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20 Cool Clothespin Crafts Ideas to Put into Practice

Clothespin crafts make for easy DIY home décor and crafts for school kids. Used to make adorable tiny toys, wedding decorations or impressive home decorations, these wooden staples are a long way from being forgotten in the age of automatic dryers. Give these 20 ideas for clothespin crafts a chance. Your kids will love joining in the fun and you’ll get a kick out of it.

Most of these cool crafts with clothespins require nothing more than a few clothespins, a hot glue gun and some decorative elements to your fancy. Are you eager to get started? So are we. Here’s our collection of 20 cool clothespin crafts ideas.

1. Clothespin Planes

Leftover popsicle sticks make a great adagio for these crafts with clothespins. You’ll need the following items:

Glue all the pieces together and make a collection of funky planes for your little ones to enjoy.

2. Clothespin Picture Line

These colored clothespins will brighten up any room, but they’re most suited for a kid’s room. You will need:

Choose your favorite colors and a rope long enough to suit your organizing needs. Fix the rope in place and put up your favorite photo memories. This is a cool clothespin picture linecraft and idea to decorate your home in an inexpensive manner.

3. Useful Clothespin Headphones Detangling Tool

Have you ever cried in despair that your headphones are never detangled when you need them most? We know we have. Despite the dark magic that’s going on in our pockets, our bags or wherever we leave our headphones only to find they are tangled in tens of knots, this clothespin crafts works wonders. First, grab the following:

Put one end of the earphones’ wire through the loophole at the end of the peg. Roll the rest of the wire around the peg and there you have it. Your own detangling tool.

4. Hidden Treasures Clothespin Crafts

These adorable toys truly are some impressive crafts with clothespins. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also hide little treasures. You can even use them to hide messages which can only be read when the clothespin is wide open.

Here’s what you need:

However, you need to be pretty crafty and patient to make these. You will first need to cut out the shapes of the fish, hearts, or whatnot. Then, use the hot glue gun to attach the shapes to the toothpicks. The next step is to drill holes into the clothespin and stick the toothpicks in there, carefully trimming the ends. And for the finishing touch, decorate your hidden treasures with paints and coating.

5. Gilded Clothespins Mirror Frame

You may need more patience to complete this gorgeous clothespin crafts project.

The first peg you attach will dictate the direction and position of the others. If you decide to glue the clothespins in place, make sure you don’t add more than a drop of glue on the inside. Too much glue can leave unaesthetic marks which are difficult to remove.

6. Clothespin Animals

Put your imagination to work, clothespin by clothespin. You will need:

  • a brush
  • acrylic colors
  • clothespins

With nothing to more than these items, you’ll have a collection of tiny clothespin crafts animals in no time. Ask your kids to participate in this super fun activity which is ideal for a clothespin crafts for kids’ project.

7. Rustic Clothespins Coaster for Kettles, Pots, and Pans

This clothespin craft requires a little breaking in the making, but the good news is you only need:

  • Clothespins

The best pegs for this wooden clothespin crafts idea are the ones with a tiny spring in the middle. If you take out the spring, the two sides of the peg are left loose. Use the loose sides to glue them together and get this lovely rustic looking coaster. According to this tutorial for crafts with clothespins, the more layers you add, the larger the coaster.

8. DIY Clothespins Photo Display

Another way to display your photos using clothespin crafts is this circular organizer. You will need:

  • a larger piece of cardboard
  • clothespins
  • a magnet or a ribbon

And, of course, a knack for crafts. You can add the magnet to the back of the cardboard support and place your creation on the fridge. Moreover, you can make a tiny hole in the cardboard, put a wire or ribbon through it, and hang your craft clothespins in any room in the house. Neat, right?

9. Clothespin Christmas Crafts: Arrows and Stars

Here are some of the most beautiful Christmas decorations we have ever seen. Could it be the natural aspect of the wood or the intricacies of the carvings that make them so appealing? Regardless of the answer, these clothespin crafts are always welcome on our Christmas trees.

