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10 DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a very special time of the year, but you can make it even more special by adding some DIY Christmas decorations to your collection. Why settle for store bought decorations to add to the charm of your home this Christmas? You can craft these beautiful and interesting items either for your own home or to give as heartwarming gifts. Homemade Christmas decorations are fun and easy to make and add to the beauty of your home and the enjoyment of the season. Here are some of the best do it yourself Christmas decorations you can make this year.

1. DIY Clay Ornament Gift Tags

These adorable Christmas gift tags make a great themselves and are a wonderful way to get the kids involved with your holiday decorating crafts. These tags will not only enhance the look of a gift, but also spread the joy of well-made DIY Christmas decorations. This project is very easy and can be done in an evening.

DIY christmas decorations

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2. Feather Ornament Tree

This great little project is a wonderful way to make an awesome looking ornament tree to display all your special cherished ornaments in one place. Made of simple materials like dowel rods and marabou feather boas, it’s a gorgeous decoration that will highlight those special collectible ornaments beautifully.

It will look great on a mantel or on an entryway table as part of a fun winterscape. This project is great for a crafting novice since the difficulty is easy. You will need about an hour to complete one of the e and the supplies are very economical. Check out this simple how to and make your own feather tree to display cherished special ornaments.

  • 1 wood bun foot. This will serve as the tree stand of your Christmas tree.
  • 1 ¾” x 36” dowel rod which will serve as the trunk for your ornament tree.
  • 6 ¼” x 36” wooden dowel rods that will get wrapped in feathers as the branches of the finished tree.
  • white paint to paint a base coat on the dowels.
  • saw to trim the ¾” dowel for the trunk.
  • sharp clippers to cut the ¼” dowels for the tree branches.
  • power screwdriver with ¼” bit to drill holes in tree trunk to attach the branches
  • hot glue gun to secure the feather boas to the dowels for the trunk and branches
  • 12-15 feet of marabou feather boas
  • craft glue to glue the star on top of your tree
  • glitter to dust the tree with if desired to give it a magical frosted appearance
  • Finish off the look by adding a festive tree topper

3. Candy-Cane Striped Wreath

This great looking wreath is a charming and fun way to add a little holiday cheer to your front door or above your fireplace. Of course, you can always manufacture a few similar DIY Christmas decorations to place around the house. It’s very easy and fast to do this one, you can get it made from start to finish in less than an hour. Check out this step by step guide on how to make one for yourself.

4. Christmas Bulb Advent Calendar

This fun and cute advent calendar alternative will make a fine addition to your mantelpiece this year. Fill each little bulb with a sweet surprise and watch little faces light up light the lights on the tree. A simple project for those with basic sewing skills. You first need to download the pattern for the project, and here you can find all the detailed instructions to make this adorable project.

5. DIY “Milk Glass” Forest

Classic Milk Glass Christmas ornaments were once the most sought after decorations you could buy for the holidays. Although their popularity has dropped lately, they are still beautiful decorations and are highly prized among collectors. Make your own faux milk glass Christmas tree forest with simple materials. These instructions will show you what to do, and the results are fabulous.

6. Clever Peppermint Wreath

Fill your home with the sweet scent of peppermint and bring the holidays to life with this charming and fun Christmas wreath made from real starlight mints. One of the most unique DIY Christmas decorations you will find, this project takes a little time, but you should be able to get it done in an afternoon. The skill level here is novice. This wreath also makes a charming and fun gift for all those holiday house parties. Here are the easy to follow instructions to get started.

7. Affordable DIY Christmas Candle Holders

Classic country Christmases never go out of style and neither do the rustic and charming DIY Christmas decorations that go with them. This set of beautiful DIY Christmas votive candle holders is a wonderful way to add a delightful country touch to your Christmas dinner table or buffet. The simple to follow instructions and easy to gather crafts make this a project that you can complete easily on a budget and in limited time.

DIY christmas mason jar candles

Image source: Pixabay.com

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8. Whimsical Pom-Pom Garland

Such fun and a great way to get kids involved in helping with the handcrafted holiday decorations this year. These pom-pom “Christmas lights” are a wonderful decoration to use in kid’s rooms or even in your crafting space. Easy to do with these simple instructions and with materials that you can get at a very low price, this is a project that you will want to make a lot.

9. Vintage Velvet Wreath

Bring back the fun and charm of the sixties with this handmade velvet Christmas wreath that will make a great addition to your collection. This project is a wonderful way to add Christmas cheer to your crafting space, kitchen, or bathroom. This project does require a bit more experience and you should be comfortable with the use of a sewing machine. This is a project that will take at least a day to accomplish due to the many parts that must be assembled but the effort is well worth it. However, it’s one of the most unique DIY Christmas decorations in our list.

10. Advent Calendar

This delightful and modern take on the traditional advent calendar is fun to do with kids and gives you a chance to teach them the true meaning of Christmas while making a cherished family heirloom together. This project for DIY Christmas decorations and the step by step instructions are easy to follow. The best part is that you can get creative with this project and make it your own by customizing almost every aspect of it.


These great DIY Christmas decorations are fun craft projects and are a wonderful way to add a special charm to your home this season. These projects are all easy to undertake and can be done with minimal skill and basic crafting supplies. They are all also great gifts for those holiday house parties that you find yourself attending through the season or for the kid’s teachers at school. So get to crafting today, the holidays will be here sooner than you think.

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