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10 DIY Centerpieces

Adding a centerpiece to any surface is a quick way to dress up a space. Centerpieces are mobile, so you can remove them to clean or swap them out without any issues. Whether you want to make a centerpiece for your dining area or living room, or you are looking for the perfect party piece, there are numerous DIY centerpiece ideas available. Following any of these tutorials will ensure you have the perfect DIY centerpieces on hand when you need them.

1. DIY Centerpieces for a Wedding

This fantastically beautiful floral centerpiece is the perfect decorative piece for any wedding. Find the perfect rhinestone trim and gather the materials listed to complete this beautiful floral arrangement.

For this DIY centerpiece you will need:

2. Bridal Shower DIY Centerpieces

This brilliant blue centerpiece is the perfect way to celebrate your friend’s engagement. Enjoy a couple bottles of wine together first as you will need to reuse them to dress up any table at the bridal shower.

In addition to wine bottles, you will need:

3. DIY Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece – Version 1

Another more permanent solution to a hot air balloon centerpiece is this tutorial. This DIY centerpiece makes use of paper lanterns rather than actual balloons, which ensures your hot air balloon centerpieces last longer.

For this project you will need the following materials:

4. DIY Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece – Version 2

Hot air balloon DIY centerpieces are the perfect addition to any party table. Whether you are decorating for a bridal or baby shower or a wedding, this is the most beautiful piece you can imagine incorporating into the decor. This tutorial will show you just how to complete this simple yet elegant centerpiece in under an hour.

For this project you will need:

5. DIY Minnie Mouse Centerpieces

This tutorial for DIY centerpieces will show you how to make the perfect Minnie Mouse centerpiece for your party. Be sure to grab your craft paints before beginning this project — especially your red and white.

To complete these DIY centerpieces you will need:

6. Another DIY Minnie Mouse Centerpiece

This is another beautiful Minnie Mouse centerpiece idea that is quick and easy to complete. This is a more glamorous option, utilizing glitter to make Minnie’s head glisten in the light.

To complete these Minnie Mouse themed DIY centerpieces you will need:

7. Hydrangea Centerpieces DIY

This is the most beautiful yet simple centerpiece option available. This centerpiece can be incorporated into any space for virtually any occasion. Whether you are looking for a centerpiece for your mantle or table or trying to create a beautiful centerpiece for a wedding, this tutorial is definitely one to check out. This is a simple DIY centerpiece project you can complete in under 30-minutes.

To make this simple DIY centerpiece, you will need:

8. DIY Table Centerpieces with Glass Bowls

This very simple and attractive centerpiece is one that serves multiple purposes. Not only can it stand beautifully all by itself, but you can use the bowls to hold flowers, candies, or other small table treats. This is a very simple project that you can complete in under an hour.

To complete this project, gather the following materials:

9. DIY Floral Centerpieces

Displaying your favorite live flowers is an excellent idea for a centerpiece. These DIY centerpieces require you gathering your favorite flowers and the following items to create the most attractive natural centerpiece imaginable. Not only are floral centerpieces easy to make, but they are also completely customizable. You can add as many flowers as you want to create the most beautiful piece for your space.

You will need:

10. DIY Party Centerpieces

For a few dollars, you can create a very simple and attractive centerpiece for your party. These DIY party centerpieces require less than an hour to complete, yet will continue to display beautifully for as long as you need.


Whether you are decorating for a party or looking for the perfect DIY centerpieces to finish your space you are in luck. These ten DIY centerpiece projects are sure to be the perfect finishing touch to your table or surface.

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