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10 DIY Hair Mask Recipes

Whether it’s dry winter air, the sand, salt, and sun of a day at the beach, or just the everyday wear and tear of your styling routine, sometimes your hair just needs a little extra TLC. And what better way to do that than with a DIY hair mask? Sure, there are plenty of salon products that claim to undo years of damage with only a few treatments, but they’re often very pricey and there’s no guarantee the results will match their claims. Why spend extra when you can make hair masks at home, often with ingredients you already have on hand? Here are ten simple recipes that will help make sure every day is a good hair day.

1. Coconut Oil Mask

This is the simplest hair mask there is. You’ll only need one ingredient: coconut oil! This is a great option for dry, brittle, or damaged hair as coconut oil works to repair each hair from the inside out. Work a few tablespoons of the oil into your hair and leave it for half an hour to an hour before washing out. You can add relaxing scents and boost the hair-repairing benefits of coconut oil by blending in a few drops of essential oils before you apply the mask. You will need:

2. Banana Honey DIY Hair Mask

The vitamins and minerals in a banana are great for adding smoothness and shine to dull hair, and adding honey (a natural humectant) makes this mask a great moisturizer too. All you’ll need is a banana and honey, and a way to blend your mask smooth (a blender or food processor works great). Make sure that you’re using 100% honey. Some “honey products” are cut with other sweeteners like corn syrup, which won’t give you the benefits you’re going for. For this DIY hair mask, you will need:

bananas on table

  • 100% Honey.
  • Ripe banana.
  • Shower cap or plastic wrap.

3. Avocado Mask

Besides being delicious in guacamole, avocados have lots of health benefits that work just as well on the outside of your body as the inside. They’re high in good fats and proteins, which can help turn dry, frizzy hair into a sleek and tamable mane. This is also a good way to use up any overripe avocados you have lying around, since they’ll be easiest to mash into a smooth, spreadable mask. You will need:

  • 1 Avocado (the riper the better).
  • 1 Egg Yolk.

4. Argan Oil Mask

If you’ve never tried an argan oil hair treatment, this is the recipe to start with. This easy DIY hair mask couples the rejuvenating power of argan oil, which comes from the seeds of the Moroccan argan tree, with the clarifying effects of apple cider vinegar. Argan oil is also excellent for your skin and scalp, so if you’re itch- or dandruff-prone, whip up this mask and give it a try. You will need:

5. Jojoba Oil Mask

Jojoba is an evergreen shrub native to southwestern parts of the U.S. and northern Mexico. Its seeds are pressed to produce jojoba oil, a top ingredient in commercial hair products as well as this easy DIY hair mask. The coconut oil and honey help moisturize and soften, while the jojoba oil smooths hair and adds extra sheen, making this a great mask to help repair the damage of frequent coloring and heat treatments. You will need:

jojoba fruits

6. Lavender Honey Coconut Mask

Feeling stressed? Treat yourself to a relaxing at-home spa night with this hair mask. Lavender oil, in addition to adding that incredible lavender scent to the mask, also has relaxing and stress-relieving properties that can help you unwind and get to sleep after a busy day. Simply pop all three ingredients in a bowl, microwave briefly, and comb through your hair. After 30-60 minutes, wash it out, and enjoy the results! This DIY hair mask requires:

7. Tea Tree Oil Mask

This mask is great if you suffer from an itchy or flaky scalp. The tea tree oil is a natural cleanser, which helps to clear up those skin issues and even promote hair growth, while the other ingredients in this blend smooth and strengthen your hair for added shine and body. You will need:

8. Aloe Vera Mask

There are a couple levels of DIY to this Aloe Vera hair mask. Aloe vera gel comes from the leaves of the aloe vera plant (go figure), so if you’ve got a green thumb and want to grow your own, go for it! It’s an easy, low-maintenance plant to grow, and you’re guaranteed a supply of the vitamin-rich, moisturizing gel that’s this mask’s only ingredient. If you’re not quite ready for that level of commitment, don’t worry. Pre-pressed aloe gel is also available. Just make sure to use pure aloe gel and not aloe treatments meant for sunburn! You will need:

9. Yogurt Mask

The natural lactic acid in yogurt is a great scalp cleanser, helping to remove dead skin and product build-up, while its proteins strength your hair and promote growth. This mask is very light on oil, so if you normally have issues with limp and oily hair, this is a great DIY mask to add body and shine. You will need:

DIY fruit honey and yogurt mask

10. Lemon Mask

This is a simple clarifying mask that’s good to use if your daily style is product-heavy. Waxy residues from hairspray, mousse, and styling gels can build up over time, making your hair feel dull and heavy. The lemon in this mask helps remove that build-up, leaving your hair bouncy and bright. Lemon and honey are also both natural lighteners, so blondes can perk up their color without any chemicals. You will need:

Keeping your hair healthy and beautiful doesn’t have to be time consuming and expensive. With these hair masks, anyone can whip up a little magic and give your hairdo a lift. Have you tried any of these recipes, or have another favorite to share? Let us know in the comments!

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