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8 DIY Corner Shelves

Save money and add some much-needed storage space to any room with a DIY corner shelf made with inexpensive or upcycled materials. Corner shelves make use of negative space on your walls and are a great way to keep your stuff organized and out of high traffic areas. Take a look at the list of DIY ideas and their suggested use in your kitchen.

1. Pipe Shelves

Whether you already have some exposed pipes near your kitchen or want to give your space an industrial look, pick up some decorative pipes for an easy to install pipe bookshelf. Fit cookbooks or your latest novel to sneak in a couple of pages of reading while dinner cooks. What you need:

  • Decorative pipes. you can buy decorative pipes or check out your local hardware store for some cheaper ones.
  • Enamel Spray Paint. This is optional and is a great option if you are buying decorative pipes and want to change the color to match an existing motif. Make sure to spray paint the pipes outside and install when they are completely dry, usually after 24 hours.
  • Liquid Enamel Paint. Use liquid enamel paint, a small paint brush, and some painter’s tape to give pre-installed pipes new life.

For more DIY bookshelves ideas, check out our list of tutorials.

2. File Folders

Upcycle your old magazine or file holders to make a DIY shelf. These shelves are perfect to display small, indoor plants, family photos or the treasures you collected from your last vacation. These are also great to install next to your home message center. Use the top as a shelf to display preferred items or a decorative mug with writing utensils in it while making use of the inside of the shelf to serve as a bill pay station or papers that need to be signed for school.

Whether you are using file holders or magazine holders, usually interchangeable but may vary in material and design, you will need the following items.

  • Screws. Refer to the tutorial for the types note that the size of the screws depends on the material and weight of the file holder you are installing.
  • Multipurpose organizer. This pot is small enough to fit on your new corner shelf and serves as a decorative pencil/pen holder or planter or both!

3. DIY Floating Corner Shelf

This simple yet chic floating corner shelf is a great way to use some of the vertical negative space in any room. Besides the wood pieces, you will also need:

  • Spackle. This product smoothes onto the wood’s surface to fill any cracks and ensures a smooth shelf surface.
  • Caulk. Use caulk, a waterproof sealant, to keep your shelf free from water damage.
  • Applicator. The plastic knife set will help you apply the spackle and even out the caulk sealant expertly.
  • Wood Screws. Make sure that the length and width of the wood screws are the right ones for your project.
  • Heavy Duty Fasteners.These particular fasteners don’t need predrilling.
  • Kreg Pocket Hole Jig. This Kreg Pocket Hole Jig set will help you create sturdy wood projects.

4. DIY Kitchen Corner Shelf

Free up some counter space or just add bursts of color with when you make this DIY corner shelf for your kitchen. After finding a large sheet of plywood to cut your shelf pieces from with a sturdy table saw, grab these necessary materials and tools.

  • C-Clamp. This clamp is made especially to hold wood pieces together from the top as they are cut.
  • Belt Sander. Give your shelf pieces a smooth finish with an electric sander.
  • Paint. Choose a color that matches your kitchen walls or opt for a burst of unexpected color.
  • 5mm Screws. Use 5mm screws to secure your shelf to the wall.
  • Double-sided Tape and Wood Glue. Attach the pieces together for a sturdy wall unit.

5. Bathroom Corner Shelf

Make a budget-friendly DIY corner shelf for the bathroom and save time looking for toiletries and other bathroom items. To start making this, get these items together:

6. DIY Cardboard Corner Shelf/Rack

The DIY corner rack provides much-needed extra space in a child or young adult’s room great for displaying toys or keeping makeup and other beauty products within reach. After collecting some sturdy cardboard boxes and locating an old jump rope -you’ll see why in a minute, get the following materials/tools together.

  • Box Cutter. Again, this is a tool that you will need to keep for crafts as well as home repairs. This -pack lets you keep one in your crafts supplies and one in the tool box.
  • Glue Gun. The hot glue dries clear and is a great adhesive for cardboard.
  • Wrapping Paper. With a wide array of color and pattern choices, you are sure to find a design that matches your personality.
  • File Folders. You need these to make the tier for the shelf. Put the rest in the office or use them for other projects.

7. The Popular DIY Floating Corner Shelf

The floating corner shelf can be made from different materials, finished in a variety of colors or wood stains, then mounted to a corner in virtually any room in your house. The following are the materials/tools used in the tutorial.

  • .25-Inch Plywood. Plywood has proven to be sturdy and durable for home DIY corner shelf projects.
  • Basic Household Tool Set. A must-have tool for all home projects and repairs, a hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, and nails are some of the most basic items.
  • Wall Anchors. Use the wall anchor size that supports the size of the corner shelf you want to install.
  • Spray Paint. Be sure to paint the shelves your desired color in an open space then let them dry completely before installing.

8. Simple DIY Corner Shelf

Try making this simple, sturdy DIY shelf for your living room or office with a few materials and basic tools. Check out what you will need after getting the pine boards.

  • Corner Brackets. You can use a stud finder when installing these.
  • Spray Primer. The primer prepares your surfaces for the wood stain.
  • Wood Stain. You might find the gel wood stainless messy than liquid.
  • Top Coat. Seal the corner shelf with a spray-on top coat in matte.
  • Spray Paint. Some people prefer using spray paint to save even more time making the shelf.
  • Screws. You will need 1-inch and 2.5-inch screws for this project.


These 8 easy DIY corner shelf ideas will keep you busy for a few hours, so choose the right style for your home and get started. Which is your favorite diy corer shelf? Let us know in the comments section!

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