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9 DIY Floating Shelves for Your Bedroom

Floating shelves add a unique touch of beauty and class to any room of your home. When you want to save money and lend your own personal style to your home, you may want to try your hand at building DIY floating shelves that you can use in your bedroom. Making floating shelves DIY is a lot easier and fun than you might imagine. They are also great for personalizing your room with  books and other meaningful belongings. Learn how to build a floating shelf of any size and style with these simple 9 DIY floating shelves ideas.

1. DIY Wooden Floating Shelves

If you are a novice at building floating shelves DIY, you can use this idea that teaches you how to build floating shelves for your bedroom. This simple yet fun DIY floating shelves project calls for supplies like:

This DIY floating shelves project can be customized to fit your bedroom size and also the items you want to display on the shelves.

wood with clamps

2. DIY Floating Shelves with Hidden Storage and LED Lighting

When you want your DIY floating shelves to be more than a display place, you may be interested in learning how to build a floating shelf that can double as a storage area or lend more lighting to your bedroom. This tutorial for learning how to build floating shelves that contain a storage drawer and LED lighting is simple and fun. You need supplies like:

This shelf will give you a great place to display books, figurines, and more.

3. DIY Secret Compartment Floating Shelf

Your bedroom is your refuge and sanctuary from the outside world. It is only right that you enjoy your own secret storage compartment in a set of DIY floating shelves that you make by yourself. To learn how to make floating shelves like these, follow this simple tutorial. The supplies that you will need to learn how to make floating shelves like this set include:

thick DIY floating shelf

This set of DIY floating shelves offer you the practical storage space for plants, decorations, and other seasonal items.

4. DIY Magnetic Floating Shelf

A DIY magnetic floating shelf comes in handy for hanging car keys and other small everyday items. Learn how to build floating shelves like this fun and simple magnetic floating shelf idea by using materials like:

This small yet convenient set of DIY shelves is great for hanging near your front door or in the kitchen.

5. DIY Floating Corner Shelves

When your bedroom lacks a lot of wall space, you can still enjoy unique beauty and storage space with a set of DIY floating corner shelves. To learn how to build these, use this corner floating shelves tutorial. Also, stock up on supplies that you will need like:

These shelves fit cozily in the corner of your bedroom and give you a unique place to display figurines, books, and other belongings.

DIY white floating shelves

6. DIY Rustic Floating Shelves

Floating shelves do not have to be whimsical in appearance. You can create a set of DIY rustic floating shelves that are elegant and will add a unique level of beauty and class to your bedroom. The supplies you need for this rustic floating shelves project include:

This set of floating shelves can go great with any style of decoration in your bedroom.

7. DIY Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

A reclaimed wood floating shelf is a great idea for reusing or recycling old wood in your home. To make the wood look like new and to build an attractive set of floating shelves, use materials like:

  • reclaimed wood
  • wood glue
  • clamps
  • circular saw
  • portable table saw
  • sandpaper

wenge DIY floating shelves

This DIY floating shelf project gives new life to old wood in your home or wood that you want to upcycle for a more practical use.

8. DIY Exposed Edge Floating Shelves

Exposed edge floating shelves feature minimalist style that gives you a practical storage space without detracting from the rest of your bedroom’s décor. To complete this project, you need materials like:

You can customize the length of the shelves to meet your own needs and personal style.

9. DIY Hexagon Honeycomb Floating Shelves

When you want a unique set of floating shelves that add intrigue and beauty to your bedroom, try a set of hexagon honeycomb floating shelves. This DIY projects calls for you to get supplies like:

You also need plywood cut into hexagon shapes and a portable table saw to complete this project.


Floating shelves are easy and fun to build and let you add your own personal style to your bedroom. These simple DIY floating shelf ideas can inspire you to try your own hand at creating a set of shelves of your own. They add beauty to your bedroom while providing you extra space to display and store your belongings.

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