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8 DIY Birthday Gifts

When a good friend or family member is having a birthday, making a gift yourself is a thoughtful way to express your feelings. DIY birthday gifts can be tailored to the recipient’s personality and interests, making them more meaningful than any store-bought gift. In addition, you’ll probably spend less money making something yourself and have fun while making it! Check out these ideas for the best DIY birthday gifts you can give a loved one.

1. Bubble Stationery

If you have a friend who’s into crafting, scrapbooking, or letter writing, try making him or her some unique stationery! As seen in the following tutorial, you just need a few simple household items to make scrapbook paper, envelopes, or other stationery with a fun bubble pattern. This DIY birthday gift requires:

Acrylic paint: Pick one color to use for the entire set, or give your friend plenty of options by using a different color for each piece of stationery.
Dish soap: Any kind of dish soap will work for this project.
Plastic straw: Use a straw to blow bubbles in the paint and soap mixture.
Stationery set: Use a boxed set of blank envelopes and paper to make this easy DIY birthday gift, or you can assemble your own set and tie it up with cute ribbon.

2. Stamped Clay Bowls or Coasters

For your friend who loves to decorate, easy DIY birthday gifts like clay bowls or coasters let them spruce up their home for the next year. You can use a wide variety of stamp designs and colors to customize the perfect set for your friend. Quick-drying clay, as seen in the following tutorial, makes this a fast project with little hands-on time. You’ll need:

Air-drying clay: This clay dries in under 72 hours, and it doesn’t require baking.
Wooden or rubber stamps: Choose stamps that fit your friend’s décor, such as floral or geometric designs.
Ink pad: High-quality ink will have a more vibrant pigment so that your bowls or coasters really stand out.

rubber stamps display

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3. Pinecone Fire Starters

If your loved one’s birthday is in winter, your DIY birthday gifts could be themed for the season. These pinecone fire starters let the birthday girl or boy relax in front of a warm fire without any effort. Making these colorful, fragrant gifts is a bit more time intensive than other projects on this list, but you can guarantee that your birthday present will be unique. As a bonus, a single batch makes so many that you can keep some for yourself! You’ll need:

Candle wax: Soy is a popular choice for wax. Pick up candle wicks too, which may come in a set with the wax.
Essential oil: Choose your loved one’s favorite scent for a special addition.
Candle dye: This ingredient is optional, but it will make the pine cones extra festive.

4. DIY Jewelry Stand

The fashionista in your life could always use a place to hold rings, earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry. If you’re looking for DIY birthday gifts that are easy on the budget, this jewelry holder could cost as little as $5 using thrift store finds! Putting it together only requires a few household items. You’ll use:

Superglue: A strong adhesive will keep the pieces together.
• Paint: Use acrylic paint if you want to sand off some of the paint for a more rustic or shabby chic look. If you want to paint the entire jewelry holder for a cohesive look, it’s easier to use spray paint.

diy china jewelry holder


5. Paint Chip Calendar

If you’re looking for DIY birthday gifts a teenager would love, try making a colorful calendar out of paint chips. Putting the calendar inside a glass frame and including dry erase markers as part of the gift makes this a reusable, fun way for a teen to stay organized all year. Here’s what you’ll need:

12×16 picture frame: You can use a larger or smaller size of frame for the calendar, but this size works well for a teen’s bedroom.
Paint chips or swatches: Get 35 completely different colors, or use similar swatches for an ombre look.
Dry erase markers: For an extra fun gift, choose scented markers or very colorful ones.

colorful paint chips


6. Teacup Bird Feeder

Bird feeders make great DIY birthday gifts for your outdoor enthusiast friend. Following this tutorial, you can put together a unique bird feeder in less than an hour. Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Teacup and saucer: You can purchase these brand new or find a unique set at an antique store.
Ceramic craft glue: Superglue is the best way to secure the teacup to the saucer.
Twine: You may need something more durable if your friend lives in a very wet climate, but twine should work great in most cases.
Bird feeder hanger: A squirrel-proof hanger helps ensure that only birds access the seeds.
Birdseed: Get your friend started with their first supply of birdseed.

7. Framed Silhouettes

When you’re pressed for time, DIY last minute birthday gifts let you give a meaningful present while still getting ready for the birthday party in a hurry. As seen in the following tutorial, a framed silhouette is a great gift for your loved one and comes together in a snap. Simply print a photo from the web, trace it onto transfer paper, and frame it. A floating frame would look elegant, but a standard frame works just as well. For this easy craft, you’ll need:

8×10 photo frame: You could use a combination of smaller frames as well for your gift.
Transfer paper: This paper makes it easy to create a realistic silhouette without any artistic ability needed.

8. Wood-burned Utensils

For your friend who loves to cook, unique wood-burned utensils make great DIY birthday gifts. This project requires some patience and skill with a wood burning tool, but by following this tutorial, you can learn the basics and create a really cute gift. You’ll need:

Wood burning tool: Also known as an etching tool, this tool can get very hot during use, so be sure to wear protective gloves.
Wooden spoons: Giving your friend an entire set of matching spoons makes a great gift. You can etch geometric designs or words according to his or her interests.


Creating thoughtful DIY birthday gifts for your friends is easy and budget friendly! Which of these ideas are you going to try? What other homemade birthday presents have you given or received in the past?

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