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8 DIY Bottle Cap Crafts

There are many innovative ways to reuse and repurpose your old soda and beer bottle caps. Bottle cap crafts projects vary from quick, easy, and kid-friendly to slightly more involved requiring additional time and tools. However, keep in mind that any of the crafts you produce will add a touch of personal whimsy and flair to your surroundings. They can also make thoughtful gifts. The following DIY projects can be done at home with some planning and creativity.

1. Bottle Cap Magnets and Thumbtacks

If you’re looking for a way to personalize your bulletin board or refrigerator, try making these bottle cap magnets and thumbtacks. In just a few steps, this tutorial from Martha Stewart shows you how to make these simple yet chic items. They recommend using twist off bottle caps because they don’t bend as they’re being removed from the bottle. You’ll need to make sure you have these supplies on hand:

  • 1 inch circle punch. Use this to cut out your pictures that will be inserted into the hollow side of the bottle cap.
  • Clear casting resin. This seals the bottle cap and gives it a glossy sheen.
  • Contact cement. This flexible, waterproof glue will adhere your magnet or thumbtack to the back of the bottle cap.
  • Small magnets. Purchase some of these if you will be making magnets for your fridge or metal file cabinet.
  • Thumbtacks. Make some personalized thumbtacks by gluing these onto the back of the cap.

2. Bottle Cap Flowers

bottle cap crafts

Image source: Etsy.com

This is a bottle cap crafts project that children will have fun doing, as long as you supervise them with the glue gun. The author of this tutorial created this project of bottle cap flowers as an easy Earth Day activity. However, you can create some bottle cap flowers for Easter, a garden party, or for birthday party decor. The fun part is that you can paint and decorate them any way you like! Below are the supplies you’ll need, along with seven bottle caps for every flower you want to make.

  • Wooden skewers. Glue these to your flowers so that you can easily stick them in the ground or a flowerpot to create a bouquet.
  • Outdoor paint. Use craft paint that can withstand the outdoor elements.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks. A high-temperature glue gun ensures that bottle caps stick together to create petals.
  • Mod Podge. The all-in-one glue sealer and finish will complete the look of your flower.
  • Paint brushes. Use brushes with a variety of thicknesses for creating different designs on your flowers.

3. Bottle Cap Bow

This is the perfect project for the little girl or bow lover in your life. You can customize your bottle caps to have any design inside that you want. Follow these instructions and grab these supplies.

4. Bottle Cap Candles

Budget-savvy crafters will love this simple bottle cap crafts project. Make these tea light candles using items you probably already have at home. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Crayons. Melt the crayons to create the wax for your candles.
  • Pre-waxed wire wicks. Place these in your bottle cap before filling it with melted crayons.

5. Bottle Cap Table Top

If you’re looking for a fun accent furniture piece, try this bottle cap crafts project. It is one of the more involved ones so ensure that you have plenty of time and patience, along with these supplies.

  • Clear epoxy. Ensure that you have high-quality clear epoxy so that there will be no clouding on your tabletop.
  • Glue. Use glue to make sure that the bottle caps are tightly secured to the top of the table, otherwise, they will shift as you pour the epoxy on.
  • Blowtorch. Use this to remove air bubbles from the epoxy after it’s been poured on.

6. Bottle Cap Bookmarks

bottle cap craft

Image source: Alphamom.com

Here’s a straightforward yet delightful bottle cap crafts project. These bookmarks will work up quickly as cute gifts or party favors. Get started with the following these instructions from AlphaMom and get the following items:

7. Bottle Cap Wind Chimes

This is definitely one of the more whimsical bottle cap¬†projects and a great way to use up your old bottle caps. You’ll be working with pliers and jump rings, which requires attention to detail. Here are the primary supplies you’ll need:

  • Punch pliers. These are for punching holes in the bottle caps for the jump rings.
  • Jump rings. Jump rings connect the bottle caps together to create your wind chime tendrils.
  • Needle nose pliers. These pliers are useful for manipulating the jump rings.

8. Bottle Cap Door Wreath

Make several different types of wreaths to celebrate different holidays and seasons. They will brighten any doorway. Here are the instructions and essential supplies.


Above are just a few of the many fun, ingenious, and interesting bottle cap crafts ideas. Next time, don’t just view your bottle caps as trash; consider saving them and trying one of these projects or dream up your own creation. It can serve as a way to reuse caps that would otherwise end up in the landfill. These bottle cap crafts projects are unique ways to decorate your home and provide special, personalized gifts. If you have some buttons laying around, check out our fun ideas for diy button crafts projects anyone can pull off!

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