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9 DIY Easy Duct Tape Crafts

Duct tape has long served as the choice of those repairing everything from air conditioning and heat ducts to broken items. Makers of these products have abandoned relying solely on the silver or gray color and have adopted all manner of designs and even adopted insignias. All of this creates opportunities for easy duct tape crafts and duct tape crafts that require some time and room. Below or a list of some of the do-it-yourself duct tape crafts for your consideration. We provide under each project a link to the tutorial.

1. Duct Tape Bow Ties

Duct Tape Bow Tie

Image source: duckbrand.com

Crafts with duct tape, such as this bow tie creation, take advantage of the many designs and colors of duct tape. This offers a relatively inexpensive and easy alternative to the bowties often found in retail stores. In fact, you may find a greater selection then in those stores.

  • Duct tape: You might opt for either solid colors or designs with polka dots and stripes. Of course, what do you select will depend upon what you have in your closet.
  • Hook and loop fastener: The hook and loop fastener that you attach to one end of the bow tie will attached to the tape strip. This keeps the bow tie around your neck.
  • Scissors: These duct-tape scissors work very well for duct tape crafts because they can withstand and cut through the sticky tape. Further, you do not want the tape on the scissors to come into contact with other items in your home that you might cut.
  • Crafting board: As with other duct tape crafts, you will need a crafting board so that you can cut the strips of duct tape with the necessary precision. This strip secures the middle of your bow tie.

2. Duct Tape Wallet

Duct Tape Wallet

Image source: craftynest.com

Wallets become worn out due to the sitting and stuffing of receipts and cards. This selection to our list of easy duct tape crafts provides a relatively inexpensive alternative for replacing wallets. Again, the versatility of duct tape designs adds to the joy of replacing wallets.

  • Craft knife: For duct tape crafts such as this one, you will need a craft knife to make precision cuts.
  • Self-healing cutting mat: With this mat, you will have a sturdy or stable surface. With its self-healing feature, you can employ it for other crafts with duct tape.
  • Clear plastic 3 by 4 in: The clear plastic with these dimensions provides the window to put your driver’s license or other photo identification.
  • 12 inch ruler with metal edge: Using a metal edge ruler will ensure that your cuts and measurements are not only precise but are straight.

3. Duct Tape Bookmark

Duct Tape Bookmark

Image source: www.flickr.com

This bookmark project represents one of our easy duct tape crafts. With a designer duct tape and some ribbon, you can read your favorite paperback or hard cover and keep your place with some style. Some folding, a hole punch and tying of ribbons or twine completes this literary aspect of duct tape crafts.

  • Baker’s twine or embroidery thread: Using and embroidered thread or a Baker’s twine adds visibility and some extra accent to your duct tape bookmark. Otherwise, you might push the entire bookmark into your book, defeating the purpose of the bookmark.
  • Hole punch: A heavy-duty hole puncher such as this can create the hole in your duct tape for the twine or thread.

4. Duct Tape Lanyard

We often don’t keep our keys solely in our pockets. This participant in our roll of crafts with duct tape seizes upon the popularity of keychain lanyards, especially with teenagers and those in college. These duct tape lanyards are likely to stick out should the owner have trouble finding it among other misplaced items.

  • Sports-themed or other designer duct tape: Most any duct tape will do for a lanyard. However, you can also pay homage to your college, alma mater, or favorite sports team with a selection such as this one.
  • Keychain: To complete the lanyard, you fold the strip of duct tape in half in place each end of the tape onto your key ring. The ring stays in place when you fold a small section of each end.

5. Duct Tape Hammock

Duct Tape Hammock

Image source: instructables.com

Making a duct tape hammock at first blush shouldn’t make the list of easy duct tape crafts. This project will require considerable patience, likely at least an hour, ample space, and a sturdy surface. However, the ease comes in not having to employ tools. Plus, the time maybe well spend in creating a sturdy item for you to enjoy lazy, comfortable spring or summer days or evenings.

6. Flower Duct Tape Pen

Flower Duct Tape Pen

Image source: flickr.com

Easy duct tape crafts also can add decorative elements to the instruments of signatures, check book reconciliation, notes, school work, and office or home administrative tasks. You can transform pens or pencils into items that are decorative and, because they stand out, or much easier to locate. This project might take up to an hour if you need the time to fold the flower.

  • No-click pen or pencil: You want a no-click pen or pencil because the flower that you create will cover the end of the pen. This would make any clicker you otherwise would have inaccessible.
  • Green duct tape: With the green duct tape, you make the stem of your pen into a stem for the flower pen.

7. Duct Tape Picture Frame

As one of our easy duct tape crafts, this frame can attach to refrigerators with magnets or, with cardboard or other sturdy paper, can actually rest on a table or other surface. Most of the few minutes for this craft involves the cutting and folding of the tape.

  • Cardboard: Attach a small piece of cardboard such as this to the back of the frame so it can stand on a table or other surface.
  • Stickers: Decorative stickers or stamps on your frame can surround the photo that you attach to the back of your frame with tape. These stamps were stickers especially work when you have a solid color frame.
  • Refrigerator magnets (optional): With refrigerator magnets, you can mount these frames so that you can see your memories when you go to the the kitchen.
  • Scissors, ruler, pencils or other markers

Interested in more fun projects to make with your family or friends? Check out these awesome mason jar craft ideas and our collection of clothespin crafts!

8. Duct Tape Refurbished Shoes

Duct Tape Refurbished Shoes

Image source: 101ducttapecrafts.com

Used or inexpensive shoes can become designer or colorful products with this example of crafts with duct tape. While tools are not required, you will need some care and coordination using glue and markers to make this one of the neat and easy duct tape crafts.

  • Glue for use on shoes: Apply some glue to the places where the duct tape covers the shoe so that it will stay in place. Set it in the sun for several minutes to dry it.
  • Ribbon: make a small bow out of Some solid color ribbon if you have a designed duct tape and glue it to the top of the shoe.

9. Smart Phone Case

Smart Phone Case

Image source: ispydiy.com

Smart phone cases have become popular with the prevalence of smartphones. As an alternative to the sometimes pricing designer ones, this offering for duct tape crafts can help you celebrate your personality, say as an avid hunter, athlete or person who enjoys floral designs.

While the application of the tape seems simple, you need to make sure you do not cover the camera lens or other openings. Thus, the precision needed may take several minutes and considerable concentration, along with tools that can cut with precision. You might even need to measure the diameter of circles for the camera hole; nevertheless, this is one of the most original easy duct tape crafts we’ve seen!

  • Smartphone case: with a solid color smartphone case, you can add your own style through your choice of duct tape design.


This list contains a mix of easy duct tape crafts and those involving a little more challenge in steps. Overall, these ideas allow you to express your own personality, creativity or allegiance to your favorite team. If you like any of these crafts or have other suggestions, please let us know. And if you have your own duct tape project you love but wasn’t mentioned in this article, tell us about it in the comments!

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