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8 DIY Bed Frame Ideas

No room is more adored or enjoyed than the bedroom. A sanctuary from the stress of everyday life, bedrooms offer a safe place to land at the end of a rough day. The bed frame creates a large centerpiece for this room, as the largest and most expensive piece of furniture in most homes. Creating a DIY bed frame opens up a wide variety of style options without requiring such a large investment. Many bed frames can be created inexpensively with simple materials. The following DIY bed frames require little carpentry skill while providing upper-class style and modern day chic.

1. DIY Pallet Bed

The pallet craze has taken the DIY world by storm in the last few years. Of course, it is hard to beat high-quality materials at free or near-free. Made from up-cycled shipping pallets, this easy do-it-yourself pallet bed project provides a hip low-profile bed that is perfect for the modern minimalist look.
To find pallets, try home improvement stores and big-box retailers, as well as Craigslist and other person-to-person selling sites. They can often be acquired for free or a few dollars per pallet.

light colored pallets

Other Required Tools:

  • Electric Sander: You must smooth out uneven pallets for painting and to get the right fit for the project.
  • Safety Goggles: Sanding kicks up a lot of sawdust and can cause mild irritation and even serious injury to the eyes; as a result, it is a good idea to wear safety goggles during this project.
  • Dust Respirator Face Mask: A face mask helps to keep you from breathing in dust and potentially getting sick.

2. DIY Simple Storage Bed

Storage beds provide a dream come true for small spaces and children’s bedrooms. They provide storage in a place where space is traditionally wasted. With a little skill and patience, it is possible to create a high-quality dupe of those modern storage beds available at top furniture stores using this pattern from blogger The Happy Huntsmen.
Creating storage space under the bed cuts down on the requirement for toy boxes, extra dressers, and intrusive shoe storage. This can mean spending less on furniture and having more floor space, which will make the room appear larger and more spacious.

Handy Tools Needed in Addition to Cabinet-Grade Wood:

  • 120 Grit Sandpaper: 120 grit sandpaper is needed to smooth the surface and prepare for painting.
  • Brad Nailer: Brad nailers come in handy with this type of project and are super time savers.

3. DIY No-Fuss Inexpensive Frame

Sometimes it is just about having a cheap way to keep the bed off the floor. Nothing fancy or expensive is required. This $15 bed frame offers just that. Affordable, easy-to-put-together and quick, this model serves the purpose without requiring too much effort.

Variations of this pattern can be used to create something a little fancier or develop a slightly larger, slightly more expensive frame for other bed size options. Regardless, this is the way to go when cheap and quick are the primary objectives.

wooden slabs air drying

Helpful Tools to Have on Hand:

  • Electric Drill: Nailing a frame together simply isn’t secure enough. An electric drill is recommended as well as ½” drill bit.
  • Saw: Pieces need to be cut down from their original size to complete this project.

4. DIY Floating Bed

The “floating” bed is a fairly new design concept that has gained a lot of recent popularity. These frames are designed using the support of a smaller frame beneath the larger frame, in such a way that they seem to float freely off the ground. Adding creative lights beneath the frame helps to further the illusion. This floating bed model can be made by most novice carpenters in the span of a weekend. It provides all the high-end chic, without the price. Best of all, it looks pretty awesome. It is a fun, unique design that is sure to grab some attention.

Helpful Products:

  • Rope Light: Though optional, adding rope light under the bed after completing the project provides just the right amount of whimsy.
  • Circular Saw: As the blogger points out, most hardware stores can cut wood to specifications but it is still helpful to have a quality saw at home that can be utilized for adjustments.

Fun idea: This project would go great with a floating nightstand or a floating shelf! Browse our collections of DIY nightstands and DIY floating shelves for more info. 

5. DIY Platform Bed

Platform beds like this one from Shanty 2 Chic are a favorite amongst the DIY crowd. The simple style is a great addition to a modern design motif and they are relatively easy to make. Platform beds do not require box springs, as the platform serves as a sturdy base. They also do not have headboards and footboards, which are sometimes uncomfortable for taller users. The lack of head and footboard also looks attractive in a minimalist setting.

woodworking tool for smooth surfaces

Some Tools to get the Look:

  • Kreg Jig: The writer of this blog highly recommended using a Kreg Jig for the cuts.
  • Rustoleum Wood Stain: To get the dark stained look presented in this blog post.

6. DIY Ultimate Storage Bed

This storage bed from Oh Yes Blog is the ultimate option for a small space. With so many nooks and crannies, just about every necessity can be easily and neatly stored under the bed, leaving other precious space open. This is a fabulous option for tiny apartment bedrooms. Since much of this bed was designed using cabinets, it is a good design for the DIY carpenter who is just starting out.

Much of this design included premade cabinets. However, a few basic tools, some plywood, and other necessities are required.

Other Materials to Buy:

  • Small Hanging Light: Use this to illuminate the center of the platform, as the blogger demonstrated.
  • DC Fix Adhesive: This blogger covered some gaps using durable DC fix adhesive. It comes in several different designs and shades.

7. DIY Loft Bed

Loft beds are great, especially for children and teenagers. They provide space underneath that is capable of accommodating quite a bit. By creating a secret hide-a-way sort of lair, they are also pretty fun.The space below can be used, as demonstrated in this model, as a closet or space for clothing. Another popular option for loft beds is to create an office or homework area by installing a desk and chair in the available space.

DIY bed frame for loft beds

Unique Requirements to Get this Look:

  • Closet Hanging Rod: This is all that the original creator used to form the functional portion of the look.
  • 2.5 Inch Deck Screws: Screws are almost always better for furniture building than nails, as they are sturdier. This designer recommended 2.5 inch deck screws.

8. DIY Pipe Bed

This pipe bed requires a little bit more skill and monetary investment than the average DIY bed frame, but the look is perfect for a more sterile, industrial style. These bed frames fit in perfect with the current metal and mirror look that has really taken off in modern interior decorating.

Some of the Tools You Will Need:

  • Kee Clamp Galvanized Metal Fittings: The creator suggests buying a kit from Grainger.
  • Prep-Sol: To clean and prepare pipes for painting.
  • Krylon Clear Coat: To coat and smooth the metallic surface.

These clever bed frame ideas make great DIY projects that will last for years to come. Designs range from the simple to the complex and the cheap to the pricey. Follow links in each description above to get a complete list of tools and other requirements, as well as a more detailed look of what to expect from the finished project. Each option can be modified using your own special touches to really make it one-of-a-kind.

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