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9 Cute DIY Bedroom Décor Ideas

The cutest design for your bedroom does not necessitate large outlays of money or time. We have compiled for you a list of DIY bedroom decor ideas that draw from nature or upcycled materials. With tools you can harness for other projects and a few parts or supplies, you can create beach, mountain, country, or contemporary scenes in the refuge called your bedroom.

1. DIY Shutter Headboard

The first entry on our list of DIY decor ideas for bedroom comes with the most steps and may run you roughly a day to complete. The costs for this cute DIY bedroom decor should run moderate, as your materials are mainly a few filler boards and used shutters. At the end of this process, though, you will get a quaint headboard made from shutters that otherwise would have made a trash heap.

  • Table saw: With this device, cut through the thick shutters and the filler boards in a straight manner.
  • Jig saw: Cut the 1-1/2 inch radius on the corner of one of the filler boards with a jig saw. The cuts become curves at the top of the board.
  • Square layout tool: Use a square to line up the filler boards as you attach them to the cleat that you have created with your saw

Here’s a simplified version of this DIY bedroom decor project that requires no cutting:

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2. DIY Modern Rustic Wood Lamp

Though by no means the sole material for DIY bedroom decor, wood appears as a common thread in DIY decor ideas for bedroom. Here, a thick, but not necessarily tall, piece of wood from a tree serves as the base for a modern rustic wood lamp. The rustic look can give your bedroom a mountain or otherwise country feel. Here, drills rather than saws serve as the feature tools.

  • Drill: Creating the hole through which you will run the cord for this lamp will require a good drill.
  • Extra-long drill bit: An extra-long drill bit allows sufficient entry into the wood piece, so be sure you have first measured the depth. You may also want a diameter of at least ⅜- inch.
  • Lamp Kit: A lamp kit should have all the cords and other fixtures you need to convert the wood base into a table stand lamp. Antique brass can help create the rustic or countryside look.
  • Lampshade: A lampshade tops this DIY bed decor item. Something brownish should fit with the overall country feel for your bedroom.
  • Clear Sealer: For protection and appearance of the wood base, spray some clear sealant or clear gloss spray once you have assembled the lamp.

If you want to further customize the look of this lamp, we recommend also going through our list of DIY lampshades!

3. DIY Sweater Pillow Covers

As this DIY bedroom decor idea shows, you may have pillow covers already in your sweater drawer. Christmas sweaters can also become Christmas DIY bed decor. The materials should cost little as the main component comes from your wardrobe.

  • Sewing Machine: The sweater becomes a pillow cover when you use a sewing machine to stitch one end of it.
  • Velcro: On the end of the sweater case you don’t sew together, apply these velcro strips to enclose the pillow. You can sew the velcro on this end.
diy sweater pillow cover

Image source: Flickr.com

4. DIY Nightstands from Old Desk

Many of the DIY decor ideas for bedroom that you see here involve upcycled items. One such idea for DIY bedroom decor is a nightstand that once served as a desk. Expect to have a few hours and find an open space to maneuver with the desk, tools, and stain or paint.

  • Circular Saw: With this tool, you separate one side of a desk with drawers from the rest.
  • Router: You’ll want a router in order to make the edge that you cut look the same as the originally manufactured edge.
  • Sand Paper: Smooth out the edge that you have routed with this sandpaper. This will help prepare your surfaces for the painting stage.
  • Paint: Apply paint that is designated as suitable for furniture and wood. The color can depend upon your taste or what already occupies your bedroom. Wood stain can do the trick as well.

Interested in a DIY side table but don’t have an old desk around? No problem! Go to the next tutorial for tree stump side tables or check out our collection of DIY nightstand projects!

5. DIY Tree Stump Side Tables / Nightstands

Nature can inspire DIY decor ideas for bedroom. Tree stumps can become side or end tables to rest your lamps, drinks, or a stand-alone DIY bedroom decor item. This project may take some time as you remove the bark and “dead” wood and sculpt the tree. You’ll also need care and concentration with these tools, lest you unnecessarily dent the stump or hurt yourself.

