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9 DIY Dog Beds

Your dog’s bed is a safe place to relax and take a nap any time of day. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to pamper your pooch when making a DIY dog bed is so easy to do. Check out these 10 ideas for homemade dog beds that can be put together with a few upcycled objects and household tools. Your best friend will love dozing in a unique, comfortable bed that you made yourself!

1. Vintage Suitcase DIY Dog Bed

Make a cute dog bed with vintage appeal by recycling an old suitcase. You can pick one up from a thrift store or use an old suitcase that’s been sitting in storage at home. This tutorial shows you how to upcycle a suitcase with a few extra items, including:

Foam: Cut a piece of foam to fit inside your suitcase. Use a piece of foam that is at least 1 inch thick.
Fabric: Sew or glue a sheet of cute fabric around the foam. You may want to sew a pillowcase-style cover out of the fabric so that it can be removed and washed as needed.

3. Upcycled TV Console DIY Dog Bed

This tutorial also involves upcycling a piece of furniture you have in storage or pick up from a thrift store. Most of the work preparing the console as a DIY dog bed no sew project involves removing any electronic parts. You’ll need:

Screwdriver: Remove any bolts and screws that held in electronic components. Any screws that are holding the wood together can stay.
Paint: If you need to spruce up the console so that it fits your home décor better, give the entire console two to three coats of paint.
Paint roller or brush: Use a paintbrush set to give your pup’s new bed a nice coat of paint.

4. Four-Poster DIY Elevated Dog Bed

A four-poster dog bed looks elegant when you want to spoil your pooch, but creating one is as simple as turning an old end table upside down. As seen in this tutorial, some dog owners made the best of a broken end table by converting it into a playful and fancy DIY dog bed. Once you have an end table, only a few supplies are needed:

Paint: If desired, give the end table a fresh coat of paint to match your décor.
Pillow and pillowcase: You don’t need a fancy dog bed to give your pooch a comfortable place to nap. Simply choose a pillow that fits inside the end table and cover it with a cute pillowcase.

5. DIY Pallet Dog Bed

If you can get a hold of a pallet, the scrap wood can be converted into a dog bed for your pooch. This project requires some woodworking skills, but as seen in this tutorial, you can construct a custom frame for a plush mattress or foam insert. Be sure to remove all the nails from your pallet wood before you begin assembling the dog bed. You’ll need:

Wood glue: Applying glue to the boards before you screw them together will help hold everything in place.
Magic sliders: Attaching these to the bottom of your dog bed lets you reposition it without damaging the floor underneath.

6. DIY Large Dog Bed With Woven Nylon

If you have a large breed, most DIY dog beds will be too small to keep your pooch comfortable. Take inspiration from this tutorial and make your own dog bed from sturdy nylon. You’ll need to make a basic wooden frame first and then weave the nylon together to assemble the bed. Make sure you get:

Corner brackets: These will help hold your wooden frame together.
Nylon straps: Choose nylon straps that are 2 inches wide to provide a sturdy base for your dog.
Staple gun: Staples are a quick and easy way to secure the nylon straps to the frame.
Wooden legs: These help you create a DIY elevated dog bed.

8. Upcycled Tire DIY Dog Bed

DIY dog beds can be made from a huge variety of upcycled materials, including an old tire! If you’ve just replaced a flat, turning the old tire into a dog bed is a great way to keep it out of a landfill and turn it into a fun bed for your pooch. To make this project according to this tutorial, you’ll need:

Bristle brush: Give the tire a good scrubbing with soap and water before any other step.
Spray paint: Choose a brand that can stick to rubber.
Felt pads: Adhere these to the bottom of the tire to protect your floor.

7. Sweater DIY Dog Bed

Your dog may love to cuddle close to your heart, but you don’t love getting dog fur all over your clothes. Let your best friend nap with a piece of you by turning an old sweater into a DIY dog bed. According to this tutorial, all you need are basic sewing skills and the following supplies:

Fleece blanket: Use a blanket as inexpensive stuffing for the dog bed.
Sewing kit: Depending on your preference and skills, you can use a sewing machine or hand-sew this project with needles and matching thread.

9. DIY PVC Dog Bed

If you’re making a dog bed that will be placed outside, you’ll want to use durable materials that can withstand the elements. PVC and mesh fabric are great choices for a waterproof elevated dog bed that your pet can use outdoors. This tutorial recommends that you gather these materials:

PVC pipe: You’ll need about 10 feet depending on the size of your pet bed. You’ll also want to get three-way corner pieces of PVC.
Open-weave plastic mesh: By using screws to attach the mesh to the PVC, you’ll create a sturdy dog bed without any sewing.

2. Crate Nightstand

If your dog wants to sleep in the same room as his master but you don’t want your pooch on the bed, you can make a DIY dog bed out of a nightstand. If you want to make the nightstand from scratch, follow this tutorial to help you select lumber and nail everything together. In addition to the wood, you’ll need:

Metal hinges: Select good-quality hinges to secure the door onto the crate.
Latch: Keep your dog safely secured at night with a metal latch that you drill or glue to the wood.
Wood stain: Use a nice finish for the sides and top of the nightstand that complements your bedroom décor.


You can make your dog a comfortable bed of his or her own using simple materials from around the house. These DIY dog bed projects let you upcycle many common items to create your pooch an eco-friendly place to nap and relax.

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