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9 DIY Blackhead Remover Recipes

Everyone deals with blackheads at some point in their lives, and while there are many prescription and over-the-counter remedies, repeated use can be expensive and lead to skin irritation. Fortunately, there are many DIY blackhead remover recipes using items often already in the home or easily found online or at a local grocery or herbal store. Take a look at our instructions for making your own DIY blackhead removal strips and simple recipes for a DIY blackhead remover mask. All ingredients are commonly found and no cooking is required, making these DIY blackhead removal tactics safe and inexpensive for all ages and budget.

1. DIY Baking Soda Blackhead Mask

One easy DIY blackhead mask includes just two ingredients: baking soda and water. Baking soda includes an antiseptic to help clean the skin and serves as an exfoliator to remove dead skins cells. It also neutralizes the pH level of the skin so the body produces less oil that can cause future breakouts.

Necessary items include the following:

Here’s the video with instructions on making the mask as well as extracting blackheads:

2. DIY Epsom Salts Blackhead Mask

Another DIY blackhead remover uses Epsom salts, which are known for their ability to heal sore muscles, but also serve as an effective blackhead remover as they pull the blackhead from the clogged pore. You won’t need many items for this easy mask:

To learn more about Epsom salt masks, follow the steps in this video:

3. DIY Bentonite Clay Mask for Blackheads

Bentonite clay is an all-natural mineral that has been used for centuries to heal skin irritations and issues. Bentonite clay also helps improve skin tone and tightens the skin to retain a youthful appearance. When the clay becomes wet, it serves as an effective DIY blackhead remover as it cleans excess oil, dead skin cells, and impurities in the skin and pores.

You can mix the clay with water if you have sensitive skin. If you don’t, you can also add apple cider vinegar which can be harsher on the skin but also provides antiseptic benefits. As it dries, there will be a feeling of the skin tightening, which causes some people to remove the paste earlier than others. Items needed to make this mask include the following:

Here are the instructions for this DIY blackhead remover mask:

4. DIY Coconut Milk Mask for Blackheads

Coconut milk contains electrolytes that improve blood flow and aid in skin health. Grapeseed oil and honey contain antibacterial agents that help cleanse the skin of dirt and grime that clog pores and lead to future breakouts and softens the impurities for easy removal of blackheads from clogged pores. For this easy and sweet-smelling that we consider to be one of the best face mask for blackhead removal DIY, you need just a few items:

Watch this video for detailed instructions on preparing a coconut milk mask.

5. DIY Egg Whites Pore Strips

Egg white provides a natural cleanser for the face that also helps lift dirt, oil, and impurities from clogged pores, making it an inexpensive and easy-to-use DIY blackhead remover. First, make sure all make-up has been removed and wash the face with warm water to open the pores. This is very important as the strips will not adhere to skin with makeup or oil.

It’s easy to crack an egg and separate the yolk from the egg white; however, egg whites already separated can be purchased at the grocery store. Lime or lemon juice can also be added to the egg mixture. The acid in the fruit helps tighten pores and prevents clogging; however, a skin test is recommended for those with sensitive skin before applying to the entire face.

Items needed for this regimen includes:

  • Egg whites
  • Warm water
  • Lime or lemon juice (optional)
  • Bowl

For step-by-step instructions, view this video.

6. DIY Cinnamon and Honey Pore Strips

Cinnamon and honey both contain anti-bacterial elements to cleanse the face while the stickiness of the honey serves as an adhesive to pull out the impurities in the pores and serve as an effective DIY blackhead remover. Cinnamon also increases the blood circulation that helps improve skin tone and appearance. Cotton facial strips can be purchased, but can be expensive with repeated purchases. To make these pore strips, you’ll need the following items:

To create DIY blackhead remover strips, watch this short video.

7. DIY Glue Pore Strips

While glue may not have health benefits, its adhesive quality easily pulls out the dirt and impurities from pores. Better yet, glue is easily accessible and inexpensive, making this a desirable DIY blackhead remover strip. This may be the easiest pore strip you ever try with only one item needed:

For an easy DIY pore strip, view this video.

8. DIY Charcoal Face Peel

Activated charcoal draws out dirt and bacteria from the pores for easier removal. When these impurities are removed, the skin becomes less prone to breakouts and blackhead infestation. Its benefits have also made it popular for other health and beauty uses such as a teeth whitener, hair cleanser, and wound disinfectant. An easy DIY face peel can be made using activated charcoal and glue. It is suggested that those with sensitive skin test on a small area of skin prior to applying to the entire face as some have experienced burning and redness from the peel. Items needed for this popular DIY blackhead remover peel off mask include:

Watch this video for the simple instructions to learn more.

9. DIY Rainbow Slime Face Peel

This DIY blackhead remover takes the glue pore strips to another dimension. The mask also contains aloe vera, which has a multitude of health benefits, including acting as an antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and it even helps remove wrinkles and moisturizes the skin. Aloe vera cleanses the skin, reduces redness and swelling from acne, and helps draw dirt, oil, and impurities to the surface of the pore.

Combined with the adhesive nature of the glue, this mask then effectively pulls out the pore clogging debris to reveal clean, healthy skin. Other ingredients used to create this slime mask include Metamucil and food coloring. The rainbow colors of the mask are just fun to make and use. You’ll need the following items:

For instructions on how to create this mask, watch this video.

If you also suffer from acne, you might be interested in trying some of these great DIY masks for pimples.


Teens and adults alike often experience blackhead breakouts. Fortunately, DIY blackhead removal is safe and effective, yet inexpensive and easy-to-use. In addition to using these DIY blackhead removers, be sure to remember that water also serves an important role in skin health.

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