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8 Creative DIY Bookshelf Projects

If you’re looking to create a unique storage space for your books, try these creative DIY bookshelf ideas. Not only are they inexpensive, but also look great while saving plenty of space. A number of innovative bookshelf designs have won awards and brought a new note as far as these home staples are concerned. Nevertheless, as designer blueprints for bookshelves go, the prices can be quite high. Instead, DIY bookshelves barely reach $50 in total costs. Take a look for yourself. Our collection of DIY bookshelf ideas is accompanied by the original tutorials. Enjoy!

DIY Bookshelf Ideas

The best part about most of the DIY bookshelf projects is that they use salvaged materials. Moreover, upcycling old wood crates, wood pallets or ladders is quite rewarding. Let’s take a look at these easy-to-make projects.

1. Industrial Pipeline Bookshelf

Janel from The Apartment Therapy has an enticing idea about a DIY wall bookshelf. The novelty element is brought by the pipelining used instead of typical heavy bookshelf frames. An airy design completed after a series of tries and fails. According to the DIY bookshelf’s story, the supplies were:

Find the tutorial at The Apartment Therapy. Moreover, you’ll get a good idea about how the industrial DIY bookshelf was integrated into the apartment design.

2. Wallpaper-lined Bookshelves

Found on I Suwannee, these adorable bookshelves use scraps of wallpaper for an added personal touch. In addition to being able to fit these DIY bookshelves in any free space, they’re also super easy to make. For a relaxed design, mount the bookshelves on the wall one by one. If you’re interested in this modern DIY bookcase design, add these items to your shopping list:

  • Wood planks – as many as you need to fit the space.
  • Wallpaper wallpaper scraps are less expensive alternatives and can be found in local stores.
  • Mounting brackets you will need two pieces for each of the shelves you plan to mount on the wall.

Check out the tutorial for this project.

3. Ladder Bookshelf DIY

This ingenious design also found on The Apartment Therapy uses a salvaged wooden ladder and a few wood boards. Depending on the note you wish to infuse your design with, you can use different types of wood boards, finishes, and paints. The same applies to the ladder. What we love most about this DIY ladder bookshelf is the highly customizable note. A quick look at the shopping list:

  • Wood Ladder – only shop for it if you don’t find one lost in storage space, thrift markets or your friends’ homes.
  • Boards – choose widths and lengths to match those of the empty spaces between the ladder steps.
  • Stain for wood – only if you plan on changing the look of your final product.

Check out the details on how to bring this DIY bookshelf project to life.

4. Bricks and Pliable Door Boards DIY Bookshelf

This is an ingenious DIY bookshelf project which seems to have taken about one hour to complete. Lisa from Home and Away with Lisa shared her secret to making this book stand. With old door panels from a pliable door and just a few bricks, she managed to create a rustic piece of furniture for every book lover out there. Take a look at Lisa’s step-by-step guide . Moreover, here is a quick supply list:

5. DIY Wine Crate Bookshelves

Instead of using expensive cube-shaped furniture staples for a DIY bookshelf project, switch to upcycling old wine crates. They are sufficiently sturdy to hold a couple of books. Moreover, they are easily customizable and can be arranged in any pattern of your fancy. This image, borrowed from Design Image gives you an idea on how these cute objects can be displayed. Grace’s full instructions are clearly written and a delight to read through. Click to enjoy a creative and cheap DIY bookshelf idea. Here’s a quick glimpse at what you will need:

6. Homemade Magazine Holder Bookshelf

wooden bookshelf


Forget about complicated DIY bookshelf plans. With a couple of wooden magazine holders, you can create this simple book stands in a jiffy. Lauren and Derek from Design Sponge have posted this idea back in 2008. Nevertheless, it remains as brilliant as back then. This is all you need to complete this DIY project:

For the full tutorial, head over to the Design Sponge page. You’ll find the entire story of this simple DIY corner bookshelf featuring the makeover of two magazine holders.

7. Tree Bookshelf DIY Project

This DIY bookshelf fits anywhere in your home, including the kids’ bedroom. As it’s made entirely of plywood, it brings a natural ambiance to any room in the house. It may be a more time-consuming project than others on our list. Nevertheless, it worth every minute of your time. Bring a unique accent to your home by following the instructions at Instructables and their video tutorial. Also, here is the materials list you will need to get the project started:

  • Plywood – 3 sheets of ¾ inches, 4×8.
  • Screws – 1 box of 2’’.
  • Wood glue – 1 bottle.
  • Paint primer – 1 can.
  • Brown paint – 1 can.
  • Polyurethane – 1 pint.

8. Invisible Bookshelf

The invisible bookshelf is a huge hit on the design market. Ever since it first showed up, DIY enthusiasts and book lovers have taken to this floating DIY bookshelf. Lifehacker is just one of the sources where you can find more details on how to bring this idea to life. Check out the set of instructions. The required materials are:

  • Heavy duty mounting brackets.
  • Books – choose old books which you are willing to glue to the brackets as book stands.

Most of these amazing DIY bookshelf ideas were initially retrieved from Pinterest. Much more are still waiting to be discovered on the inciting boards. As such, give them a try if you haven’t found the DIY bookshelf project that speaks to you just yet.

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