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10 DIY Cat Trees

There are several DIY cat tree plans available online for you to create the perfect place for your furry friend. Making a DIY cat tree is a project that requires accurately taking measurements, precision cutting, and a lot of patience. A DIY cat tree is a great weekend project that you can complete to have your cat playing and laying in style. Browse through cat tree plans to determine what fits best in your space. Here are some great selections with step-by-step instructions below.

1. Large Size DIY Cat Tree

A large size DIY cat tree can be constructed in a few hours, providing over 6-feet of fun for your cat. This project tutorial shows how to cut out, attach, and cover every section of the tree. For this project, you will need a drill, wood, PVC pipe, a tape measure and the following tools and materials:

2. DIY Outdoor Cat Tree from Upcycled Materials

If your cat spends a lot of time outdoors, you may want to create a comfortable resting place for them. You can make a cat tree for outdoors by following this simple tutorial. You will need PVC piping, and the following materials to duplicate these cat tree plans:

  • Plastic tote: to serve as a base for your tree
  • Jigsaw: to cut the circular sections out of the wood.

3. DIY Modern Cat Tree

A modern cat tree with lights and shelves is the perfect addition for your furry little one. This DIY cat tree is a simple project you can complete in a couple hours. To complete this project you will need a 3-to-4-inch thick tree branch, 1×6-inch wood, 1×12-inch wood and the follow items:

  • String lights: to provide lighting for your cat inside the base and up the branch.
  • Drill: to create the base box and attach shelves to the tree branch.

4. DIY Kitty Rocket Tower

Another great cat tree DIY is available with stylish shelves, numerous cat scratch posts, and comfortable seating for your cat. This plan for a cat tree shaped like a rocket are the perfect blend of style and comfort for your cat.

For this project you will need:

  • Rope: to wrap the tree posts to act as scratch posts.
  • Wood clamps: to hold the wood and rope together as the glue dries.
  • Wood glue: to secure sections together.
  • Vinyl floor tiles: to provide a protective cover to the shelves.

5. DIY Cat Tree that Looks Like a Tree

There is nothing more fun than a DIY cat tree that actually looks like a tree. This project brings nature indoors through wrapping a tree branch and adding some simple cat shelves. This tutorial is a step-by-step guide to completing one of the coolest DIY cat trees around.

For this tree, you will need a tree limb with many branches, wood boards, and the following items:

  • Rope: to wrap around different branches for better footing.
  • Screws: to secure the wood sections to the tree branches.

6. DIY Cat Tree & Climber

Another homemade DIY cat tree tutorial uses oversized PVC pipes and branches found outdoors. This super-strong cat tree has comfortable curved shelves that are the perfect option for resting or climbing. This project requires a little additional preparation of the tree branches in order to create a smooth surface.

You will need large PVC pipes and wood to complete this project. Additionally, you will need:

7. DIY Cat Tree Ladder

A cat tree ladder is a stylish play area for your cat that rests comfortably on a wall for support. This project requires a few hours to complete, which consists of measuring, cutting, and screwing pieces together.

This project requires the following tools:

  • Tape measure: to ensure the sections of wood are cut to the proper size.
  • Table saw: to cut all the wood sections.
  • Drill: to screw all the wood sections together.

8. DIY Cat Tree with Branches

Another DIY cat tree available that uses real tree branches can be found here. This cat tree project is more clean-cut than the last one. This project requires a rope, wood sections, and screws like the previous tree style cat tree plans.

Additionally, you will need:

9. DIY Wall-Mounted Cat Tree

If you are short on floor space or looking for a more permanent cat tree option, you are in luck. This cute cat tree mounts to the wall, providing several heights of fun seating for your cat. This wall-mounted option is a rather simple project that requires wood and the following materials:

  • Doormats: to cover the seats for a more comfortable and attractive look.
  • Staple gun: to attach the mats to the wood sections.

10. Another DIY Cute Cat Tree Ladder

Another wall supported cat tree option is the ladder. This ladder is a bit different from the previous one because it has a rear support to keep it away from the wall. This project recycles an old step ladder into new fun for your furry friend.

To complete this project you will need a step ladder and the following items:

Cat lovers often consider their furry bundles of joy a major part of their family. There is no better way to show your love and appreciation than by offering comfortable seating and climbing options for your cat. Whether you are looking for DIY cat tree plans for indoor or outdoor use, there are numerous inexpensive options available. These ten cat tree plans and projects will have your cat sitting pretty in no time.

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