Here’s what you’ll need:

10. Butterfly Clothespin Craft


Crafts using clothespins are an ideal past time activity for your kids. Take these lovely butterflies for instance. They’re made with:

The googly eyes should complete the anatomy of these cute little butterflies.

11. Clothespins Tea Organizer for your Kitchen

Instead of investing money in a tea box, create this artsy clothespin tea organizer. The pegs are glued to a hanging cardboard support. By the way, the floral pattern visible in the back is beautiful. Since one part of the clothespin is fixed, the other remains mobile, making it easy to put tea bags on display.

Here’s what you need for this kitchen clothespin craft:

  • clothespins
  • decorative sticky tape
  • felt or printed fabric

12. Joyful Toys. Clothespin Caterpillar

Here is another wooden clothespin crafts idea for your kids: bring these cute critters to life with them. But first, prepare the following:

We can assure you this activity is loads of fun and quite rewarding to see the colored clothespins caterpillars hanging everywhere.

13. Clothespin Crafts for Home Décor: Clothespins Lamps

An increasing number of home decorations exploit the beauty of natural, undyed wood. Why wouldn’t you create your own exquisite home décor staples with clothespin crafts? It’s ridiculously inexpensive and the end results are immensely rewarding. However, these are just two clothespins lamps ideas. There are plenty more such projects out there.

For these 2 you will need:

  • clothespins
  • an old lamp

Simply clip the clothespins together in any pattern you want, following this tutorial for a DIY clothespins night light.

14. Patriotic Clothespin Wreath

If you feel the need to put up a patriotic clothespin wreath for July 4th or any other day, give this project a chance. Here’s all you need:

  • clothespins
  • a circular wire support
  • craft wooden stars
  • acrylic paints and brush
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks

Now you can whip up a great looking clothespin wreath in no time. Just clip the painted clothespins on the wire support in any pattern you desire and attach the stars!

15 & 16. Clothespin Reindeer

It’s never too late to start thinking about Christmas decorations. As such, if we haven’t said it so far, we will now: clothespin crafts make beautiful and creative Christmas decorations. Take this clothespin reindeer craft with a puffy cotton tail. Lovely, right?

Here’s what you need for this fun project:

  • clothespins
  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • cotton balls
  • googly eyes
  • watercolors

Simply cut out the body of the reindeer from cardboard and place 2 clothespins at the base, as legs. Then, use the diluted red watercolor to make the nose of the clothespin reindeer in red.

There are so many ways to bring a clothespin reindeer craft to life that we should dedicate an entire article just for them. Nevertheless, this is another one of our favorites for which you can use older clothespins. Are you impressed yet?

17. Goodies Bag Clothespin Butterfly

It’s quite possible that these clothespin crafts have been invented by a parent trying to get the kids to eat their nutritious snack. The good news is that it works. Deliver a healthy good bag to your little one with the help of the clothespin butterfly. You will need:

  • clothespins
  • zipper bags
  • paints

18. Fridge Magnets

If you needed more proof that clothespin crafts make fantastic organizers of all shapes and sizes, here it is. You will need the following supplies:

  • magnets
  • clothespins
  • decorated sticky tape / paints / sharpies / etc.

Just attach the magnets to the back of the handy pegs and decorate the front with your tool of choice

19. Crafts for Kids: Clothespin Dolls

Are you feeling particularly crafty and artistic? Take on this gorgeous project using clothespins. Each peg hides a miniature toy waiting for you to discover it. You will need:

  • pegs
  • watercolors or acrylic paints & brushes
  • a pencil

20. Clothespin Organizers

Clothespins can also bring added benefits for other crafts. Here is a simple way to keep your decorative ribbons in an orderly fashion. The method is pretty self-explanatory, as you only need the clothespins and the ribbons.

Did you find any clothespin crafts you like? Try them out and let us know how it went. Crafts using clothespins are inexpensive ways to create lovely décor or functional objects that both you and your loved ones will enjoy.

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