  • Chisel: cut away the old bar with a chisel, particularly with a sharp edge on it.
  • Mallet: With a carving mallet, strike the chisel without doing damage to it.
  • Electric Sander: With some of the odd shapes,curves and crevices of the trunk, you may want a detail electric sander to prepare the surface for the finishing touches of this DIY bedroom decor project.
  • Wood Stain: Unless you want damage to your new side table, finish this DIY project with wood finishing stain.
diy tree stump nightstand

Image source: Flickr.com

6. DIY Rubber Stamp Candles

Our list of DIY decor ideas for bedroom include items with a personal touch that you can display throughout the bedroom. One such cute DIY bedroom decor is a rubber stamp candle. In many cases, candles exist more for looks and perhaps sent then actually to be lit. With this relatively simple example of DIY projects for bedroom decor, you can display some personality.

  • Plain Candle: Ivory or white plain candles have the most optimal backgrounds for your stamps, as most any color is compatible with the candles.
    Alternatively, you can also try to make candles from scratch; check out our tutorials for DIY candles for more information!
  • Thin tissue paper: You actually stamp, not the candle, but the thin tissue paper. White affords the best background.
  • Rubber Stamps: Rubber stamps come and everything from letters and numbers to floral or other designs. Be sure to carefully cut around the stamps you place on the tissue paper.
  • Quick-drying ink (dye ink): Color for your stamps comes from dye ink, which dries quickly. Ink pads may prove the most convenient.
  • Heat gun/craft heat tool: With a smidgen of glue, you put your stamped image onto the candle. This secures the stamp while you apply the heat gun gently to melt the wax enough to hold your image.

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7. DIY Chalkboard Wall

Imagine the possibilities of using chalkboard as a DIY bedroom decor option, without the angst of compromising your wall’s appearance in the removal of said chalk from the wall. By simply applying this paint, you have a platform for inspirational messages, reminders, or designs that pay tribute to either your favorite sports or sports teams, items you like, or your creative genes. You can create a chalkboard canvas in the entire bedroom or just in a particular section.

  • Chalkboard Paint: This is the foundation of this contribution to DIY projects for bedroom decor. Generally chalkboard paint comes in black.
  • Chalkboard Paint Brush: The size of your brush or brushes should depend upon the area you are painting. You may need a smaller brush for trimming.
  • Chalk: Packs of chalk with the basic colors and pastels give you many color combinations.
diy chalkboard bedroom wall

Image source: Flickr.com

8. DIY Distressed Wood Art With Galvanized Metal

Wall art can also make a good DIY bedroom decor, as this example of distressed wood art shows. As is the case with our headboard example, you’ll need to devote several hours and exhibit skills with tools. Finding some metal or steel letters or other accessories can accent the wall piece.

  • Wood: Getting unfinished wood is likely your best bet. If you can’t find the exact dimensions for the board called for in the tutorial, use larger size boards. Simply cut with a table saw or other appropriate saw as needed.
  • Gray Miniwax Stain: Apply gray stain to the wood. While the stain itself could afford a suitable background, don’t stop here if you want the distressed look.
  • Sandpaper: Sanding allows some, but not all of the natural wood to show for that distressed effect. As a result, handheld sandpaper should suffice.
  • Dark Walnut MiniWax Stain: Apply the dark walnut stain over the distressed looking platform. This reinforces that rustic look for your steel or metal lettering.

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9. DIY Wall Art

These bedroom wall art printables are free and make a beautiful addition to any space. Choose your favorite design or print them all for a gallery style look. Secure the printables to your wall with decor tape or for a more polished look try framing the printables and hanging them. You can get more creative with these designs and print them on canvas or enlarge them to poster size.

  • Paper: Cardstock or thicker paper will yield the best results.
  • Print photos: Print the designs at home or have them printed online.
  • Frames: The prints will print standard 8.5”x11” unless you choose a different size and paper option, but they can be enlarged to poster size.
do it yourself wall art

Image source: Shutterfly.com


These DIY bedroom decor projects allow you to experiment and gain accomplishment from employing creative and mechanical skills. As you’ve seen, many of these were log on things that otherwise you or others may discard. We welcome your comments on any of these you have used as well as your own DIY decor ideas for bedroom!

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