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8 DIY Dreamcatchers for Peaceful Nights

Dream catchers are not only fascinating but they are also extremely beautiful. Having a dream catcher is nice, but having one that you made yourself is even better than buying one. Therefore, we prepared 8 DIY dreamcatcher ideas for you and your family.

1. DIY Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher

This DIY Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher is one of the most unique dreamcatchers out there. It is different from your standard dreamcatcher because it looks like a crescent moon. This is what you will need to create this DIY dreamcatcher:

  • Twine: The twine is to wrap around the metal or wooden rod
  • Rope: To hang off the metal or wooden rod and hold the feathers
  • Any Feathers: Feathers are to dangle off of the dreamcatcher
  • Metal or Wooden Rod: Is basically the base of the dreamcatcher and is what everything connects to
  • Stones (optional): If you want stones on your dreamcatcher
  • Embroidery Floss: To weave inside of the metal or wooden rod
  • Hot Glue Gun: To glue the twine to the rod

diy dreamcatchers

2. Giant DIY Dreamcatcher

This DIY Giant Dreamcatcher is perfect for anyone who loves dreamcatchers and wants a big one to hang on their wall. It is also a great project for someone to make as a gift for a dear one who loves dreamcatchers. This is what you will need to make this DIY dreamcatcher:

  • A Hula Hoop: This will be the base of your dreamcatcher
  • Yarn of any color or style: this yarn will be put around the hula hoop to cover it
  • Clear Tacky Glue: This will be used to glue the yarn to the hula hoop and to glue other things on the dreamcatcher
  • Feathers, Beads, Etc.: These things will hang from the giant dreamcatcher so they can be whatever you decide you want

3. DIY Owl Dreamcatcher

If you love owls and love dreamcatchers this DIY Owl Dreamcatcher is the perfect project for you to get started on. Not only is it unique but it would look great in any room of your house and its affordable to make. Here’s what you will need to make this DIY Dreamcatcher Owl:

  • 3″ Hoop: The base of the owl
  • Suede Lace: Glue it around the 3″ hoop
  • Hot Glue Gun: To glue lace and other things on the owl dreamcatcher
  • Clips: To hold lace in place until the glue dries
  • Scissors: to cut anything that needs to be cut
  • Thread: goes on the sewing needle to weave the dreamcatcher
  • Sewing needle: To weave the owl dreamcatcher
  • Beads: Go by the feathers for decoration
  • Feathers: To decorate the owl dreamcatcher

4. DIY Wishbone Dreamcatcher

This DIY Wishbone Dreamcatcher would be a nice touch to any room. It is also affordable and easy to make. If you like the way wishbone dreamcatchers look rather then the traditional dreamcatchers then go for it. Here is what you are going to need to make this DIY dreamcatcher:

  • A Wooden Embroidery Hoop: This hoop is the base of the dreamcatcher sense everything with me connected to or hanging from it.
    A stick from outside: The stick should be 1 inch wider then the embroidery hoop your using
  • Suede Cord: this will be used to wrap around your hoop
  • Twine: To attach the wishbone/stick to your dreamcatcher
  • Feathers: feathers are pretty much a must when making a dream catcher

5. Mini DIY Dreamcatchermini diy dreamcatcher

This Mini DIY Dreamcatcher is super cute and would make the perfect dreamcatcher for your room. You could also make these mini dreamcatchers and give them out as gifts. Here is everything you need in order to make these cute mini dreamcatchers:

  • Metal bangle bracelets: one of these is your base for a mini dreamcatcher
  • Twine: Is used for the inside weaving of the dreamcatcher
  • White Yarn: Is wrapped around metal bangle bracelet
  • Beads: To decorate it
  • Washi Tape: To make little tape feathers
  • Scissors: To cut anything that needs to be cut

6. DIY Horseshoe Dreamcatcher

If you love horses and dreamcatchers or are a country girl at heart you could make this DIY Horseshoe Dreamcatcher. This dreamcatcher is very unique because the base is an actual horseshoe instead of a circle. Here’s what you will need if you want to make this dreamcatcher:

  • Horseshoe: For the base of the dreamcatcher
  • String: This is to weave the inside of the horseshoe
  • Beads: This is to decorate the dreamcatcher
  • Feathers: This is to also help decorate the dreamcatcher
  • Scissors: In case you need to cut any string
  • Super Glue: To keep the string stuck to the horseshoe
  • Thin Gauge Wire: To put the beads on before putting them on the dreamcatcher

7. DIY Dream Catcher Delight

This DIY Dream Catcher Delight project is for someone looking for a non-traditional looking dreamcatcher as it uses lace in the middle of the dreamcatcher instead of the middle being woven with twine. Here is everything you need to make this dreamcatcher:

  • Lace cloth: Lace cloth goes in the middle of the dreamcatcher instead of it being woven
  • Beads: To decorate the dreamcatcher
  • Needle and Thread: To sew the lace to the frame of the dreamcatcher
  • Feather trims: Pieces of feather to decorate the dreamcatcher
  • A Medium Sized Circular Frame: for the frame of the dreamcatcher

an easy diy dreamcatcher

8. Simple DIY Dreamcatcher

This DIY Dreamcatcher is pretty much just your regular old dreamcatcher. You can use whatever colors you want to for this dreamcatcher in order to make it as beautiful as possible. Be sure to hang it in your favorite place so you see it everyday. Here’s what your gonna need for this project:

  • Hoop: As the base of the dreamcatcher
  • Twine: To wrap around the hoop to make it
  • Feathers: The feathers can be of any size or color you could like. I suggest you pick your favorite colors
  • Beads: For decoration of the dreamcatcher
  • Other accessories: You can also get some little butterfly accessories or something to glue to your dreamcatcher to make it look even more beautiful.

These 8 dreamcatcher ideas for peaceful nights are easy and affordable projects that can be done without taking hardly any time out of your day. Once your done making one and you hang it up by your bed you are bound to have more peaceful nights. You also can look at your dreamcatcher and be proud of yourself for making it.

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