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8 DIY Chicken Coops

From bantams and cornish to anconas and leghorns, there are many breeds of chickens. Luckily, there are also just as many chicken coops to house them all. Here are 8 DIY chicken coop plans under $40 that can hold a brood ranging from a handful to a lot. Many of the materials can be found for free or made with scraps, while others can be purchased online. Let’s get building.

1. DIY Chicken Coop for a Brood of 6

This DIY chicken coop costs about $30 and houses a brood of 6. This tutorial is easy to follow and it takes some time and a little skill, but is an easy and cheap way to build a standing coop using:

Four-by-four posts. Cut to height for the chicken coop.
Plywood boards. The creator of this tutorial was lucky enough to find a free cabinet to make the nesting part out of, but plywood will work just as well. Create walls in any size you wish, and use spare pieces to make two nesting areas. Make sure to cut out the egg retrieval doors. You will also need plywood to create a ramp up to the door for chickens.
Fence pickets. Build the roof with plywood and then cover with fence pickets for added insulation.
Shingles. This is optional for the roof.
Chicken wire. Use to create area for chickens to roam while kept safe from predators.
Metal hinges. Use to secure doors to the chicken coop.

2. DIY Suspended Chicken Coop

This DIY chicken coop plan was built for $25. It features a simple, yet efficient design that’s made to last. To get started you need:

• A wooden pallet. This is used as the base for the house. Place chicken wire across the top.
• Four-by-four posts. These are for the legs of the house. Cut to height for the chicken coop.
• Plywood boards. This is used for most of the coop: ramp, walls, doors and nesting area.
• Chicken wire. This was used on the floor and to create a grazing area.
Metal roofing. A slight angle is nice for rainy or snowy days.
Metal hinges. Use these for easy access to clean and retrieve eggs.

3. DIY A-Frame Chicken Coop

This tutorial for an A-frame chicken coop is less time consuming than the houses on stilts. However, only a handful of chickens should live in such a coop to prevent crowding. To build it you need:

Plywood boards. Use these to create the A-frame. Cut a door to be able to access the coop and allow the chickens out if needed.
• 4 two-by-twos-by-eight. Use three to extend out from the plywood frame to create a grazing area. Cut the fourth board to create a triangle at the other end of the frame and to connect the plywood frame at the outer-bottom edge.
Chicken wire. Wrap around the two-by-two frame to enclose the chicken coop. Use more at the end of the plywood frame.
Metal hinges. Use for easy access to the plywood portion of the A-frame for egg retrieval.

4. DIY Portable Chicken Coop

Want a chicken coop that is lightweight enough to move around the yard as needed? This tutorial is for a DIY chicken coop plan for a lightweight, portable run. This DIY chicken coop plan can be built in less than an hour and requires:

• 11 pvc pipes. Use to create the size you want. Use an extra PVC pipe in the middle top to give it extra support.
• 8 three-way corner tee fittings. Use these to attach the PVC pipes at the corners.
• 2 three-way tee fittings. These are used to attach the middle support PVC pipe.
• Chicken wire. Wrap around the PVC frame to enclose the top and sides.
Tarp. This is optional for keeping out the rain, snow, etc.

5. DIY Chicken Tractor

Another portable chicken coop or chicken tractor that’s simple to make in under an hour and results in a roaming chicken coop. You need:

• 3 two-by-fours. Use two for the longer sides and cut one in half for the width. Create a box.
• 3 thin PVC pipes. Bend and create half circles at both ends and one in the middle.
• Chicken wire. The tutorial double layers the chicken wire, using one with smaller holes on top.
• Tarp. Use a tarp on half of the chicken coop to keep out the weather.

6. Easy DIY Pallet Chicken Coop

With 3 wooden pallets and an hour, this DIY chicken coop is simple to make and is ideal for free-ranging broods. You need:

• 3 wooden pallets. Create 3 walls with the pallets.
• Metal roofing. There are different types of metal roofing that can be used for different looks. A tarp would work as well.

7. Large DIY Pallet Chicken Coop

Here is a larger chicken coop built out of pallets. Fir this project, you will need:

• 8 wooden pallets. Use two pallets as the base. Use the rest to create the walls. Cut holes for the door, and an access area to clean the coop and remove eggs.
• 4 pier blocks. These will help provide support for the base and get the coop off the ground.
• 3 two-by-six-by-eights. Cut one in half and create a frame, place in pier blocks for a base.

They used an old dresser drawer to create a straw box for eggs that can be removed, but this could also be built with plywood boards and a drawer handle.

Plastic lining. Line the inside of the coop to insulate it against the cold.
Straw. Stuff this into the pallets for insulation.
• Plywood boards. Place over the pallet sides to keep the straw from falling out. Also use to create the roof or use a metal roof.

8. Comfortable DIY Chicken Coop

This last DIY chicken coop is another movable chicken coop made of wood and hardware cloth which is a bit more expensive, but also more comfortable for your chicken. To make it you need:

• Plywood board. This is the roofing material.
Hardware cloth. This is used instead of chicken wire for this project.
• Two-by-two. This square dowel is used as support in the corners.
• 3 one-by-fours. This is used to build the corners and the top of the coop.
• 8 one-by-threes. Create side panels with the hardware cloth and attach to the corner units.


Chicken coops don’t have to be expensive to have in your backyard. With these DIY chicken coop plans, there are options for all sizes of yards and broods that range from time consuming to easily built. Some of them can even be combined to create larger coops for more birds or downsized for smaller broods. It’s all in your hands so get building!