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8 DIY Candles

There’s nothing more relaxing than lighting a few scented candles and curling up with a good book or favorite drink. If you’d like to customize the aroma and looks of the candles around your home, these ideas for DIY candles are easy and inexpensive to make. Some candles can even be made from items you already have around the house! Check out some of these ideas for DIY candles to make your home more relaxing.

1. DIY Mason Jar Candles

If you want to make candles that look just as pretty as they smell, you can easily make DIY candles for your home at a far cheaper cost than store-bought candles. This EverydayHomeBlog tutorial shows you how to make iced DIY mason jar candles that would look lovely as part of a centerpiece. You’ll need:

  • Craft glue: Make sure to use a brand of glue that dries clear.
  • Epsom salts: Salt gives these candles a unique frost. As a bonus, you can pour the extra salt into a relaxing bath while you light your new DIY candles!
  • Mason jars: You can purchase a new set or rinse out old jars that you have around the house.
  • Decorative ribbon or twine: Tie ribbon or twine around the rim of the candle for a festive look. This is an especially nice touch if you’re giving the candle as a gift.
diy mason jar candle

Image source: Flickr

2. DIY No Wax Candles

If you love candles but not the mess of melting wax, did you know that you can make your own candles using no wax at all? This Macgyverism shows you how to make candles using some ingredients from your kitchen along with your favorite scent. You’ll need:

  • Vegetable shortening: This substitute for candle wax burns for a long time without leaving the mess of melted wax.
  • Candle wicks: You can purchase wicks as part of a complete set or simply use wicks on their own with an empty jar.
  • Essential oils: Use your favorite scented oil or combine more than one for completely custom DIY scented candles.
diy no wax candles

Image source: Pixabay

3. DIY Crayon Candles

One way to make your own DIY candles is to upcycle old crayons. This gives your candles a fun, vibrant color. Check out this step by step guide for full instructions on how to create colorful layered candles. You can even melt the crayons in the microwave instead of over the stove for an easy project. In addition to crayons, you’ll need:

  • Empty glass jars: You can use old baby food or other jars, or you can purchase a set specifically for this project to create a cohesive look.
  • Small paper cups: If you’re creating a layered look, this will help you separate your colors.
  • Xacto knife: Use this knife to help you peel paper off the old crayons.
diy crayon candles

Image source: Flickr

4. DIY Scented Candles

The easiest way to make your own candle is to melt wax and combine it with essential oil. Use lavender if you want a relaxing scent before bed, or try a citrus oil to help invigorate you in the morning. It’s up to you! Check out this tutorial from SheKnows for an overview of the basics, which involves melting the wax and setting a pre-waxed wick in as it cools. For this project, you’ll use:

  • Candle wax flakes or pellets: You can use soy or another type of wax.
  • Essential oil: You only need a few drops of oil for each candle, so your scent will go a long way. This means you’ll save money over expensive store-bought candles, and you can make a completely custom scent.
  • Candle dye: This ingredient is optional if you want to create a colored candle.
diy scented candles

Image source: Pixabay

5. DIY Coffee Candle

The next time you make yourself coffee at home, save the grounds—you can turn them into a delicious-smelling candle! This Popsugar tutorial recommends using a paper cup to pour the melted wax onto your coffee grounds so that you can peel off the paper cup and admire the layers. The tutorial also recommends using the remnants of old candles as the wax to help you upcycle even more! For this project, you’ll need:

  • Coffee grounds: Choose your favorite grounds, and the candle will smell like your morning cup of java or favorite coffee house when you burn it.
  • Small saucepan: If you’re using old candle remnants, it’s easiest to melt them all together in a pot on the stove. Be aware that the smell of old candles will mix with the coffee smell, so use a complementary scent like vanilla or unscented wax.
diy coffee candle

Image source: Pixabay

6. Decorative DIY Gel Candles

Gel candles are unique in that they let you embed objects inside the candle for décor. This tutorial shows how to put cute shells and glass beads inside a gel candle for an aquatic theme. Heating up gel candle wax takes a bit more skill than DIY soy candles, but you should get the hang of it by following the instructions. You’ll need:

  • Gel candle wax: This type of candle wax melts and cools very quickly, so be careful when heating it. The upside is that the layers of your wax will set faster than most DIY candles.
  • Food coloring: This is optional. You can leave your candle clear or add a fun color. The candle will stay translucent even when colored.
diy gel candle

Image source: Wikimedia

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7. DIY Floating Candles

If you’ve ever been to a wedding and admired the beautiful candles floating in water as part of a table centerpiece, you may have wondered how to make your own. There’s nothing special about making floating candles other than pouring the wax into a mold rather than a jar. This tutorial for floating candles walks you through a few easy steps to make these candles that will go great with a floral display or even a pool for decor. You’ll need:

  • Paraffin wax: This lightweight wax can float on water and burn for hours.
  • Mold: A baking or candy mold lets you choose a fun shape for your DIY floating candles. Silicon is recommended over plastic.
  • Pre-tabbed candle wicks: Getting pre-tabbed wicks cuts down on the time needed to make this project.
diy floating candle

Image source: Flickr

8. DIY Beeswax Candles

If you prefer natural products around your home, DIY beeswax candles are safe and even help to purify the air. You can easily make one yourself using the same process of melting wax and adding your own scent if desired. This WellnessMama tutorial for beeswax candles shows an easy method for making this type of candle at home. You’ll need:

  • Beeswax pellets: This ingredient will give your candles a cheerful yellow color.
  • Coconut oil: Mixing another type of oil with the beeswax prevents it from burning too quickly or unevenly.
  • Cotton candle wicks: If you’re committed to reducing chemicals in your home, cotton wicks are your best bet.
diy beeswax candles

Image source: Pixabay


Whether you want a bright, colorful candle to decorate your home or you’d prefer some scented candles to turn your bathroom into a spa, these ideas for DIY candles are sure to inspire you. Which method will you try first?

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