Olivia Gillmore is a Houston School of Arts and Design graduate with a BA in Sculpture that loves everything about DIY. Over on DIYExperience, she contributes with everything you can think of, from tutorials and crafts to detailed how-to-plans and elaborate renovation project ideas with step-by-step advice.

Olivia’s proclivity for arts and crafts was obvious ever since her kindergarten years. She was always the most artistically gifted child in any class, which prompted her parents to invest in her education in this respect from an early age. Over the years, she attended many workshops and summer schools, learning how to advance her skills more and more.

After experiencing all there was in the world of artistic expression, Olivia decided to attend sculpture classes, which is how she obtained her BA as well. Due to her intensive training in the field, she learned how to handle tools and make things with her bare hands. And thus, her passion for DIY was born.

Olivia currently teaches a private workshop on DIY of her own, and she hopes to someday create an educational hub for children with the same inclinations as hers. In the meantime, she shares her experience in any way she finds fit.

If you have any questions or business inquiries, email Olivia at:

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She is always happy to share valuable information with other DIY enthusiasts such as herself.