with our first nominee for the DIY couples Halloween costumes. Pay tribute to Wes Anderson’s lovely characters by investing in nothing more than the fox masks. Alternatively, you can make them by yourselves.

26. Silent Movie Characters

We’ve spotted this idea on Instagram, Pinterest and many other boards. As such, we must agree it’s brilliant if you’re a fan of the genre. Most certainly, it fits well into the DIY last minute Halloween costumes for adults.

27. Emoji Parade

If you plan to spend Halloween together as a family and you are looking for time-saving, budget-friendly ideas for DIY Halloween costumes, here’s a great one. Use cardboard to cut out oversized emoji and paint them.

28. Him and Her as Comics Characters

The Andy Warhol vibe of these DIY Halloween costumes for couples is bound to earn you some envy. The best part about it is that all you will have to invest in is some face paint. Perhaps a quick run to the corner thrift shop as well.

29. Tarzan and Jane

Another idea for couples looking to match each other’s outfits on Halloween is to wear these animal print pieces of clothing befitting the fictional couple.

30. Tweedledee and Tweedledum

These two characters may be less known to the general audience. Nonetheless, they are part of Alice’s journey through wonderland, as described by Lewis Carroll. In addition to being some of Alice’s friends, they’re also our inspiration for this low-budget DIY Halloween costumes for him and her.

31. Pokemon Go

Ride the wave of the Pokemon Go worldwide fame and dress up as your favorite Pokemon for this year’s Halloween party. There are plenty of options for men’s and women’s Pokemon-themed costumes.

32. Itsy Bitsy Spider

This must be one of the cutest DIY toddler Halloween costumes we have ever seen. A black overall to which you can attach four extra legs stuffed with cotton should do the trick. It’s that easy to get your baby ready for this year’s Halloween.

33. The Young Jedi

Boys will love being these simple yet outspoken DIY Halloween costumes for kids. May the power be with them during this year’s session of trick-or-treat.

34. The Butterfly Effect

Your little princess wants to be a butterfly this year? While more time-consuming, such DIY Halloween costume ideas are super budget-friendly. Stretch your crafty spirit with a bit of patience and make these stunning butterfly wings at home.

35. Little Scarecrow Boy

Your baby boy’s jeans overall can become one of the best DIY Halloween costumes with this creative idea. Stitch some patches hiding real straw or craft artificial straws directly on the overall and your job is done.

36. Mad Scientist Costume

Kids Halloween costumes can have the most unique approaches to well-known characters. Just take a look at this cute Mad Scientist costume for kids.

37. Little Girl Pineapple

Step it up a notch with this simple yet effective idea for DIY Halloween costumes for girls. Your little girl will love the bright colors. Nevertheless, all your work is reduced to creating the pineapple leaves and attaching them to her dress before the Halloween trick-or-treat run.

38. Delicious Strawberry

Unfortunately, none of the Disney characters is dressed as a strawberry. Otherwise, this simple idea for a Halloween costume would have been in high demand. A red shirt and a couple of tear-shaped cutouts applied on the fabric can be completed with a red tutu and a green leafy hair accessory.

39. Pirates of the Caribbean

These adorable toddlers are wearing matching pirates Halloween costumes for babies. A cute gypsy baby could work too. Nevertheless, the clothes used for these colorful cute DIY Halloween costumes are perfectly fit for later wear as well.

40. Baby Diver

Do you remember the black overalls of the Itsy Bitsy spider? Here’s is another great idea on how to dress your baby for Halloween using the same clothing staple. Attach a dyed bottle acting as the oxygen tube to the kids’ Halloween costume.

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