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DIY Canvas Art Ideas

Making DIY canvas art for your home or office doesn’t require a degree in painting or a ton of money. With a few simple materials and a little inspiration, anyone can make DIY canvas wall art to brighten up a room. These seven easy DIY canvas art ideas can be done in a few hours for the price of a pizza, which means you can change up your style and keep your walls fresh by swapping out new ideas as often as you like. Just follow these tutorials to get started making art that reflects your personality and transforms your space.

1. DIY Canvas Art with Patterned Pets

Create a modern look by repeating your pet’s silhouette in multiple scrapbook paper patterns. Follow this tutorial from EveryDayDishes and get ready for some quick and easy painting, snipping, and gluing.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Pack of canvases. Pick a smaller size that you can group for impact.
•Paints. You don’t need a lot for this project, so you can opt for smaller tubes
•Scrapbook paper. Look for smaller patterns and colors that coordinate with your paint colors.
•Photo of your pet’s profile. Print several copies on card stock. The important thing is the shape of the silhouette, so feel free to use a blurry or dark photo you wouldn’t normally display.
Spray glue. You could use a common school glue, but a spray adhesive will go on smooth without any lumps or peeling edges.
X-acto knife. Sharp edges are a must to make this art pop.

2. DIY Abstract Canvas Art

Sometimes you want DIY canvas art that recalls an emotion or sets a mood through abstract shapes and colors. Even if you’ve never painted before, if you follow this tutorial from HomeComing, you can make a large canvas in less than an hour.

That’s big impact on style with only this short list of supplies:

Large canvas. If you’re nervous about the technique, you could start smaller, but even the biggest canvas is manageable and quick to paint.
Medium sized paint brushes. This method of painting requires quick movements in an up and down direction. By having multiple brushes, you can keep the definition of color and texture in your DIY canvas art.
•Multiple colors of acrylic paint. The example uses a bright, rainbow palate, but the possibilities are endless. Grab 6-10 colors you love and see what happens!

3. DIY Canvas Art with Stenciled Numbers

Every family has a meaningful date that brings them joy to think about. An anniversary or birthday makes a cool conversation piece when it turns into art with this three-step project for DIY canvas art.

You could switch it up with initials or an address using the same easy-to-find supplies:

•Canvas. Any size can work, so think about the size you want to fill with your DIY canvas art.
•Card stock. Print out your numbers in a font you love and cut them out to create your own stencil.
•Paint and foam brush. A single color makes a bold statement and a foam brush will help you use the stencil with a smooth finish.

4. DIY Cut-out Canvas Art

Color and pattern can happen on top of DIY canvas art, or behind it. This cut-out tutorial from DIY Passion for DIY canvas art uses an easy to paint ombre color wash behind a canvas with cut out shapes. The result is unique and subtle, and you can easily change out the ombre colors to match updates to your décor.

cut out diy canvas art


•Canvas. Any size will work but tiny canvases make it difficult to cut out shapes.
•Craft paper and scrap cardboard. You’ll need sheets slightly larger than your canvas.
X-acto knife. Scissors won’t cut it here, you need to cut out shapes from the middle of the canvas with precise edges.
•Acrylic Paint. You only need two colors to create an ombre gradient.
Staples, thumb tacks or glue. Attaching the painted underlayer requires some kind of fastener.

5. DIY Fabric Frame

A big wall can handle big art, and a colorful, patterned fabric is an affordable way to fill the space. If you want a non-standard size canvas, this easy tutorial from LiaGriffith for DIY canvas art will walk you through making your own frame,

You only need three items:

Canvas stretcher frame. You can also use a thrift store picture frame, but a canvas stretcher gives you more size options.
•Fabric. Find big color and a pattern you love, and get a piece about a yard longer than your frame so you can attach it well.
Staple gun. Attaching the fabric is as easy as stapling it to the backside of the frame.

6. DIY Canvas Textured Poster

If a particular image has caught your eye on a poster, class it up by mounting it on a canvas and giving it a textured topcoat. This project comes from DesignerTrapped requires no artistic vision.

You just need a little drying time and these supplies:

•Poster print. This will become the main image, so pick one you love or shop sales.
Blank Canvas. This is where you mount the poster, so it should be the same size.
•Smaller canvas. This will only be used to give the poster texture, so size doesn’t matter.
Mod Podge. Matte will more closely resemble a canvas on the top coat.
Foam brushes. Nice big foam brushes help you get a smooth adhesive layer that makes DIY canvas art look professional.

7. DIY Comic Canvas

Superheroes inspire super art in this colorful, action packed tutorial. The necessary skills are simple; glue your favorite comic book images on canvas.

It may take a little patience to find the perfect comic placement to keep the art from looking too busy, but you don’t need many supplies:

Canvases. Layer different sizes for texture that resembles comic panels.
•Wood letters. This is optional, but really gives a pop-art focus to the smaller canvases.
Mod Podge. Use this to stick the comics to the canvas and as a top coat to protect your DIY canvas art.
•Comic books. Pick one you’re comfortable cutting and pasting or else make copies of the images you want to use.
•Acrylic paint and paintbrush. A few bright colors make the letters pop


With a blank canvas and a few good ideas, you can freshen up your space with these quick and easy DIY canvas art projects in just a few hours. It’s a fun way to play with color and bold images that can be swapped out often. If you have ways to use DIY canvas art ideas to showcase your style, let us know!

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